In this century, communication between people occurs most often through messengers. Today, many messengers differ from famous ones in functionality. Also, they have another guarantee terms of the security of users and their data.

However, not many can really cope with the huge pressure of government agencies and really hide all user data. There are messengers that securely encrypt user data and prevent any threats of leakage.

Therefore, we have prepared for you the top of reliable messengers from which you can choose the best private messenger for stable and secure use.

Private Messenger: What to choose for real protection?


best private messenger - utopiaUtopia is a decentralized ecosystem that provides users with the ability of using great scope of functionalities. First of all, it is uMessenger – allows you to send any kind of messages and create private chats. uMail is an alternative form of email that provides users with the ability to transfer confidential work data within your company. Idyll Browser is an anonymous private browser that allows you to use all the necessary sites inside the system without leaving its boundaries. It is possible thanks to tunnel data technology. Each client can add and create websites for general use. uWallet is an electronic wallet that stores the cryptocurrency of the ecosystem – cryptons. Using them, a person can make payments and transfers.

All user data is stored on their servers. Access to data warehouse opens a private key. The ecosystem generates it personally during the anonymous registration process. To protect the data, Utopia uses multi-level sophisticated encryption.



best private messenger - bleepIt is a cross-platform messenger from BitTorrent. According to the developers, it uses a P2P network to transmit messages without using servers. That is, encryption occurs directly between two users, and the history of correspondence is not stored anywhere else, except the memory of the smartphone itself. Text messages, photo transfers, and voice calls are supported. No stickers, no channels. And all chats, based on the principles of work, are “by default” secret.



best private messenger - threema

Another secure messenger from Switzerland. Here you do not even need to specify your phone number or email when registering. Each application user is assigned a unique ID, which is used to create keys for encryption and decryption. Users can exchange messages between each other, create private chats, send photos and videos. It works on smartphones (iOS, Android, and Windows) and in the browser.



best private messenger - firechat

This messenger is only available on iOS and Android smartphones. Its main advantage is the ability to work without the Internet, using wireless networks Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Each device with an installed client becomes a relay for other devices that are detected within a 60-meter radius. If one or more devices in the network have access to the Internet, then all users of the messenger nearby will be able to send messages online.



best private messenger - messenger

The messenger is the creation of Facebook social network team. It allows users to chat with each other both on mobile platforms and on the web version. You can exchange messages, call your contacts, and work with various file formats is supported. There are bots and stickers. All messages are highly protected thanks to data encryption methods.



best private messenger - lineLine is a Korean cross-platform messenger with support for private chats, video calls and transfer of various files. Users can add about 10 thousand stickers and dress up any conversation. Besides, you can subscribe to channels of brands and stars. bookmaker bitcoin payout But if you want, you can turn your Timeline into a personal journal or channel-messages will be displayed in your friends’ feed. An additional application will allow you to create mailings – this function is suitable for business development.


It’s high time to protect your messages! Use only reliable, secure and best private messengers for real Internet security!