Get Started: Writing a 500-word essay

How to get started Writing a 500-word essay most easily? There’s no rocket science behind writing an essay. Hundreds of thousands of students do this monthly. So, you will do that too. Just relax and we get started with writing a 500-word essay. You have to be ready to spend several days working attentively on this paper. The next step is to receive a topic to research. There are several ways to get it. The simplest one is to come up with it and get your approval from a professor. This can take several days or so. If you get a topic assigned directly to you, it’s okay. You just start working with it. There’s the last possibility when there are several of them and you can pick one to work with.

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Systemize sources of knowledge

Working with academic papers or databases increases your skill and knowledge. Understanding a subject better allows you to determine what aspects of the topic can be researched. So, systemizing information provides you with a clear vision of what you should write in every chapter. If the research papers are good, you can look for more from this author and find something useful.

Let’s write the best intro

The intro is a short version of your goals for the essay. Start with your idea that was generated by you and which is based on the topic. Add some extra sentences to intrigue a reader. After this go ahead to the goals you will be working on. Try to set goals that you can reach. It would be enough to focus on three goals.

Mention some fundamental academic writers with whose documents you worked. Your professor can add some extra points because of this.

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Systemize your thoughts and write the main text

It’s time to show what you’ve got. You have to provide a reader with details, claims, arguments, and quotations that convince them to keep reading your article. To simplify your journey, we structure them in the list

  • It’s time to do your best-providing argumentations and polemic on the topic you have got.
  • Work with materials you have to find statements and facts that support your idea.
  • Don’t forget to mention the writers and place quotations properly. This is one of the “big” requirements in universities. Plagiarism means you use someone’s thoughts and introduce them as your own. It’s like stealing. So, this can be punished strictly.
  • Split materials and your goals among chapters equally. So, this lets you track word volume easily. At the same time, you can reach all your goals.
  • You should set the reader’s attention on the core claims you worked on.
  • Work with counterarguments too. Don’t worry if they exist. Just mention some to show your professor that you found them and proceeded with them.
  • Use one of the literature formatting APA, MLA, or Chicago.
  • If you don’t know with which one you have to work, ask your classmates or a professor.
  • Ask your professor for help if you need it. Usually, they are ready to provide you with a helping hand.
  • Don’t skip working with classmates together. This helps you to manage parts that you can do by yourself.
  • Spend at least several out on improving sentences behind your argumentations.
  • Use visual materials like diagrams or drawings to help a reader to understand you better.
  • Check your grammar to please a reader.

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Several steps to manage a conclusion

Write everything shortly. It’s time to summarize everything you managed to achieve in your essay. Provide a sentence or two for every goal you set. This would show a professor that you are a goal-oriented person. Mention the most important academic writers, scientists, and their works that were most influential. Add some sentences about aspects of your topic that will be able to be researched in the near future. Before submitting double double-check your work using a reputable plagiarism and AI detector.

That’s it. Your essay is written and by following these steps you can complete your writing a 500-word essay very easily. If you need extra advice you can take a look at How To Write the Perfect Essay in 7 Steps.


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