Total online sales reached $861 billion in 2020. This exploding number is expected to increase to more than $1 trillion in the short term. In the foreseeable future, the money and business moving to eCommerce will continue to grow. Intelligent companies already see and plan for this.

With so much being spent in eCommerce, there’s a set of Amazon trends that will refine the online business. Companies following these trends will be able to profit as a result. If you want to succeed, you should adjust to them.

Amazon Trends: Product Research Gaining More Impact

With the growing number of sellers on Amazon and competition, it becomes more difficult to find a promising product. Therefore, many sellers are starting to pay more and more attention to product research, investing in software, expert advice, and courses. 

But we can already say for sure that electronics will continue to dominate Amazon. About 44% of US shoppers buy electronics on Amazon at least once a year, making this category the most popular on the platform. Among electronics, the most popular subcategories are voice assistants, computers, mobiles, mobile accessories, gaming devices.

Significant increases in the market for health and wellness are also apparent. An aging population makes purchases to improve their health. We are confident that many private brands will appear in the health supplements category.

Product reviews will be key

91% of young people got information from friends or reviews about products in 2019. People are researching their purchases more as time goes on. Product reviews on Amazon become vital as a result.

More structured and unbiased information is on the horizon. The trend in increased sales means more information is available for the public to make purchase decisions. Every person is becoming an expert on products, and quality matters more than ever. Having an extensive base of reviews is becoming an essential part of ranking and sales on Amazon.

Amazon is constantly updating its guidelines, but you can always be compliant with Amazon’s new review policy when using the official “Request a Review” button. You can find it on the order’s page in Seller Central. Clicking on this button sends a short message to the buyer, asking them to leave a product review or feedback.

You are unlikely to click on a button for each order manually, so the best way is to automate your review requests using Amazon feedback software such as SageMailer. It also allows you to send your custom messages through the Buyer-Seller Messaging System. Moreover, this service tracks reviews for an unlimited number of products. It sends notifications of new reviews so that you can be aware of your product review profile at any time.

Amazon Tightens its Messaging Service

Amazon also looks to increase customer satisfaction by changing how it deals with the “Private Messaging” function in its marketplaces. It has tightened its policies to prevent sellers from spamming customers, marketing to them, using manipulative language, requesting reviews, or posting links to products off-site. Amazon wants to make its shopping experience stress-free for its customers and sellers.

Decreasing emails to customers allow Amazon sellers to focus on customer service. Increased customer service leads to return customers and more sales. The result is good for customers of Amazon and its retailers. This is a “win-win” for all involved. 

Chat-bots and Private Messaging to Explode

Private messaging and chat-bots are set to influence the market in more prominent ways. Messenger services can be used by sellers on Amazon and bring new customers to the Amazon retailers. The automation process can make positive reviews easier to obtain.

Sellers can use the bots to coordinate interactions with customers from various apps. Whatsapp and other services are becoming a common way for businesses to talk with their customers. Using the advantages of messenger and chat-bots means more positive customer interaction. Click-through rates for using a messenger app can be as much as ten times higher than regular emails.

eCommerce Combining with Social Media

eCommerce is likely to continue its blistering growth on social media. Large portions of people are spending extensive time on social media. Increased social media presence is leading to users spending more money. Social media and eCommerce will continue to merge because of this. Connecting the products of sellers on Amazon with social media users will increase sales.

The commerce trend at Amazon focuses on customer service, increasing automation, and informed purchase decisions. Planning on these Amazon trends will make promoting your business easier.

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