Your nightstand probably contains several must-haves, such as your alarm clock, a phone dock, a Bluetooth speaker, and even an AM/FM radio, if you love that old-school vibe.

However, this also makes for a pretty crowded nightstand. But what if you could take all of these things and put them into one compact and convenient package? Well, you can with a Sony Dream Machine!

This machine is the line of clock radios produced by Sony Electronics. Basic models have a simple clock and AM/FM radio functions, while more current models have smart functions such as Internet connectivity, Bluetooth speakers, and even iPod or iPhone docking.

The first model that was released by the company was the 8FC-59W. It was released in 1968 and displayed time using a mechanical flip mechanism.

It also featured radio and alarm, and it was considered to be groundbreaking! Today, you can still find working models on the market, and it is considered to be a collector’s item due to its vintage status.

All Sony Dream Machines feature a large “Dream Bar” button on top, allowing you to easily extend your snooze time just a little bit longer.

Best Sony Dream Machines Review

Interested in getting your own Sony Dream Machine? Here are the five best models out there!

Sony ICFC218 Dream Machine Clock Radio (Black)

The Sony ICF-C218 has an automatic time setting. You won’t need to worry about switching to Daylight Savings Time because this amazing gadget will do it for you. It also has an eye-catching green LED display, as well as backup battery power to ensure that your alarm clock never dies out. You’ll never miss another alarm due to a dead clock ever again.

Sony ICFC218 Dream Machine Clock Radio (Black)


  • Automatic time set
  • Automatic calendar set
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment
  • 0.9-inch LED display (green)
  • Extendable Snooze option
  • Backup battery

Sony ICFC1T Alarm Clock Radio, Black

The Sony ICF-C1T is a compact clock radio that’s perfect for small nightstands. It has a wide range of features packed into a tiny package! It has an analog radio for those who prefer the old-school type of changing radio channels, as well as a backup battery to ensure that the clock is always turned on. The best feature of this clock is that it has dual alarms so that you’ll never sleep through another alarm again!

Sony ICFC1TBLACK Alarm Clock Radio, Black


  • Choose either “Radio”, “Buzzer”, or “Gradual” alarm sounds
  • Dual alarm times
  • Battery back-up
  • Analog radio

Sony Projector Dual Alarm Clock

You’ll always be on top of your day with this amazing projector alarm clock! It has a large display with jumbo LED numbers that are bright and easy to read, but still gentle on the eyes. The moveable projector display allows you to tilt the focus and shine the time anywhere you need, so you can simply open your eyes and see the time projected on the ceiling. It features 5 built-in nature sounds so that you can have a good morning, every morning.

Projection Clock Radio Nature


  • Swivel projection allows you to display time anywhere in your room
  • 5 different nature sounds (Birds, Rain, Ocean waves, Under the Sea, Brook)
  • Adjustable snooze period
  • Gradual wake up alarm volume
  • Separate alarm times for multiple users
  • Side-mounted USB port allows you to charge your devices

Sony ICFC1PJ Alarm Clock Radio

Start your morning right with the Sony ICF-C1PJ Dream Machine! This clock radio has a huge LED display that makes it easy to read even from across the room, as well as a battery backup to ensure that you never miss another important meeting. You can adjust the alarm settings on this radio to give you different alarm times during the weekdays and the weekends.

Sony ICFC1PJ Alarm Clock Radio,Black


  • Clear time projection with adjustable angle
  • 5 different nature sounds to wake you up gently
  • Programmable sleep timer automatically turns off the radio
  • Side-mounted USB port
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment

Sony Alarm Clock Radio, White

Compact, simple, and easy to use, the white Sony Alarm Clock Radio is the perfect addition to any minimalist nightstand. It has everything you would want in a radio alarm clock and more in one convenient package! The bright orange LED display makes reading the time easy – squinting is going to be a thing of the past. With the gradual alarm volume, you’ll always be woken up gently and slowly. What’s more, the large snooze button means that you can grab just a little bit more sleep if you want to; just don’t overdo it!

Sony Alarm Clock Radio, White


  • Programmable AM/FM radio
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Battery backup
  • Large LED display
  • Large snooze button

Sony ICF-C1IPMK2 Dual Alarm Clock Radio

This amazing and accurate alarm clock radio will be your best friend in the morning! It features a large display with jumbo LED numbers that can be read even if it’s far from you.

You will love the innovative projector display that allows you to project the time and date anywhere you need; whether it’s on the wall or ceiling. The built-in nature alarm sounds not only wake you up slowly, but they’ll also put you in a great mood for the rest of the day. This alarm clock will be a huge hit with iPhone users because it comes with a built-in dock that allows you to charge and control your iPhone!

