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Market research applications made for the improvements of a social media site. Therefore Facebook launches its own App for research, which will benefit them and the people who will do this research as we all know the history behind Facebook’s awful job of collecting data of the user and keeping it safe.

And even I will admit that it is an awkward feeling to give such in-depth detail to Facebook. That is why they made Facebook Viewpoints. This is a survey application that offers reward points for the participation of the activity of the said App. Completing the required points can be a token for Facebook to give you a whole five bucks.

Are you hearing some hummingbirds sing like it’s encouraging you to discover more about Facebook Viewpoints? Let me tell you a piece of good news. We are here to give you full coverage of review about Facebook Viewpoint that you might want to learn and explore for your advantage.

Let’s get it on now! Details and information provided with a fair matrix of weighing both good and bad sides that we can give you to decide on using this new trending application.

About Facebook Viewpoints

Facebook Viewpoint is a new market task, research, and product testing program launched by Facebook. This enables users to earn money through their App. People in the US who are over 18 years old can now download Facebook Viewpoints and participate in a survey for Facebook to learn the limit of negative impacts of social media and enhance its benefits.

The well-being survey takes about 15 minutes to score users a total of 1000 points. This can translate to a 45 reward, which you can get through PayPal. Those who are interested in signing up should know that Facebook will only use the data collected internally, and it will not sell. This application is available on Androids and iOS. There is a plan of Facebook to open the App in more countries by 2020.

Some questions go around Facebook’s market research app is whether the users will be at ease of giving more data to Facebook. Some might and are creeping out about this. But with their technique, which will provide people with monetary incentives, some will probably ride on their morals. With Viewpoints, Facebook has now a responsibility to work on preventing the abuse against using this App. Primarily, Facebook must have a way of making sure that the young generations would slip into the App.

The coercion in terms of cash rewards might make them more vulnerable and less aware of the consequences of their data shared.

Facebook Viewpoints app Review

How to use Facebook Viewpoints?

You need to provide necessary information such as name, date of birth, gender, email address, and country of residence to use Facebook Viewpoints. This information can pull from your Facebook account, which will be the only means to log in at this time.

Then, you will be invited to the “Programs,” which are surveys that give award points. As you reach 1000 points, Facebook will send you $5 through Paypal. Facebook guarantee of taking care of your data and will not be sold to any third-parties. Facebook Viewpoints is used for the improvements of Facebook products like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook itself.

“We will not sell your information from this App to third parties. Also, we’ll not publicly share your Facebook Viewpoints activity on Facebook or on other accounts you’ve linked without your permission. You can end your participation with us any time,” Facebook said in the blog post.

Provided Programs of Facebook Viewpoints

Facebook offers an opportunity to earn not just points but to turn these points to cash for your participation with the programs. These programs will help Facebook to improve their company products and to conduct research that will innovate for social good. Your participation must be voluntary, and you have a free will to opt-out any time as you change your mind. This App will ask you questions, try products, participate in research, or complete tasks. These are the sample of what you will be required to do as you agree with Facebook Viewpoints Terms and Conditions:

  1. Completing the tasks and trying the products- some of the programs will ask you to evaluate your interaction with various technologies and try new products for their purpose of improving their products and services.
  2. Disclosed new programs for purposes- From time to time, Facebook will add new Programs. They will provide additional information regarding how your data will be used, shared, and collected before you begin a new Program.
  3. Providing feedback and answering surveys- Some Programs requires you to fill out the surveys or give feedback on a specific topic like the integration of other services that you often use, or your experience with using the company products of Facebook, and your devices.

Improving Facebook’s performance in terms of machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence- Other Programs will ask you to provide content. And information so they can improve their machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence like labeling images and image recognition or recording pronunciation or names for their voice recognition.

Your Data

For you to participate in Facebook Viewpoints Programs and to receive points, Facebook must process your personal information to assure that you understand how Facebook will collect, store, and process your personal information. Facebook created the Viewpoints Data Policy for the users to review carefully.

Points and Awards

Facebook Viewpoints allow earning points for your participation in the Programs. These points are the user’s advantage is you can turn this to cash for every equivalent required point you will comply with. However, there are clarifications with this for you to understand this better:

  1. Facebook provides incentives as you participate in their Programs. The terms of receiving points are accomplishing certain requirements that are set to the applicable Programs like filling out a specific number of surveys. Failing to complete the required Program will also be a failure to get the point.
  2. The point has no monetary value, and you cannot trade, share, and exchange this with others. Points have expirations, which is after five years from the date you last earned any points.
  3. If you reach 1000 points, these will all be canceled, and Viewpoints will send you a payment as a reward. Before you undertake a program, there will be a notification of how much you can earn points with that Program. Also, the required points you need to receive a reward payment and the amount of the payment.
  4. There could be changes with the list of rewards from time to time without prior notice. Some of the awards have no cash value. You can redeem the points for the available rewards through Viewpoints App. Facebook has the right to withhold the incentives any time for a good cause. This includes the failure to meet the requirements for you to prove your eligibility to claim the reward or violating the Terms and Conditions.

