There are plenty of gadgets out there covering everything that you may ever need. But are they all really essential? Probably not. In the sea of high tech hunting gadgets, it has become tough to find the ones that are worth the money.

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Best High-Tech Hunting Gadgets

Night vision riflescope

Today’s hunting is very different than the way our ancestors used to hunt. This is the result of high tech hunting gadgets that we are very eager to use. Once we were able to invent a way of hunting at night, it revolutionized the entire activity.

Although most of the night vision riflescopes require some amount of light to function, new versions of the riflescopes now work on infrared light. They come with an infrared flashlight built into them; these lights are not visible to the human eye.

The most important feature to look for in a night vision riflescope is an excellent resolution and small weight so that you can carry it with no problems.


Pocket chainsaw

A pocket knife is definitely an essential tool that all hunters carry around wherever they go. But sometimes, the razor in your pocket is not sharp or big enough to cut wood and branches that you want to trim down. Well, that is what the pocket chainsaw is for.

A pocket chainsaw is made using the chain that looks similar to the one that is used by the chainsaws, and they have a handle on each end, so you can manually power this wood-cutting beast.

Yes, they do require more energy to cut than a chainsaw, but significantly less effort than a small knife. But one plus is that they can cut any branch you want in a surprisingly short amount of time.

The main feature that makes this tool absolutely necessary is a compact and lightweight design. You will not even notice them in your pocket!


Trail camera

Trail cameras are really starting to spread among hunters. And rightly so! They have improved hunting by letting you observe the animals’ behaviors and learn from them. But choosing the best trail camera is not an easy task.

Here are some tips on how not to waste your time and money:

The most common mistake when buying a trail camera is the misconception that more pixels mean better quality pictures. This is simply not true. The reason is that most of the time, these megapixels in trail cameras are not natural but added by the software. If you think of a pixel as a dot in your photo.

The more dots in the picture, the better the image the camera produces. Well, in theory, this is true. Most of the trail cameras have 4-5 megapixels. That means that the image that the camera provides will have 4-5 million dots of information per inch of the photo. Sometimes, you will notice that a camera has eight or even 16 megapixels.

You may think that a camera of such excellent resolution makes the best ever trail photos, but that is not really how it works. Most of the time, the megapixel number on the camera is just a marketing trick. These additional pixels are actually added in by the software, which calculates the surrounding pixels and guesses the pixel that it should add to the photo.

The best way to find a good trail camera is not to look at its description, because it may be filled with such marketing strategies, it is to actually google the photos that it produces and see if you like the quality of the image.

Not all infrared cameras are the same. There are three main types of infrared trail cameras: no glow, low glow, and red glow trail cameras. But deciding on which one you should take depends solely on the reason why you will use it.

The no glow cameras are invisible to the human eye, and they work great as both wildlife and security cameras. The low glow cameras produce a faint light that is barely seen by the human eyes, and they are mostly used for surveillance.

Because of the small visible light they emit, they produce slightly better images than a no glow camera. Red glow cameras produce a faint red light when taking a photo or a video.

They produce brighter and clearer pictures and are mostly used for wildlife because they can be used to identify species in the night. A significant benefit is that it is, on average, cheaper than a no glow camera.

Maybe skip the alkaline batteries. Although they are very inexpensive and do work in trail cameras, they are far from perfect. The one feature that is the most bothersome is that the alkaline batteries’ overall capacity is decreased by each following photo you take.

When used in trail cameras, alkaline batteries produce less flash illumination with each new photo you take, so each photo is quite darker than the last. Another thing is that their chemical properties are dramatically influenced by the cold months, so you will be practically unable to use the trail camera during autumn and winter. If you want your camera to have the best and consistent image quality, lithium batteries are a much better solution.


Solar Wrap

With so many hunting gadgets and devices working off USB, owning a solar wrap can guarantee you that all of them will work without a problem, with the help of our favorite star, the Sun. They are even great for charging cell phones, flashlights, and even GoPro cameras. So there really is no reason not to have it among all hunting gadgets. It is practically essential at this point.


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