Sony ICFC1iPMK2 Speaker Dock and Clock Radio with iPod Dock (White)


  • Adjustable projection display
  • 5 different nature sounds (Birds, Rain, Ocean waves, Under the Sea, Brook)
  • Side-mounted USB port
  • Large LED display
  • Separate alarm times with snooze function
  • Programmable sleep time for radio
  • Backup battery in case of power failure
  • Built-in iPhone dock with remote

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A General Troubleshooting Guide for the Sony Dream Machine

When using a Sony Dream Machine, you could encounter occasional problems such as the alarm malfunctioning or the sound decreasing. Fortunately, it can be fixed quickly by following this step-by-step troubleshooting guide.

  • If the clock is not showing the correct time, the batteries in the clock can be malfunctioning. To remedy this, you need to replace the batteries. You can also check whether the device is showing the “battery malfunction” icon, which is a battery with a slash running through it.
  • Different models of the Sony Dream Machine run on different types of batteries, so make sure to check the battery type before replacing it. Once you have the right type of battery, eject the battery tray by inserting a pointed object into the battery compartment hole. Take out the old batteries and replace with new ones. Place the tray back into the clock and turn on the unit.
  • If the alarm is malfunctioning, you need to reset the alarm. To do this, press the “Weekend” button, which is located on the right part of the back control panel. You will need to choose which days the alarm will sound; if you press the “Weekend” button once, it will alarm during the weekends. However, if you press it again, the clock will switch to “Weekday” mode.
  • You will have done this successfully if the display does not show the word “weekend”. Press either “Alarm Set A” or “Alarm Set B” then turn the “Alarm Time Set” knob to the desired alarm time. Once you’ve arrived at the correct time, press the same button to lock it in. Finally, press either “A” or “B” to set your desired alarm noise. You can also use the knob to choose either “Radio”, “Buzzer”, or “Melody”.
  • If the volume is malfunctioning on the clock radio, locate the “Volume” knob. It is often on the back right side of the device, but it can vary depending on the model. Some models have volume increase and decrease buttons instead of a knob. Adjust the volume according to your preference.

Common Issues with the Sony Dream Machine

If you own a Sony Dream Machine, here are some of the common issues that you might encounter, as well as the possible cause and how to fix them:

Device does not turn on

The Sony Dream Machine does not power up when the power button is held down, or the clock is not responding.

  • Faulty power cord

Check whether the power cord is in good working condition. Over time, the AC power cord can become frayed or distorted because of cord movement. If you see any damage or fraying on the cord, you should replace it immediately because this can also be a fire hazard!

If you see that the rubber coating has been damaged but the cord is fine, you can use electrical tape to cover the exposed areas. Make sure to completely cover every exposed area. You may need to use more than one cover of electric tape to ensure that the device is safe to use.

  • Faulty power socket

Another reason for the device not powering up is a faulty power socket. Plug the device into a working outlet to test whether the problem is the socket. If the device is still not working, try plugging another electrical device into the socket to confirm that the project is in your Sony Dream Machine.

Projection Display Won’t Turn On

If your Machine has a projection display, a common problem is a device not displaying the current time in projection mode.

  • Power Surge

Occasionally, a power surge will cause your Sony Dream Machine to malfunction. You need to reset the device to make it work properly again. To reset your Sony Dream Machine, remove the AC power cord from the outlet. Press down the Time Zone button and hold for 10 seconds to shut off the device completely. Allow the unit to rest for 30 seconds and plug it back into the wall.

  • Projection Piece is Damaged or Faulty

If you have done the aforementioned step and the unit is still not projecting the time display properly, the projection piece of the unit may be broken. Check your unit’s Projector Replacement Guide on how to properly remove the part.

If the part is dirty, you can clean it with a moist clean cloth. Make sure to dry the projection piece thoroughly before replacing it with your device. However, if your unit still does not project time properly after the projection piece has been cleaned, the part may need to be replaced.

Screen Does Not Light Up

                No characters or light appears on your device screen after the unit has been turned on.

  • Adjust the Screen Brightness

In most cases, you simply need to adjust the brightness levels of the screen if you are having difficulty seeing the displayed content. Change the display brightness on your unit by pressing the adjustment buttons on the back panel.

                If this still doesn’t work, the screen might need to be replaced.

Clock Is Stuck or Does Not Display Numbers Completely

The time on your clock does not change throughout the day, or the numbers may appear distorted.

  • Needs to be Reset

There are several reasons why the clock might not be displaying the numbers correctly, such as a power surge or the device simply malfunctioning. Whatever the reason, you need to reboot the unit to display the numbers correctly.

To reboot the unit, you need to perform the same steps as you would in resetting the projection display. Remove the AC power cord, and hold down the Time Zone button for 10 seconds. Wait for an additional 30 seconds, and plug the device back in.


For any busy person, the Sony Dream Machine is a must-have companion. Whether you choose a basic model with alarm, clock, and AM/FM features, or you choose a more advanced model with iPhone docking features, you’re sure to have a better night’s sleep knowing that you’ll be woken up on time. With the Sony Dream Machine at your bedside, you’ll never miss another important meeting again.

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