How can you build your online store with PrestaShop? PrestaShop helps businesses of all sizes develop and operate an online store. It is a free shopping cart platform that charges no commissions on sales or monthly fees. By partnering with PayPal, Google, eBay, and other industry leaders, PrestaShop has made it possible to share its robust e-commerce software with users. In this article you will learn to create and build your online store with PrestaShop.

How to set up PrestaShop

Here’s everything you need to get started with installing the platform. You must observe system requirements:

  • At least PHP 7.1 or at least MySQL 5.6
  • The best option is Unix/Linux hosting

Other requirements:

  • nginx Web Server
  • Apache Web Server 2.2 or higher
  • Access codes to your FTP server and MySQL database
  • At least 256 MB of RAM
  • Any text editor
  • Any modern Web browser (at least IE9 if using Internet Explorer)
  • Any FTP client

If you’re not installing locally, your web host is responsible for meeting these requirements.

You must decide in advance from which URL the shop should be accessible.

Installing PrestaShop

PrestaShop is simple to install. Once all the files are on your web server, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes to start configuring a store. The installer takes care of everything. Users without any experience might need a bit longer.

You need to install PrestaShop on a web server for it to run. PrestaShop requires a domain name that your customers will use to visit your shop.

How to Get a Domain Name

Before downloading or installing anything, you should provide a domain and server for your PrestaShop store. The domain identifies your site online. It’s your establishment’s face to the public.

The future store owner has to purchase a domain name in most cases. Your web host might provide one; many offer those to new accounts. Sometimes you don’t need to pay anything for a certain period of time, like a year, or for the whole term of your contract with the web host. This way, you get the domain name and the hosting in one.

Possible Issues With Domain Names

Not all domains are alike. You might want to change your hosting provider if you’re unsatisfied with the domain you’ve received. In this case, you’ll need to move your data, files, and domain name to the new provider.

Data and files are not hard to move. However, retrieving your domain name might be complicated depending on the host. Your old host is the owner of this domain because they bought it for you. They can ask you to pay for it or stop you from transferring it to another host. You can’t keep them from forbidding you to do this because the domain name is your online address and your brand.

To avoid these issues, it might be a good idea to purchase a domain from an independent provider. You can’t actually buy a domain name; just rent one, usually for a fee. You can use it as long as you’re paying that fee. When you stop, someone else can take it.

Finding a web Hosting Provider

You’ll need to pay for web hosting apart from the domain name registration. This is less problematic than paying for the domain because you can always switch your provider at no extra charge. All you’ll need to do in this case is alter the domain’s DNS addresses. The change will be reflected online almost immediately.

A web Server

The domain name should lead to PrestaShop. In all likelihood, your store will be hosted by a server for a monthly or annual fee. Almost every web hosting service can provide support for PrestaShop. However, only several providers’ servers have been optimized for PrestaShop with updated versions and one-click install. Check their list of hosting partners.

The host of your choice has to offer support for at least MySQL 5.6, where the platform stores all its data. They must also support at least PHP 7.1, PrestaShop’s programming language.


You’ll need an FTP client and a text editor to edit text files. The client moves files from your computer to your server and vice versa.

Some highly recommended text editors are Sublime Text and Atom for Windows and OS X and Vim and Emacs for Linux.

Final words

Thanks for reading! Now that you know how to build your online store with PrestaShop, why not give it a try? PrestaShop is free to use, so you have nothing to lose. Plus, our partnership with industry leaders like PayPal, Google, and eBay makes it easy to get started. So what are you waiting for? Give PrestaShop a try today!