The way that people use to search on Google seems to rise drastically due to the advancements in the field of technology. People are greatly considering voice assistants and mobile search to carry out their search needs. Search allows the people to find & connect with the appropriate things which they want including products, businesses, service or just information. Presently, optimizing the website for search intent is quite an important factor regarding SEO ranking. For that its most important to find out a professional SEO Agency which is well-reputed in the market. Digitrio is one of the famous SEO service providers who help you to optimize your website according to the Google algorithm. Here are methods to optimize your website for voice search SEO.

How To Optimize Actually For Voice Search

Voice Search SEO: More ‘Human’ SEO

Those days, optimization of keywords of SEO seems to be quite easy. Google handles the tasks seriously and optimizes the keywords for the user in an accurate way. But due to the progress in technology, we are going to voice search. To optimize voice search SEO, it is essential to consider what humans speak during the time of voice search. Rather than selecting disjoint words, choose for the exact phrase which seems like the statement or question.

Voice Search SEO: Use Question Phrases

When you optimize your website, consider the customers who would be looking for your service or product. Most of the humans are asking question phrases for searching certain product online. The question phrases ‘who’ and ‘how’ are usually preferred by the users to get the suitable answer.

Voice Search SEO: Use Structured Data

Anything which helps Google to identify the content better on your site is likely to be facilitated by Google assistant. Obviously, structured data is known as the excellent way to communicate easily with Google and say what the webpage deals with. Structured data is regarded as the standard format which offers page classification and information to search engines. However, structured data can include all types of items like recipes, reviews, and product. In general, search engines make use of structured data for understanding the content of the webpage & to collect information from the web.

Voice Search SEO: Being Mobile-Friendly is Important

Most of the smartphone users are widely depending on voice search to get details about the specific product. Business owners have to make their website mobile-friendly. To check the mobile-friendliness of your website, it is essential to check your website compatibility. If your website does not meet specific standards of Google, then you have to provide a set of non-specific sections to boost your website. Some of the important parts to be concentrate on mobile-friendliness are the code, the tags, user interface and the content.

Voice Search SEO: Optimize Load Time

Most of the mobile searchers will not wait more than 3 minutes for searching a website. Eliminating images are the best way to enhance mobile page speed and user interface. Furthermore, compress your images to optimize your load time. It is quite important for the website owner to optimize the load time of the search pages so that customers will not leave your site.

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Voice Search SEO: Do Not Over-Optimize For SEO Voice Search

You must understand that never customize your website for voice in extreme way which might compromise on quality. When you over optimize your website, then Google will not provide an appropriate answer during search results. Your pages seem to be low-valued by the search engine and could not be considered by the user during search results.

Voice Search SEO: Avoid Huge Table Of Data Or Links

Big table of data or links is extremely difficult for the Google assistance to provide in a conversational and understandable way. Users who hear the data might not be able to understand the in-depth meaning or purpose behind the graphs or charts. However, Google assistant will be unable to crawl & click on appropriate links to any other pages. Thus, to optimize content for voice search, it is essential to avoid large graphs and tables and links to other pages. Try to summarize the important point that the chart tries to say in a conversational way.

Thus, these points will help you to optimize your website according to the voice search. You can implement these techniques in your website to increase your Google ranking and maintain customers within your business. Thus visit Digitrio to outsource your voice search optimization work.

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