How do I find a good technical recruiter? In a community where technical skills are in high demand, the role played by technical recruiters cannot be over-emphasized. Tech recruiter is the individual who bridges the gap between developers and less tech-savvy business managers and CEOs. 

Their opinion is simply priceless, and they can help make your hiring process a lot smoother. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire a technical recruiter:

How do I find a good technical recruiter?

Hiring isn’t about finding anyone to fill a vacant position. You’ll want someone that fits in nicely with your company. That means conducting a thorough search to find the perfect candidate. Here is a list of some of the tips to keep in mind as you interview prospective hires:

1. Know Where to Search

You’ll need to know all the right spots to find reliable, experienced technical recruiters. That streamlines your recruiting process and makes finding the perfect team much easier. 

Also, when it comes down to it, you’ll need to be able to screen applicants who are satisfactorily and secure people who’ll be compatible with what you need. You’ll want someone with an exceptional work ethic who brings invaluable, industry-relevant skills. 

2. Highlight Your Company’s Values

Getting a technical recruiter who understands your brand and shares your values can help you put your best foot forward in hiring other employees. With a passionate recruiter, you’ll be sure that your company is well represented. 

Who you are as a company needs to be well communicated as a desirable place to work, propelling you to the top of the list for technical recruiters. That way, specialists will be flooding your doors.

Sharing job-specific information from the get-go. This way, applicants will clearly understand what the prospective job entails. Also, include details about your company to communicate best who you are and let the candidates know what you’re about.

3. Clearly State The Job Description and Expectations

Clearly state the job’s everyday responsibilities and the talent required to complete them at each process stage. That way, you’ll attract a legit recruiting skillset who want to do those tasks, which increases their likelihood of being satisfied with daily duties.

Finding recruiters who speak the language of IT specialists means narrowing your list down to the top talent available. Also, keep your skill test short and to the point when looking for the ideal tech recruiter.

4. Master The Art Of Interviewing

Because interviewing is an art, you’ll need a skilled individual to search. This guarantees that your company conducts a comprehensive, focused interview to find the best candidate. Your ideal recruiter will need to be able to interview future employees, so they need to conduct themselves in a presentable manner. 

To find experienced technical recruiters, elicit information about their previous experiences. This will allow you to examine better the applicants and what they’ve learned from their experiences. 

IT specialists have an interconnected network, take advantage of your top IT specialists’ contacts and inquire about the prospective tech recruiter talent coming your way. This will help you track down commendable recruiters and find the best person to fill in the position, and provide an organic fit. 

5. Find Out if They Have a Background In Other Fields

Tech recruiters aren’t always strictly converted IT specialists, and some might have been psychology graduates. That means they’ll have great human resources skills and make good PR. As the front and representatives of your company, being the first people that applicants deal with, you’ll know you’re in good hands. 

The added skills in various fields will be an advantage you could use to benefit your business. From great communication skills to negotiation and attention to detail, your technical recruiter has a lot to bring.

6. Don’t Overcomplicate it With Tech Jargon

Things can get pretty complicated with IT, and having thought; you’ll want to find out what their skills entail; you don’t have to go deep into the techy stuff. You don’t always find your technical recruiter converted to a tech recruiter. Some come from seemingly unrelated fields, from sociology to HR. 

A little background in Information Technology can be more helpful, but you don’t need to find someone who coded before or handled complicated tech works.

7. Get To Know The Applicants You’re Considering Hiring

You’ll be hiring a person, not a machine, especially where recruiters are concerned, who’ll be responsible for hiring staff in the future. So make sure to treat your recruiting process humanely as possible to create a positive applicant experience. This will help you find a better-suited recruiter than focusing on certain aspects like salaries. 

8. Search High and Low

Don’t confine your searches to just your local area if it means crossing geographical boundaries or even outsourcing remotely. 

9. Keep The Testing Process Short

Longer skill-testing doesn’t guarantee more efficiency in the screening process. Do not go overboard with the questionnaires and quizzes or even vague questions like “What do you know about Java?” This treats the hiring process like an unsavory ritual, and applicants want to know that they’ll be getting into an exciting environment that’ll not only challenge them but isn’t monotonous and stands out from the crowd.

Knowing what specific skills you’ll want to test will make the process less complicated. As with most other jobs, you’ll want an applicant with a combination of different skill sets, so while you don’t have to go through them all on the first day, identify which ones are most important to your company and highlight them well.

Wrapping Up

Your technical recruiter will play a crucial role in your business, so hiring them has to be done diligently. Ensure to consult with industry experts to get intel and get familiar with benchmarks. Remember, your hiring strategy is vital to your success! Hope now you know how do I find a good technical recruiter.


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