Freelance writing is a job that not anyone can do. If you decide to take this path, you should be prepared for the things that this task requires such as, your time and creative ideas.

Most of the freelance writers these days write articles for websites and blogs, so if you want to start, it probably should be your choice. Freelance writing is demanding yet, fulfilling.

Remember that whatever career you choose to take, it has its own specific advantages and disadvantages.

It can be difficult to find a job, especially in the freelance industries. If you are a freelance writer and want to get paid for articles, blog posts, website content, etc., you should look for the related job posts, classified ads, and on social media sites like Facebook.

Anything is possible in the online world. If you are struggling to look for a job, then you can find websites that are looking for freelance writers and get paid based on the quality of your submitted output.

For example, a group of college students is having difficulty in doing their thesis paper to finish their course, they can look for a website that offers high-quality dissertation writing services and all they need to do is give the important details to the dissertation writers working for the website.

Challenges are expected if you tend to work full time. Here are the three major struggles that you need to expect and be prepared for. The more you know about these possible difficulties, the less hard it will be throughout your job.

Common Hardships of Freelance Writing in IT You Must Know

1. Time matters in freelance writing

Organizing your time effectively is essential. As a freelancer, you are paid depending on the time you spend writing. The real challenge is how you will do your other non-writing tasks and writing jobs simultaneously.

The secret of being a successful writer is to organize your time. If you are getting a lot of job proposals, do not accept all of them. Choose the proposal which you think will increase your income and at the same time be interesting to you. Many writers say that they manage to write much more when they are interested in the topic they are covering.

2. Seeking for clients

This is the most challenging part of starting as a freelancer. To have regular clients, you need to spend time in constructing relationships and building trust with your clients.

There are many freelance writers who are getting decent monthly compensation just because they are good at building connections. However, you should also know that this will take you some time so you need patience and perseverance in the freelance business.

Looking for clients is difficult because of the huge competition. Employers tend to find writers who have a cheap rate but can provide quality outputs.

Aside from applying to different freelancing sites, one thing you can do to gain clients is to build your own blog or website, put the quality articles you’ve created, write regularly, promote your page including the writing services offered, do some guest blogging and market yourself to other blogs.

3. Interruptions

If you can easily get out of focus and disturbed by anything from your surrounding then, this can be a problem. Different diversions like Facebook, Instagram, movies, computer games, and various platforms and gadgets made by our modern technology can simply get you preoccupied.

One thing can keep you focused, though. In short, interruptions while working will make you poor. That is it; you should remember that every minute of going through Twitter or watching another cat video can be spent making money.

To beat these interruptions, you can also look for some tools such as, headsets and a music playlist that will make you more active in writing and in coming up with ideas.

The first thing that you should do when starting to write is, you should have a clear mindset. When you have the proper mindset and tools, you will get more focused by separating yourself to outside and inside world.

The outside world refers to the things that occur in your place. On the other hand, the inside world are the things you can see in your social media accounts and other entertainment sites.

Always make sure of closing all your browser and applications on your PC before starting to write. Make some research, list the important points, open only the MS Word or any writing tools that will help you to finish your article.

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