Embedding a social feed on your website is one of the best ways to increase traffic. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook provide instant access to millions of people, which means that you can get your business in front of many more potential customers if you have an active presence on these sites. This blog post will discuss some of the main reasons you should embed a social feed for increased conversion rates.

What is a Social Feed?

A social feed is a constantly updating list of posts from one or more websites. Social feeds can be seen as a form of content curation because they work for you and pull together related items to make them easy to view. They are usually sorted either by popularity or time posted.

1.   Increase Your Brand’s Reach

Embedding a social feed can help your company’s reach by letting you spread the word to all of that account’s followers, no matter what platform they’re on. This is great for brands with different locations or products because it allows them to promote content and get feedback from everyone following their profile.

The best part is that you can choose which social media platforms to include in your embedded feed. So, for example, if a person only follows your Twitter account for updates but not Facebook or Instagram, then they would just see the update when it appears on their timeline and won’t be bothered with irrelevant posts from accounts they don’t follow.

2.   Boost Your User Engagement

By including a social feed on your site, you’re providing an easy way for people to interact with your brand. Instead of reading about what happened on the company’s Twitter account or Facebook page, they can see it as soon as it happens; this will keep them engaged and coming back to get more updates. People also tend to want to share what they see on a company’s social media, which means more people will be visiting your site.

This is especially good if you’re hosting an event or launching something new because it allows visitors to interact with your brand and stay updated as things happen live. https://viafoura.com/live-blogging/ is a great example of how effective live blogging should be part of your overall marketing strategy.

3.   Integration Of Social Media Posts Into Websites

Socially driven sites have changed the way we communicate with one another. Our social media profiles are a direct reflection of our personality, interests, and location. The fact that they can be used to market products is just a bonus for businesses looking to engage their audience through dynamic content delivery options such as embedding posts into websites.

A social feed is a list of posts from specific people that appear on your personal user profile page. The feeds are usually organized in chronological order and include the most recent post at the top, with older ones scrolling down below it. When you embed those same posts into a website, they will appear as an interactive widget alongside the other text on the page. The widget will include the title of the post, the date and time it was posted, as well as who said it.

4.   Enhance Trusts And Authenticity

You should embed a social feed on your website because it can enhance trust and authenticity. Social media gives the public an insight into how their favourite brands or business are using social networks for good through sharing content that isn’t coming from the company itself, but rather any of its employees who have access to those accounts. This level of authenticity and trust is something that many companies cannot achieve by only speaking to the public on their own website.

Another reason you should embed a social feed is that it can help create loyal followers of your brand or business. Social media has been around for many years now, so people are accustomed to seeing brands use these platforms as an extension of who they are. If you’re not using a social feed, then people will wonder why you don’t have one, and the lack of explanation from your company might cause them to distrust you or think less of what they offer.

5.   Reduce Bounce Rates

One of the biggest benefits of embedding a social feed is that it will reduce your bounce rates. According to Kissmetrics, “a decrease in bounce rate by only one or two percentage points can lead to an increase in conversion rates between five and ten percent.” Simply put, people who are on your website for longer periods have a higher likelihood of converting into paying customers.

6.   Make Your Website Interface More Interesting

Using a social feed embed can make your website interface more engaging. Within the last year, there has been an increase in these types of feeds on websites to show live updates from other users or publications – like Twitter and Facebook, for example. By adding this type of feature to your site, you open it up for people to see what is happening in other parts of the world and on your website. Social feeds are also great for providing a more interactive experience with visitors to your site, leading to higher engagement rates across all platforms.

7.   Boost Sales

The right content can prove beneficial to your business. Blogging about topics that resonate with your audience will help them engage and get excited for what you offer as a company. In turn, this will lead to more sales because people are invested in the product they want so badly from you.

If you’ve been blogging consistently for a while, even if the content isn’t always about your company, people will start to trust that what they read on their favourite blog is spot-on. Posting infographics and memes with good messages will also help bolster this trust because it has an informal feel.


The best part about social feeds is that they’re a medium to post your own content, and it won’t be ignored. So whether the site is Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or any other type of network with an integrated feed – your posts will show up on people’s timelines.

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