At the beginning of the internet-verse, we had connected computers when we did not have the blessing of satellite science. This is where the original ‘peer-to- peer’ concept originated. 

Peer To Peer Networks is basically sharing something from one computer to another. However, this concept has become much more advanced with the advent of satellite internet. Now, it is not just about connected computers; the sharing has essentially become wireless.

Have you ever wondered why the videos you download from torrents called The Pirate Bay come in parts? It is because of the peer-to-peer method that they use.


What Is Peer To Peer Networking?

There can be a plethora of technical jargon when you try to understand this concept. So, there is a simple explanation for this for someone who has just entered the realm of technology.

While using social media, people using the same network can get access to that post whenever you upload something. Nowadays, there are some security measures that make you the sole decider of its exposure, but it is just for social media.

Some servers use this same technology, but things might not be as secure. No worrying about that; you can just use a VPN which can make your surfing game much safer. This peer-to-peer method is something that is used the most among all the torrenting sites.

It is nothing more than a group of devices connected together, but they have a shared network that is used to share and receive. These connections are known as nodes in the technical lingo.

Generally, all the nodes in a peer to peer networks have equal control. But, it also depends on the type of network, which we will elaborate on in the following paragraph.

The Types Of Nodes

The Types of Nodes are,

  • Structured P2P
  • Unstructured P2P
  • Hybrid P2P

Structured Network

In this P2P node structure, a central server approves most of the data that is being uploaded in the network.

They have a very organized structure, and as a node, you will be able to see all the activities that are going on in the network.

However, it doesn’t give equal rights to al;l the nodes. There is a central character who is taking care of and controlling the network.

It is much more expensive to maintain, but that makes it safer than any other P2P network.

Unstructured P2P

This is the complete opposite of the above-mentioned Peer To Peer Networks. This is just a domain that is controlled by all the nodes in it.

When you are looking for something, the request generally goes to everyone, and then you are connected to the node that has what you are looking for. 

The structure is slightly haphazard, but every node shares equal rights.

It is comparatively less safe than the other one because of the lack of control from a centralized server. As a result, it can be a hub of malware activities. Therefore, ensure to use this carefully and not download everything you see here.

Hybrid P2P

As the name suggests, it is an amalgamation of the other two networks. It is also the most efficient P2P network out there. There is a central network, but the rest of the network is quite distributed.

There are also equal rights for every node, and they can share and upload content in the network. Because of the organized structure, you can search for the information you are looking for, and it will give you the best results.

BitTorrent is a well-known network that uses the hybrid P2P method. The approach is also much easier to navigate in this structure.

The search results are almost accurate with this technology. However, safety can still be a factor to consider. Therefore, the right decision should be taken.

Advantages Of P2P Network

Here are some of the major advantages of using the P2P network.

  • Since the nodes can maintain the server, you do not have to go to the extra length for its maintenance because that won’t be cheap.
  • When one computer fails, it doesn’t affect the entire system, which might be a common problem with parent servers.
  • You do not need to learn advanced high technology used to utilize this function. 
  • Many P2P networks give certain information for free.

Final Note

A peer to peer network is very useful when it comes to networking over the internet. However, without a central server, it can be a little risky. Therefore, taking care of your device’s security is the most important thing while operating this network.

So, make sure that you are taking all the necessary steps to protect your online presence.

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