Design essentials are really trending approaches in the current world. Creating photography logos in modern designs demands certain processes. You should take a deep look at what this type of logo design represents, and whether it matches your photography brand or not.

If you’re into fashion photography or are specialized in expressing linear aesthetics in your photographs, then a commercial contemporary photography logo design is your choice. However, if you take unsophisticated photos or are into artsy photographs, then another photography logo design will suit you more.

In this article, we will discuss some design essentials of contemporary photography logos. You can go through them and can apply these trending approaches to your photography brand.

Simple Shapes

Modern photography logos comprise simple abstract shapes. Contemporary design can be distinguished by looking at how simpler shapes it uses.Simple shapes are extremely functional and are the best identifier of contemporary designs.

These simple shapes make the design easy to interpret and leave no room for doubt. In modern photography logo design, there is absolutely no clutter to distract you from the message of the logo. Simple shapes fit well with minimalistic brands since it draws attention to the main message of the logo without having to use too many details.

Simplicity always attracts customers and is a source of making logo design look beautiful. For this reason, you need to use simple shapes to design a contemporary look for your commercial photography logo design.

Clear Lines

Professional photographers know how instrumental it is to take care of borders and lines in photography logo compositions. It’s similar to simple logo design but when designing modern photography logos, careful use of lines becomes a part of the logo architecture.

With the use of explicit lines, you can compose the architectural accuracy that’s so dominant in up-to-date logo designs. Effective use of clear lines can help you achieve your goals for designing a logo. For instance, if you wish to make people remember your brand name, you can utilize the use of lines to highlight your text. Crystal clear lines can also help to create geometric shapes for photography logo design in the most minimal fashion. You should also incorporate some shapes into the logo design to produce an edgy design.

Appropriate Colors

Using appropriate colors is always a most considerable step in creating a photography logo design. For authentic contemporary designs, the use of neutral colors like greys and whites is more preferred since they’re more intentional, bold, and pleasant.

Effective use of clear lines can help you achieve your goals for designing a logo. For instance, if you wish to make people remember your brand name, you can utilize the use of lines to highlight your text.

These appropriate colors are then paired with complementary bold colors such as black, white, and brown that make them stand out more. If you want to form a modern photography logo that truly makes a difference, pick a true bold color and make it your brand’s shade.

Typography Statement

The most important purpose of photography logos is to create a design that will make the brand’s identification stick intothe audience’s minds. Make that information easy to remember, quick to recall.With this purpose along with following modern design rules, your photography logo will have the latest and more futuristic look.

Your typography logo design will be easy to remember and quick to recall for your potential customers. Go through various modern photography logo designs and understand their psyche to get an eye-catching custom photography logo design. This practice will help you make a neat, simple, and statement-making photography logo design.

Negative Space

Do you want to create photography logo having a special message in it? For example, the FedEx logo contains an arrow that moves forward and this creates a buzz every time you discuss about it. If that’s what you’re looking for into your photography logo then do use the negative space wisely.

An eye for composition is vital in the field of photography. It can significantly elevate the impact of a photo and highlight key elements in a frame. If you’re into creative photography ideas, then you know the importance of strategically using negative space in any image. You should incorporate this visual element into the design of your company logo.

A negative space is an empty area of the logo design that can be used in a creative manner to point the viewer in some direction. It is a great way to invoke the element of mystery into a logo design especially when you’re starting a new business and want people to talk about it.

Memorable Design

One essential of having a unique photography logo is to make it memorable!

In order to make your branding stronger, you must ensure that your photography logo design is memorable by the general public. Because there are already tons of photography studios and you’re making a new entry on the scene and this is where your logo needs to outperform them all. Looka’s photography logo ideas can serve as a valuable starting point for developing your own unique logo.

The logo should be able to get attention as well as convince the viewer that it’s the right choice in the first glimpse. So that when they want photography services, they can track you down via the logo that’s been imprinted on their minds.


Once you have a photography logo design, there is one essential parameter to check before you lock it in.

Since your logo design would be used in a plethora of surfaces, it should be strong enough to be customized without losing its charm. The photography logo shouldn’t lose its proportion in terms of height, width or in terms of overall look.

If you wish to test your logo out, you can try printing it in various sizes and on different mediums. For example, you can produce a shirt with your logo to see if the dimensions of your design will look good on a bigger scale.

If you get to have this essential treatment for your photography logo, you can continue with your branding plans without any doubts. And you can have amazing results with respect to brand recognition as well as the brand loyalty via your promotional activities.


While you personalize your photography logo design, don’t forget to ensure that it is evergreen and won’t lose its attraction after a few weeks.

One way to ensure that is to avoid using trendy logo design approaches and stick to your branding plan. Because that’s the perfect formula for giving your logo the perfect shape that would serve your photography studio for longer.

Doing this will enable your photography logo design to create an eye-catching feel, too, in the eyes of your consumers. Look at Apple and how they’ve gracefully maintained their corporate image with the Apple (bitten).

Distinct Design

And now comes another essential element that you must have in your photography logo design, the distinct design. In order to have an amazing branding result of your photography brand, you must give it a unique feel that isn’t a copy of some famous brands otherwise you’ll lose the brand recognition as you assumed it. And this would set your brand as a distinct, new, and memorable service provider right from its logo design.

Hope this logo design essentials was useful to you.

Comment below your reviews and the nature of your photography brand.

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