Note: The rewards from getting points as you accomplish. Programs may not exceed the amount of US$600 in a year.


Some of the specific Programs might not be open for everyone. The participants are selected to obtain an accurate, complete, and representative sample of the users of Facebook company products. And this is also because Facebook wants to meet product development and market research goals.

  1. Only one account is permitted to have by the user for the Viewpoints App and Platform.
  2. There should be a confirmation that the points you earned for your participation were results of your completion in the Programs on Viewpoints App in the country of residence you provide during the onboard to the Platform. You will need to update your profile information accordingly if your current residence of the country is no longer the same to the country to first provided it in the onboarding process.
  3. Facebook may set a higher standard age if required in the country of your residence to use their Platform. You must be at least 18 years of age or older.
  4. Facebook will require the user to log in to their Facebook account from time to time to ensure the Facebook account information associated with the Viewpoints account is accurate and updated. And to supply the information Facebook has about the user. Facebook information is being connected only to the Platform when you permitted Facebook to do it.
  5. Facebook refuses access to a Program to anyone anytime.
  6. There may be limited participation in the programs to the specific amount of participants. Facebook strives to preserve the user’s rights to deny participation if the quotas for any Programs met. If the user-provided an inaccurate information or Facebook see a violation of these Terms, this is an equivalent reason to refuse your participation.
  7. You are required to have a registered account to PayPal or other authorized payment service provider specified to receive a payment as a reward for the accomplishments of a specified points threshold.
  8. The participation of any Programs is voluntary. You have the authority to decide to participate or to stop at any time.


User’s Commitment

These are the commitments in exchange for having a role in a Program. Make sure to comply with the following:

When Signing up

Viewpoints application has the purpose of giving the users an accurate understanding of the interaction with technology, devices, and their products. Because of this, you must probably agree to:

  1. Provide information about yourself only and to testify that it is accurate, updated, and complete.
  2. You must create one account only, which is your real owned account.
  3. Do not share your privacy protection or password, transfer your account to others, or to give access to your account with other people without Facebook’s permission.
  4. Represent your employer’s permission to install the Viewpoints app at work or on any work device or participating in a Program during or whenever you are at work or on a work device.

During the use of the Viewpoints App

Facebook Viewpoints does not allow any third party to access or use, or attempt to use the Platform in which this may lead to harm the Platform interfere the operation of a Program or to use Viewpoints App that will violate any laws. The user is only allowed to use Facebook Viewpoints App for the purpose under the Terms and Conditions. With no limiting the general commitment, the user should agree not to engage the conduct or not to support others in doing so with what is listed below:

  1. Give others permission to access or use your device. This is not with the agreement to the Terms and of the Program.
  2. Provide false, inaccurate, deceitful, discriminatory, or misleading information or content, including the inputs with relation to the Program that breaches the Terms and other applicable terms like Facebook Community Standards.
  3. Upload malware, viruses, or any malicious code that may lead to disable or impair the function or appearance of any Program, Facebook Company products, and/or Facebook Viewpoints App.
  4. Engage with the restrictions or inhibits any person from using the Viewpoints app or Platform. Or with Facebook’s management judgment, expose them or the other users, third-party, or affiliates to any damages of any type.
  5. Collect or access data from the products without prior permission or attempt to access the data which you do not have any authority to access.


Involvement of third-parties

Some of the Programs will request information from other individuals like members of the household if the device you use for Viewpoints is shared with the members in the house. Participating in a program that collects information from individuals other than the user of the Platform must agree to the following:

  1. You have to ensure that there are no children under the age of 18 that will participate in a Program.
  2. There must be a separate agreement for anyone who participates in a Program and must provide or create his/her own Viewpoints account.

