How do corporate employee photography/photo sessions affect the development of the company? A corporate photo session is a useful marketing solution, which may not obviously, but positively affect the development of the company. The main capital of any modern business is its reputation and image. It is necessary to show oneself as a “face” to build trusting relationships with clients, partners, and investors.

A photo session of the whole staff is a multi-step task, and the more people involved in it, the more important it is to think through everything to the smallest detail.

Key tricks of corporative photo session

Corporate Employee Photography: Organizational moments

1.  An announcement in advance! You have to warn your colleagues at least a week in advance: someone needs to visit a hairdresser, or someone needs time to move the working deadlines.

2.  A little psychology. Both the organizer of the photo session (head of the HR department, director of the company) and the photographer must turn on the ability to understand people and communicate with them. Even the friendliest photo session is stressful and emotional. Some of the participants may have complexes because of their appearance, others do not like the camera or public events. Provide opportunities for small pauses, don’t pressure those who need a break. Explain that minor flaws will be corrected in post-processing. For example, you can adjust the tone and shape of your eyebrows at

3.  Shooting at your office or factory? Book a cleaning service! When we come to work every day, we don’t notice the little messes: stains on monitors, the chaos of office supplies, and dust. Every little thing will be noticeable in the pictures, and extra items, even if they are clean, will create visual noise.

4.  Shooting in a studio? Organize a ride home for your employees. To avoid participants sweating in traffic, wrinkling their clothes in public transport, or ruining their hair in the wind, pay for a cab for each person or hire a shared car. Getting your colleagues home afterward is a plus to the manager’s karma.

5.  Relax afterward! Order pizza and drinks and spend some time together as a team that has accomplished another important task on the road to success.

Corporate Employee Photography: Tips for The Photo Set

    • Emphasize corporate identity. Clothing and décor in corporate colors and shots against the logo are a great way to have a cohesive corporate photo shoot.
    • Stick to stylistic consistency. Even if there is no dress code at work, similar images look better in a series of photos. You don’t have to go for a business style: casual or urban chic, retro or romantic are also great for a business photo shoot. If you are photographing in uniform or formal attire, add a twist: for example, use the same accessories or pose.
    • Make a statement about your line of work. Faceless office photos don’t catch the eye. Frames should contain objects that would indicate your company’s profile: mirrors and cosmetics for beauty salons, models and layouts for developers, diagrams and computers for financiers, etc.
    • You need both portraits and group shots. As a result of a corporate photo session, you should get solo photos of your employees and photos with the whole staff, groups of departments and work directions.
    • Staging and naturalness go hand in hand. Static photos that find good angles and poses are better complemented by live shots of the work process and communication. A photographer can be hired for two days: one for staging, and the other for reportage shooting. If you want to make it to one run, provide the opportunity to take pictures in the conference room, or at the workplace.


How can you use photos from the corporate session?

  • Post it in the “About Us” section.
  • Post on social networks.
  • Add them to an e-newsletter.
  • Post on work account avatars.
  • Post in the news section or blog.
  • Use in presentations for sponsors and business partners.
  • Print in corporate booklets.

Besides, a corporate photo session is an important component of team building. Properly organized, it will become a source of pleasant impressions and vivid memories. These are the ways; Corporate Employee Photography can be used for specific purposes.