Showing respect and appreciation for your employees is essential as they put many hours and endless energy into helping your company thrive. 

When your employees are recognized for who they are and the work they do, not only will their motivation increase, but they will also want things to go well for the company. If they never receive it, however, neither the work tasks nor the workplace will be enjoyable. They will become unmotivated, which in turn will lead them to not do a particularly good job.

When it comes to showing genuine appreciation for your employees, the best way is to give them unique gifts as a great way to show them how much they’re valued for their contribution and hard work.

In this article, we suggest several ideas for employee appreciation gifts for any occasion that will surely create a memorable moment.

Gift Boxes

Everyone gets super excited when the holiday season is coming. If you want to come up with a creative, trendy, and innovative idea for an appreciation gift for your employees, then it’s time to hop on the bandwagon and give your employees the perfect holiday gift box.

Holiday gift boxes have become very popular since the chosen items are packaged in a secured and protected manner and you have the option to customize it as you wish. You can fill the box with delicious chocolates, baked goods, along with coffee or hot cocoa cups, or you can put in spa essentials, like nice lotions, face masks, and shower gels.

Coming up with employee appreciation gifts will be a breeze since a gift box gives you room to play around with different ideas.

Green Plants for Their Desks

Certain studies have shown that having green plants in the office not only makes the space more beautiful and relaxed but also increases productivity, reduces stress, boosts the employees’ mood, and purifies the air.

It’s always fun to give away a nice plant as a gift, whether it’s as a Christmas present, for a birthday, or when you simply just want to show appreciation for someone.

Bonsai trees are perfect to give as an employee appreciation gift for those who want an easy-care but cool plant. With a low height and yet thick trunk, it looks like a small tree, but has a calming effect in the workplace and can help make the atmosphere more harmonious.

Offer Them a Massage Coupon

Any employee would, in a heartbeat, say yes to a gift coupon to visit a local massage parlor. A long and soothing massage with aroma oils that soften muscles after a hard and busy day at the office is what every employee wants and needs. It’s the ultimate experience for those who feel stressed and need to relax and unwind.

It will allow them to release the stress and pressure for a while and shut off. It’s very easy for people who work hard to forget about self-care and well-being when they’re in the middle of everyday life. Offer them a coupon for a massage from a professional masseuse in a calm environment and you’ll show your employees that you care about their health and well-being, by allowing them to rest their minds and body.

This will be an excellent break for them to pick up their energy and come back to work with renewed strength, ready to meet the world again.

Given Them a Fun Night on the Town

A great employee appreciation gift is simply gathering coworkers together and giving them a night on the town, completely organized and covered by you. Having fun and getting to know each other outside the workspace while having free drinks is perhaps what your employees really need.

If going out is not an option for the majority of your staff, you can rent a karaoke machine and host a mini karaoke party in the office after work hours. Set up a cue of true karaoke staples and add prizes as a fun element that can motivate your employees to loosen up and participate.

Before you know it, people will walk around with their drinks, making small talk, and slowly but surely move towards the karaoke machine and microphone.

Don’t serve too much alcohol, make sure there’s plenty of water and other non-alcoholic alternatives, delicious food, and keep a happy and pleasant atmosphere that everyone can enjoy and make good memories from.

Bottom Line

Employee appreciation gifts are a fine tradition to show gratitude to employees for the work they’ve done. Gift boxes that add a touch of creativity, and green plants to spruce up the workspace are some of the ideas that will be greatly cherished and appreciated by your employees.

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