Many organizations worldwide still use paper-based, manually operated VMS (visitor management system), including name tags, guest books, or roll call. However, many problems belong to these outdated systems. They take up a lot of time, are not so easy to use, and are not foolproof.

VMS (visitor management system) allows you to monitor and track visitors who enter a building or an office. It is a direct replacement for a conventional visitor recording system, such as a physical receptionist, as it provides you with access to readily available visitor records.

It is possible because individuals have to log in using id badges, allowing them to track when and where the login occurred.

In this digital age AI is now taking over the regular jobs that would require 2 to 3 persons but now smart system like VMS can do mulita tasking and are more effective and time saving.

But most importantly, these systems do not have the security needed when dealing with unauthorized visitors. Ranging from the excellent first impression it sets on your visitors to the simplicity of usage, a VMS can help your organization save more.

If you are looking for a VMS, but you still haven’t made up your mind about transitioning to one, this article will help you. Today, we will share with you seven ways a VMS can be beneficial for your organization.



Whether it be in a building or standalone, securing any office is crucial if you want your employees to be safe and sound and perform their duties efficiently. Whenever a visitor comes in, they have to sign in with their credentials to access the office facility. This way, you can get to know who is coming in and at what time.

Furthermore, through a VMS, you can also deny access to individuals you deem to be a threat to your organization. For example, you can use an ipad receptionist to monitor all visitor entries. They will have to sign in on the iPad to gain access. Plus, you can also know when the visitor signed in and gained access to the office if there are any issues later on.


Automating and streamlining the visitor registration process reduces each visitor’s processing cost that comes into your organization. And this can lead to significantly higher savings over time.

Also, there will be a reduction in breaches and theft, which will lead to reduced overhead. And security costs as an automated system is hard to crack and gives no leverage to the intruder. Also in nowadays time with the rising crime rate, it is mandatory to have a security system that will keep your family and belongings safe.

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Have you ever thought about how inefficient a manual paper-based VMS (visitor management system) is? If you still doubt it, consider how an automated VMS uses software, cameras, and scanners. It will screen anyone that visits your organization and quickly register them while being welcoming at the same time.

Also, the staff present at the lobby will be able to increase productivity by saving their time. It can provide pre-registration to visitors and get notified once the visitor arrives at your organization and signs in through the VMS.


With the help of a VMS, your staff will be able to identify with ease every visitor at any time. Also, a variety of VMSs come with a pattern detector. It will allow your employees to judge visitor patterns in detail and study them further if they sense there is a chance of malpractice. In many military and government offices these security systems are compulsory because there are higher chances of breach.


Imagine being greeted by an automated visitor system, whether you visit a restaurant or an office. It provides you with a sense of professionalism. You appreciate the amount of work put in by the owner to make the welcoming process as easy as possible. You will leave as a satisfied customer.

Now imagine having such a thing at your organization. It will be more welcoming to your visitors and show them that your organization promotes professionalism amongst its employees. Many customers will also feel the sense of security whenever they visit your store and it will help you gain a loyal customer.


Pre-registering the visitors’ options ahead of time will always speed up the sign-in process. It increases efficiency and saves a lot of time. Your employees can enter all details about specific visitors beforehand if there is a meeting scheduled with him or her.

You can also send out directions, instructions, and other meeting details with a VMS to speed up the whole process. Some of the renowned hotels and saloons have this software installed because it helps in managing the customers efficiently.


Should there be an incident at your organization where employees failed to report it when it occurred?  You can always refer to the VMS to check records and see if any visitor was on site and had anything to do with the incident.

Such a thing will allow you to tackle any false allegations or help you out legally if you file a lawsuit against a visitor. If you got a neighbor that is quite annoying and is busy in finding ways to call cops on you than it’s time you decide to get VMS for yourself.


While VMS benefits are endless, replacing a typical paper-based management system with one is a no brainer. It will allow you to save time and increase the productivity and efficiency of your employees. Not implementing it at your organization will only slow down the growth of your organization. It can also be very useful for integrating this at your home for the safety of your loved ones or your hard earned belongings.

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