SEO is a complicated scientific field. The Google algorithms are made up of more than 200 factors. For many SEO factors, knowing these algorithm rules is not a problem. However, the ever-changing nature of these rules makes it a challenge for most professionals in the field. Therefore, for one to stay abreast in this field, it is important to keep tabs of the most important trends.

Some of these trends for SEO Experts are as follows


When it comes to Google rankings, speed is a significant factor. The search engines expect that your web pages will load within 3 minutes. Therefore, your SEO specialist should carry out a speed test using the tool found on the website auditor. The professional should have a clear understanding of testing your web pages for speed and ensure that they load faster. This will ensure that visitors do not abandon your website and move to competitor sites because of loading speed.

SERP Features

Apart from website ranking, SERP features are also important. This is because SERP features grab the attention of internet users and lead them to other websites. Some of these features include local packs, knowledge panels, featured snippets and more. It is important for website owners to track these features so that they can make maximum use of them.  This is essential because some of these SERP features may be taking away the traffic that you need for your website. Your SEO professional should have all the necessary tools for checking these features and analyze the opportunities that these SERP features pose.

Voice Search

Over the years there has been a steady increase in the use of voice searches. Actually, Google has confirmed that voice search is rapidly growing and calls for a change in the keyword search routines. When using voice search, most people use conversational sentences and not odd sounding language.  Your SEO specialist should carry out research with the use of a rank tracker to determine the types of questions people use in their voice searches. One can then key in their primary keywords to determine how often they are used in these searches.

Structured data

This is basically the formatting technique used in HTML. Structured data utilizes specific vocabulary and informs different search engines how they need to interpret content and how the said content should be displayed in the SERPs. Structured data may not be one of the key signals used in Google rankings, but it can help to boost your search listing in many ways. A good SEO expert will have an in-depth understanding of the different formats of structured data and ways of implementing them on your website.

Remain relevant

Unlike the past years, today it is challenging to convince the search engines that your poor website content is indeed perfect.  This is because Google and other search engines have different ways of assessing the quality of your content. For example, Google uses latent semantic indexing where it looks at billions of web pages and considers the different terms used.  As a result, they learn related words that can appear in a SERP page that is based on the context. A seasoned SEO specialist should review the high-ranking web pages on your specific niche and review the shared features. They should also use SEO tools to create a list of terms and phrases that are relevant to your industry and that you can use on your web content.

Backlinks lacking links

Backlinks are a key indicator of your site’s authority. Today, mentions without the use of links also carry equal weight when it comes to search engine rankings. The search engines can now associate brands to these mentions and still determine the authority of the site. A seasoned SEO professional should use backlink checkers to determine places where your brand or products have been mentioned. They should also help you add backlinks to your content to link back to authority sites.

Mobile is Crucial

Search engines consider mobile friendliness to be a big ranking factor. With billions of mobile users around the globe, mobile searches are increasing significantly. This means that businesses should stop ignoring Mobile SEO so that they can appeal to mobile users. An SEO professional will ensure that all pages of your site are mobile friendly so that your business can reach out to mobile users.  They should also determine any problems and quickly fix them so that your business can keep reaping the benefits of mobile searches.