Your permissions to the Platform

Individual permissions are needed from the user to provide the Programs. Here are the certain permissions which will serve as your rights:

  1. Permission to use the content you created and share. Some of the programs allow you to upload or share content such as videos or photos, but intellectual property laws protect some.
  2. Copyright or trademarks in any content you created in Viewpoints app and other Facebook company products that you use. With this Terms, nothing has been taken away about the rights that you have to your contents. You have the freedom to share your content with anyone else wherever you want to. But you need to give Facebook the proper and legal permissions to provide the Program. This is also known as a license to use the content. This is for the Terms, especially when you upload or share content which is covered by your intellectual property rights to the Viewpoints app. By this, you will grant Facebook Viewpoints to a transferable, sub-licensable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, and worldwide license to use, run, host, distribute, modify, copy, publicly perform or display, and create derivative works of the user’s content. This means that when you a photo or video, you give the Platform the permission to copy, store, and share it with others like the service providers that support the Program or other products of the Facebook company you use. You will allow continuing to use the content you submit or share with Facebook, even if you have deleted the content or your Viewpoints account.
  3. You will give the Platform permission to update the software you download or use. (If you download or use Viewpoints App, you also give Facebook permission to download and install updates to Viewpoints App where it is available.
  4. Permission for you to receive notices and other communications. With this, you agree that Facebook will provide you notices through regular mail, email, or postings on Programs. Viewpoints Partners will be able to send you communications related to your participation in the Programs that include incentive opportunities, surveys, and questionnaires.

Limitations to the use of intellectual property

Regarding the Terms, Facebook will give you a limited, personal, worldwide, revocable, non-assignable, non-sublicensable, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to use and access the Viewpoints App for your own purpose of enabling you to participate with the Programs. Unless given the permission in these Terms or by law. You should not copy, display, distribute or perform publicly, decompile, sublicense, disassemble, execute publicly, reduce to human-readable form, adapt, make commercial use, process, compile, translate, lend, sell, reverse engineer, rent, modify or create derivative works of any of the Programs, which are all subject to Intellectual Property Rights and/or other propriety rights by yourself or by a third party on your behalf, in any means or in any way including mechanical, optical or electronic means.

Using content that is covered by intellectual property rights that Facebook Company has and made available in Viewpoints App, they have all rights with that content (but not yours).

Voluntary Participation and Exiting from the Program

The participation you will execute in any Program is all voluntary. You have the authority to exit participating in any given Program any time by not completing the Program. Users are eligible to participate in the Program in a certain period.


If Facebook proved that you breached their policies or terms, including the Community Standards and the Terms, your account could suspend. The user may suspend or disable the account if the infringement of other people’s intellectual property rights has been done repeatedly or any required violation to execute termination for legal reasons. Deleting or disabling the user’s account for breach of the terms or policies shall turn for termination as an agreement between the Platform and the account owner.


When I tried using Viewpoints to earn points, but I discover that some studies are open to specific locations or demographics only. The option you have as of now is to log in using your Facebook account, but it also options for phone, email, and Google login, which are grayed out as this is coming soon, according to Facebook. The incentives were given as you earn more than 1000 points equivalent to cash take up at least ten days to process, and the remaining points you have has the expiration within five years. It has been true that Facebook will not post or share publicly any information you provided through Facebook Viewpoints. After Facebook has shut down its paid market surveillance program research, they launch Facebook Viewpoints.

Final words on Facebook Viewpoints app Review

New market research app uses to improve the Facebook “family” of offerings like WhatsApp, Oculus, Portal, Instagram, and core online social network, according to the product manager Erez Naveh. Viewpoints can blunt criticism, which Facebook keeps profit made by taking advantage of data sharing in the social network.

In an online post, Erez Naveh said, “We believe that the best way to make products better is through insights directly from people who use them.” Points can be collected to earn incentives that could turn into cash sent to the participants through Paypal. Participants who agreed with the Terms and set up accounts in the Facebook Viewpoints app will get invites to take part in several Programs. First of those Programs is the well-being survey, which has the intention to collect insights to use as a tool to curb the adverse effects of social media and to enhance its benefits.

Personal details like name, gender, age, and country of residence gathered while undergoing set up of Viewpoints account, and this is open to 18 years of age and older. Naveh clarified that the information collected will not be sold to any third-parties. The Facebook Viewpoint’s activities will not be shared publicly without your permission. This Facebook market research app is available only to US Facebook members, but the California-based Internet giants are planning to expand it to more countries by next year.

Facebook is also known as a big company compensating users for taking the surveys. Facebook Viewpoints application is genuinely a reliable app that will help you to earn points that can turn into cash. This App deserves to endorse because Facebook has dropped down its promise that it will keep and ensure that data of the users in a very secure way. And that they will not have any intentions of selling these data to any third-parties that could probably be interested in it. Hopefully, you have found helpful this Facebook Viewpoints app Review.

Are you now convinced with the safety of your data with the Facebook Viewpoints app? Let us know what bothers you with this research market app. Maybe the other readers or we can help you clarify those things on your mind. Using the comment box below, connect with us.

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