In the world of today, smartphones have become an almost must-have device, with millions of businesses using chatting apps and text messages to communicate to both customers and suppliers.

As such, it is important that a working business archives its messages as records of communication.

An SMS archiving software can help a business maintain its reputation because text messages can be traced to save the company from any liability in a legal matter.

Productivity also increases when all your data is in order as the need for communicating ideas and accountability also increases. 

Here is a detailed list of 7 reasons why it is advisable for businesses to have SMS archiving software.

1. It Helps Store Text Message Records

Having a text message record is necessary for retaining corporate memory. With text message archiving software, a business owner will be at peace knowing all the relevant company data is secure and can be retrieved at anytime from anywhere.

This gives businesses the ability to store any information that is deemed to be relevant to the continuity of the company.

This storage can come in handy when needed by the regulatory agencies or if a client takes the business to court.

2. It Is a Regulatory Compliance in Some Companies

Businesses across a myriad of industries produce and retain a lot of marketing content.

Since many businesses have opted to use text messages for business, regulations and policies in place recognize data on mobile phones, company or personal, as valid business records.

Industries such as insurance, healthcare, utilities, financial services, government, and energy are obligated to manage their data including the employee records, email messages, financial documents, and communication with their clients, including chats and messages.

However, the specifics regarding laws differ with industry and are normally reviewed by a regulatory agency.

Proper data retention can ensure your company’s safety from any liability just in case there are any investigations done on your business operations.

3. Archiving Messages Can Be Used as Evidence in Court

The business industry is often full of risks especially when legal is concerned and naturally, no business wants to get entangled in a court case.

A lawsuit on a company could lead to its reputation and ultimately, its profits all being severely impacted.

As such, archiving your company’s text messages will prove to be helpful when defending yourself in court.

Depending on the case, a company will be obligated to produce electronic content that is associated with the case.

It can be in the form of text messages, files, or emails. This usually happens when the court becomes conscious of impending litigation which will call for the organization to produce any data that might be considered pertinent to the outcome of the case.

For instance, if a business sends out communication to a client who misreads the message and proceeds to act upon the misguided information if the business uses a reliable message archiving platform, they can access its backup to clear its name off of any liability.

4. It Also Helps in End-User Self-Service

Good SMS archiving software will index the stored messages in a way that will make it easy for the end-user to access the content with ease and without having to recruit the services of an IT professional.

The end-user, who is the business, in this case, will have the ability to access any old files they require and restore them should there be a need to without requiring to pay for additional storage in the company’s live servers.

This helps ensure that productivity and effectiveness are maximized in the organization.

5. It Saves on Time

Having an automated SMS archiving platform will save a company a lot of time that they would have otherwise used on hiring and training a professional to do it.

Any information required can be quickly stored in a database record and accessed from the archives without having to get an IT expert to do it.

An SMS archiving service will also decrease the load time on your server since the server will not be overwhelmed by old messages that are stored in the archives.

An efficient, fast SMS archiving system will also save the user a lot of time by being quick in its processes.

If your business finds yourself in a legal battle, accessing your backed-up messages will also save your business the time and hassle of lengthy court sessions because the archived messages can be referred to quickly.

6. It Is a Cost-Effective Option

As stated above, an SMS archiving platform will not require the user to have highly technical skills to make or access records in the cloud thus saving a business the costs of hiring a professional.

Another factor that makes it cheap is the fact that a business will not have to pay for additional storage on its servers to store archived messages since most archiving solutions provide cloud storage.

Business owners also don’t have to worry about learning and adapting to new technology since the information stored will stay safe for many years depending on the arrangement agreed by the archiving service and the business.  

7. Using SMS Archiving Software Is a Simple and Efficient Process

SMS archiving is a simple process that anyone with a bit of technical information can do by themselves.

With the hold of innovative software, creating an SMS archive or accessing it is not as difficult as you may think. 

Archiving text messages is also an efficient method of protecting vital company data from damage or being lost in history.

You’ll find that storing messages can provide a business with information about what messages worked at what particular time, thus giving the business with vital insight that it can use to boost its marketing efforts.

The Bottom Line

Having the proper SMS archiving software goes a long way in retaining data securely.

Archiving text messages benefits any business owner as they will be able to access the electronic records with ease and it will save them a lot of time, effort, and money in the process.

It is, therefore, highly advised that companies archive their communications as it may help them survive the brutal world of business.

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