What are the major advantages of making payments with bitcoins? 

Based on the design of the bitcoin, the transactions are never tied to a person or identity.

Alphanumeric characters called public addresses are used for blockchain transactions.

There would be no personal information available in transaction such as name, address, or e-mail address.

On the other hand, IP and public address information can still be utilized to identify a person.

Method of Selling Bitcoin: Transactions that people make with bitcoin are in general pseudonymous.

The owner of a public bitcoin address will sometimes also reveal their name.

It is not hard to be traced even if you use a private Wi-Fi network.

Here we often provide our proof of identity so that our identity and IP address can be verified.

Best Practices for Making Anonymous Bitcoin Payments:

  • Mix bitcoins

All bitcoin transactions are recorded in a public ledger.

The source and/or destination can be identified by anyone who knows the public address.

As these bitcoins cannot be anonymized at the protocol level, a bitcoin scrambler is required for identity anonymization.

The purpose of bitcoin mixing technology is to remove the possibility of linking or traceability.

  • Generate temporary addresses

The connection between bitcoin addresses is broken by creating temporary addresses or swapping currency with other addresses of equivalent value.

As a result, tracking the blockchain is challenging.

Bitcoin mixing, a service that costs money, is often referred to as bitcoin laundering or bitcoin airdrop.

  • The Onion Router for Privacy

Use the Tor browser to connect to the bitcoin network.

Tor is a community managed entirely by volunteers that promotes online privacy and anonymity.

Your internet traffic is encrypted and routed through arbitrary Tor network nodes using Tor Nodes before it reaches its final destination.

As a result, it becomes incredibly difficult to identify the IP address or machine from which a message or transaction was transmitted.

Simply put, it prevents your transactions and other activities from being tied to your P.I. and helps you maintain your anonymity.

  • Use VPN without logs.

A no-log VPN is a virtual private network (VPN) that doesn’t save records of your online activities on its servers.

Before being sent through several servers of your choosing in various locations throughout the destination, all of your internet traffic is encrypted.

Using a lossless VPN to connect to your bitcoin client is another approach to increase the anonymity of your bitcoin transactions.

But in this case, you have to trust the VPN service provider to keep your activity logs private.

Use a new address whenever possible.

When you use bitcoins frequently, it’s a smart way to ensure privacy.

It will be a challenge to attribute more deals like this to him.

Advantages of Making Payments with Bitcoins

  • This alone is expected to impact spending by $3.2 billion.
  • As a result, businesses that accept bitcoin payments face additional costs, such as those associated with different payment methods, payment handling, gross settlement, etc. It’s a cost of $2.5 billion rather than a saving.
  • Once businesses accept bitcoin payments, they can expand their reach and business opportunities, which will lead to revenue growth.
  • The biggest benefit of going cashless to the government is transparency, as cryptocurrencies leave a trail, which means more financial management, less fraud, and less government costs and time related to paperwork, procedures, etc.
  • If accepting bitcoin payments helps businesses increase revenue, the government will receive more sales tax revenue, leading to stronger economic growth.
  • Additionally, accepting bitcoin payments reduces the country’s cash crime rate.
  • Time is the main benefit and cost savings for consumers. Because “money is slow,” this alone costs about $35 million. Using bitcoin payments saves us a tonne of time when utilising the conventional banking system to manage money, pay bills, receive money, etc.
  • The second most important, which is similar to the government, is the reduction of cash crimes like theft and vandalism, or worse, assaults with crime and its cost. Also, as more and more automated and regular payments are made with bitcoin, late fees are eliminated.
  • Again, instead of depositing money, you earn interest on it if you have money in a bank account. 


The above article is all about the advantages of making payments with Bitcoins.

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