As a matter of fact, the Coronavirus pandemic has uncovered some indisputable facts. It has shown the chemist’s shop owners the necessity to keep abreast of the times and made them resort to medicine delivery apps.

All recent statistics show that customers prefer buying medicines online to avert getting exposed to viruses. Due to it, medicine delivery app development is not a whim but a necessity nowadays.

So if you haven’t heard about it earlier, it is the right time to get involved, so click here for more info. 

The advantages customers can take of using Medicine Delivery Apps

These widgets make people’s lives much easier since it enables clients to buy medicines and other pharmacy products even from bed. In such a way people can avoid queuing for a long time to get medicine at the chemist’s shop.

Customers can make use of a pharmacy app and browse a range of medicine categories. Despite the fact that such an online alternative to a brick-and-mortar pharmacy is relatively new, the process of buying medicines online is extremely easy and fast.

After finding the product you need, just add it to the cart and proceed to checkout. The next step presupposes making instant secure payments and receiving delivery updates.  

But do not think that these are the only advantages of using Medicine Delivery Apps! Buying medicines online ensures privacy since you won’t be forced to buy prescription and over-the-counter medications in front of others.

Another reason to use such widgets is the ability to receive push notifications which may save users from forgetting to renew or buy their prescriptions.

Moreover, Medicine Delivery Apps enables customers to browse for detailed instructions and information on medications they are interested in just laying in bed.

Last but not the least, thanks to these apps customers can easily find a more competitively priced generic for their expensive prescription medications and save some money for more pleasant things.

The reasons for pharmacy owners to think about Medicine Delivery Apps Development

As a matter of fact, there are several signs that medicine delivery apps will grow in significance and popularity in the near future.

Due to the latest research, the global pharmaceutical products delivery market is expected to strike $1.7 trillion by 2023 at a CAGR of 6.4%. The “PharmEasy” founder confirms that the demand for all medicine categories has increased by almost 100% during the quarantine period.

Taking into consideration all the tendencies, the demand for online pharmacies is expected to grow 7 times to $3.7 billion by the end of 2022.

A range of Medicine Delivery App Models

As a matter of fact, there are several business models for earning money from online delivery apps.

App For Single Store is one of the most widely spread business models where a single brick-and-mortar chemist’s shop owner creates a unique medicine delivery app for handling medicines to its clients. The customers place their orders by uploading the list of prescribed drugs.

The retailers check if the needed medicines are available and send them to the buyer. Later, the customer pays for it online through the app or by paying in cash.   As a rule, chemists shops owners opt for this model to earn maximum revenues by means of online delivery services.

The second model is known as the Partnership Model. This variant does not presuppose the online chemist stockpiling their medicines. Indeed, as rule, they cooperate with local chemist shops. Every time a client places an online order the online pharmacy checks for the closest chemist shop where these drugs are available and get them delivered to the users.

Both parties are required to sign a contract before embarking on cooperation within this business model. The third model is known as the Direct Delivery Model which tries to avoid intermediaries for the delivery or supply of the medicine. These apps deliver products to their clients directly.

The models to get revenues 

The next question, which may arise is how the owners of such apps can earn money online with the help of online medicine delivery apps. 

  1. The easiest way to benefit from a medicine delivery app is to introduce the Commission. It means earning from a percentage of commission which is charged to each pharmacy partner listed in the app. In such a way every time a client makes a purchase or the pharmacy partner makes a sale, the owner will get a certain percentage. 
  2. Another great option to earn money is to make use of in-app advertisements. I dare say that this way of earning money may be viewed as the most beneficial and popular one since the app’s owner can offer advertising to pharmacies at additional cost to feature them on top of customer searches to attract more customers. The owners can also allow them to place their offers, deals, and discounts to gain more clients.
  3. The establishment of delivery charges is another great option to increase the app’s owner revenues. Since most brick-and-mortar stores don’t have their delivery teams, it is a good idea to employ your own delivery team and in such a way get an extra channel for earning money. There are two approaches to earning money with the help of delivery services:  to charge the percentage of the order price or to charge a certain fee for delivering services due to the distance.
  4. The last option the owners resort to in order to earn some extra money is increasing delivery charges in events like delivery within a few hours, peak hours delivery, delivery during some holidays. 

How much does it cost to create an online Medicine Delivery App?

After the decision to create an app for medicine delivery has been made, the business owner has to decide on the apps’ model and choose the features and technologies that should be integrated into it.

It is very difficult to count the final cost of the app since there are a lot of factors that influence the cost a lot. First of all, the apps’ price will depend on the hourly pay of the app development company you have chosen.

The more prestigious and famous the company is, the more money you will be forced to spend on your app.  The second aspect that should be taken into consideration is the number of platforms that you are going to cover since for iOS and Android different computer codes is required.

Thirdly, the more sophisticated app you want to get, the more expensive it would be for you. Before addressing the app development company, the business owner has to make up a list of functionalities he wants to implement into his app.

UI/UX design is also of great importance and it is something the business owner should not economize on. Do not forget that further app maintenance and testing also demands a great sum of money.

Is a medicine delivery app worth investing in such sums of money? 

Despite the fact that the development of such apps is time-consuming and costly, it is an undisputed fact that medicine delivery apps will be growing in popularity with each passing year. Due to this fact, all the investments will pay off at an unprecedented pace.