Today we will discuss about the ultimate tool for repairing access database. Microsoft Access can sometimes face issues that may jeopardize data integrity and lead to database corruption. This is where Stellar Repair for Access proves to be a game-changer. In this comprehensive review, we will see how this tool effectively addresses and resolves Access database corruption.

Tool For Repairing Access Database

What is Stellar Repair for Access?

Stellar Repair for Access is not just another access database repair tool in the market. It’s a specialized solution designed to tackle Access database corruption. Endorsed by MVPs and global administrators, this tool efficiently repairs corrupt MS Access database and restore all its objects to a new database. Whether you’re using Office 365, Access 2019, 2016, or older versions, Stellar Repair for Access supports database created in any MS Access version.

When should you turn to Stellar Repair for Access?

Here are some scenarios where Stellar Repair for Access can come in handy:

Compact and Repair Database Utility Failure: MS Access has an in-built ‘Compact and Repair’ utility designed to minimize database file size and resolve minor corruption issues. However, in case of severe corruption, this utility falls short. That’s when Stellar Repair for Access steps in. This tool can efficiently and easily fix severely corrupted Access database files.

Inconsistencies in Access Database: Have you ever encountered the error code 9505? It signifies that the Access Jet engine has detected inconsistencies in table definitions or data. The native Compact and Repair utility sometimes unable to fix these inconsistencies. Stellar’s Access database repair tool can rectify these inconsistencies and restore your database to a pristine state.

Unrecognized Database Error: This error might pop up due to various reasons, such as inadequate permissions, compatibility issues between Access 2016 and Visual Studio 2012, corruption in the database, or trying to open the database in different Access version. With Stellar’s Access database repair tool, this error can become a thing of the past. This tool efficiently repairs the corrupt database and recovers all the data, thus resolving the error.

Key Features of Stellar Repair for Access

Understanding a tool’s capabilities and features can help you make an informed decision. Here are some standout features of Stellar Repair for Access:

Shows Preview of Access Database Objects: After repair, the software provides a comprehensive preview of all the recoverable objects, including tables, linked tables, queries, forms, reports, indexes, macros, and modules. It even allows you to search for specific objects, facilitating specific object recovery.

Repairs both MDB and ACCDB Files: Whether you’re using MDB files or the ACCDB files, Stellar Repair for Access can handle both. It efficiently addresses corruption errors, resulting from hardware failures, software conflicts, or database design inconsistencies.

Comprehensive Recovery of All Access Database Objects: This tool ensures that every object in your corrupted database is repaired and recovered. It can recover tables, queries, forms, macros, linked tables, indexes, and even the latest long number data type in Microsoft Access 2019.

Repairs Split Access Databases: Databases can be split for various reasons. Stellar’s Access database repair tool can even repair split databases. It can recover corrupt linked tables and restore data stored in corrupted tables linked through various sources.

Recovery of Deleted Records: We’ve all faced that moment of panic when an important record is accidentally deleted. While Microsoft Access doesn’t have a built-in recovery option for this, Stellar Repair for Access does. It ensures that deleted records can be retrieved, even if there’s no backup available.

Addresses All Types of Access Database Corruption: Whether it’s the ‘ID is not an index in this table’ error or the ‘database is in an inconsistent state’ error, Stellar Repair for Access is equipped to handle them all. It not only repairs the corrupted databases but also maintains the data consistency and integrity throughout the process.

Handles Password-Protected Forms and Modules: Security is paramount and many databases have password-protected modules and forms. This repair tool ensures that even these are safely repaired without any data loss.

Recovery of Non-English Language Data: Global businesses often have data in multiple languages. This tool can retrieve non-English details stored in database tables, ensuring that even regional data is not left behind during recovery.

Stellar Repair for Access – Versions and Prices

Stellar Repair for Access has two editions – Professional and Technician. The Professional edition comes with a 1-year license for just $99.

The Technician edition is perfect for IT admins overseeing multiple systems in one location. It’s designed to repair corrupted Access database files across several systems simultaneously, ensuring rapid recovery and minimal downtime. You can get the Technician edition of Stellar Repair for Access for just $149 with 1-year license.

Stellar Repair for Access - Versions and Prices

System Requirements and Installation Guide

Before using this tool, it’s essential to ensure your system’s compatibility:

Processor: Intel compatible (x86, x64)

Memory: 8 GB recommended (4 GB minimum)

Hard Disk: 250 MB free space

Operating System: Ranges from Windows 11 to Windows 7

MS Access Version: Office 365, MS Access 2019, and earlier

Installation Process: The installation is intuitive, beginning with executing the StellarRepairforAccess.exe file (downloaded from the official website). Follow the on-screen prompts, ensuring you meet the above-mentioned system requirements. After installation, you can immediately launch the software and start the repair process.

Installation Process

How to Use Stellar Repair for Access?

Using Stellar Repair for Access is a straightforward process, even for novices. Let’s walk through it:

Launching the Tool: Once installed, launch the software. You’ll be presented with an intuitive interface.

Launching the Tool

Selecting the Database File: Use the ‘Browse’ or ‘Find’ option to locate the corrupt MDB/ACCDB file you wish to repair.

Selecting the Database File

Initiating the Repair: Click Repair. The software will start the process, meticulously addressing each issue in the database.

Initiating the repair

Previewing Repaired Objects: Post-repair, a preview of all the database objects is provided, allowing you to verify the accuracy.

Previewing Repaired Objects

Saving the Database: Once satisfied, select ‘Save Database’ from the File menu and choose the desired location. Your repaired database will be stored safely.

Saving the Database

Repaired file saved successfully

User Reviews and Recognition

Stellar Repair for Access has received accolades and positive reviews on diverse platforms.

Softpedia praises it as “a reliable and user-friendly application designed to swiftly repair MS Access database files.

Softonic users highlight its effectiveness, with one of them stating, “I bought a single-user license of this software to repair the .accdb file, and it worked seamlessly. The software’s interface is user-friendly.

CNET commends its utility when native tools fail, noting, “Compact and repair option wasn’t effective, so I turned to this software. It’s worth every penny, and I’m thoroughly satisfied with the outcome.

On MSDN, a user shares, “For MDB repair, free tools didn’t deliver, but this software did. It repaired my files efficiently.

Wrap Up

Databases are the backbone of many operations, and their integrity is paramount. Stellar Repair for Access has proven to be an indispensable tool in the realm of database repair. With its comprehensive features, ease of use, and glowing endorsements from both users and industry experts, it’s clear that this tool stands out in the crowded market of database repair solutions.

Whether you’re a novice grappling with your first database error or a seasoned admin overseeing multiple systems, Stellar Repair for Access offers a reliable solution tailored to meet all your Access database repair needs. The tool offers informative videos, ensuring everyone can master the repair process.

As the tool for repairing access databases, Stellar Repair emerges as a comprehensive solution for all Access database issues. Whether it’s minor corruption or significant database inconsistencies, this tool ensures that your Access database remains accessible and intact.