There is always much to do in New York. How about visiting the Art Museum or admire the neon lights of the Times Square? The new city restaurants are also worth checking. What else do you want to see in New York? Welcome to the local theaters, bars, night clubs.

This is a dream trip for all travelers. There are many apps to help you. You may start right now by booking a vehicle from rental cars in New York JFK airport. Online booking gives you many pleasant bonuses and cheap prices. But a good and comfortable car cannot help you to buy tickets for tonight or book a restaurant.

Apps for Exploring New York City

Mobile apps you must download right now for exploring New York City!

1. ParkMe App

Finding parking in a big city can be really problematic. If you don’t want to have problems with parking in New York, you should have ParkMe on your phone. This app gives you real-time information about parking your car in the nearby garages, park lots, or even road sides. You can book a parking lot for today’s evening or even for the whole next week. You can find many photographs of the garage and many more useful details.

2. HopStop

You can find many interesting apps to guide you through the city by public transport. It will be useful for you to learn everything about the bus schedules or taxi stops. So, you shouldn’t hopelessly wait for the bus at night. Instead, you can check this information through the HopStop app. Besides, you can build up your route in your own way and never feel stressed when you miss a bus.

3. New York Pass – Travel Guide

If you don’t have enough time for planning your trip in New York, you can use this Travel Guide app. How? This is your chance to plan the trip from the beginning to the end. The program gives you more than 70 touristic spots to choose from. What is more, you can easily buy tickets or book a table in the places you’ve picked. Also, you don’t need Internet connection to work on your trip if you suddenly lose a Wi-Fi zone.

Exploring down town nyc

4. Downtown New York

You need this app if you are planning to travel through the Downtown. Manhattan is a popular touristic place, full of interesting exhibitions, museums, and other events. Downtown app helps you to book tickets to all shows and performances. Also, you will learn about free events so that you can save your money. Are you hungry? It is not a problem to find a good place to eat in Downtown with the help of your app. You will never lose your way here.

5. Central Park

This application will be useful for all who are going to visit the most iconic platform in New York – Central Park. You have a long list of places to see in the park area. They are more than 200! You’ve got a GPS map and it is absolutely enough for park navigation. Everyone in the city try to keep the park area beautiful and interesting for all visitors. Almost all the park events are free to access. Having a Central Park app you will never miss a thing!

opentable nyc app

6. OpenTable

This application is right up your alley when you feel hungry. You have a chance to reserve a table in the nearby restaurant or any other restaurant you like the most. You don’t need to pay money for reservation. The choice is big! You can pick the restaurant by location, but the most preferable cuisine, rates. Also, you can learn prices, look through the restaurant pictures, dishes, and interior. Read about restaurant sales, happy hours, special offers. New York is a huge city with many restaurants at every taste. It would be faster to find a place to eat through the Open Table.

HotelTonight nyc app

7. HotelTonight

It can happen that you forgot to book a hotel beforehand. Where are you going to stay for tonight? Don’t be nervous! You will never live spontaneously with HotelTonight! This app helps you to finds a last-minute deal on rooms or bed in the local hostel. If you want, you can book apartments or even a house. Your deal is ready in 10 seconds!

8. TodayTix App

This is a kind of mobile app that is very helpful for theater lovers. You can find tickets to the best Broadway shows as fast as possible. What about the prices? The prices are not much different from what you can get from the pay-box. Also, you have a chance to get a sale by buying lotteries or discount coupons. You can buy a ticket even an hour before the show! It’s incredible!

Of course, New York is a big and interesting city. These apps are able to make your stay even better! You will always find where to eat, what to do, and how to buy tickets to your favorite performance. It takes you no more than a click!