To disinfect air the best air disinfector is a must. The vast majority pose themselves this inquiry sooner or later. The appropriate response is YES! Regardless of whether you are out in the open or simply stay in your private spaces. Realize that compact air sterilizer can restrict the spread of the infection airborne.

Microorganisms come in three structures: sores, microscopic organisms, and infections. While they are excessively little to see with the unaided eye, it may just take one to make you extremely wiped out and ruin your wellbeing.  

Actually even the most thorough cleaning with boiling water, fade, and sanitizers can miss hurtful germs and microbes. In the direst outcome imaginable, those things may cause sickness or even passing. Then again, UV light sterilization utilizes bright innovation to kill all germs and microbes all the more rapidly and is an extraordinary enhancement for different strategies.

Here are the few advantages of utilizing UV light for sanitization, especially for the best air disinfector.  

– UV Light sanitization is protected.

– UV Light sanitization is non-poisonous.

– UV light is harmless to the ecosystem.

– UV Light sterilization kills microorganisms without invulnerability.

– UV light sanitization is an actual cycle, not a compound one.

– UV Light sterilization is a compelling type of sanitization.

– UV Light sanitization is reasonable practical cleaning.


UV light has low energy costs and sets aside your cash for quite a long time due to its remarkable property that utilizes focal points with no support costs over the item’s existence.


UV light works rapidly, securely, and is not difficult to utilize and keep up with.

Ecology Friendly

UV is harmless to the ecosystem. There are no destructive intermediates that emerge and just expense energy.

Harm Free

There is no toxic substance left behind when Disinfection is utilized. It is compound-free since it is an actual cycle, there is no utilization of unforgiving synthetic in cleaning and disinfecting items.

Changing to UV light sterilization can assist with ensuring you, save your time, exertion, cash. Why not attempt it?

UV light disinfection is a known method for air, surfaces, objects, and water that can help mitigate the risk of acquiring an infection and has been used extensively for more than 40 years.

best air sterilizer disinfector for covid

Safe and Powerful UV Technology

CSiR Air Disinfector is a free-standing unit with shielded UV lamps that use a fan to force air past the UV light. UV-C can destroy the DNA or RNA of microorganisms within 1s, and the cells can irreversibly lose their vitality. Thanks to UV technology, as one of the best air disinfector, CSiR Air Disinfector effectively breaks down the DNA or RNA of micro-organisms.

253.7nm UV-C Lamp + 185nm Vacuum UV Lamp

CSiR Air Disinfector has built-in low-ozone high-intensity ultraviolet lights, which can Instant damage the RNA or DNA of viruses in the air.

Nano Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysis

A dedicated nano titanium dioxide metal plate is equipped in CSiR Air Disinfector, which absorbs and reflects ultraviolet rays. The superoxide anion radicals generated react (oxidize) with most organic substances, triggering a chain reaction, and finally, cause bacteria to decompose.

Powerful Air Circulation & Quiet Operation

As a disinfection expert, user safety and disinfection efficiency are crucial issues that CSiR always considers. The built-in custom silent fan offers a perfect balance air flow with a high efficient clean air delivery rate.

Do you need air disinfection sterilization

Protect your loved ones and yourself from harmful airborne germs, viruses, bacteria, and mold while reducing expensive maintenance costs.

About CSiR

CSiR, on of the best Air Disinfector, Not a Regular Air Purifier. The founder of CSiR hopes to provide people with one personal device that delivers more clean and healthy air to daily life. Therefore, CSiR uses UV technology to find an air disinfection solution that can share with users. CSiR’s goal is to offer clean and fresh air to every person and their family.

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