While running telecom expense management software internally can save a lot of money for a small business, it can cost a company more in personnel needed to run the software. That’s why many companies choose to outsource their Telecom Expense Management (TEM) needs.

If a business is large enough to run its own TEM department, considering outsourcing their TEM is still worth the time since outsourcing often saves significant amounts of money and time. Money spent on talented manpower and time spent managing all of the particulars that come with TEM such as handling invoices, reviewing contracts, negotiating rates, can be used for other more important internal functions such as IT.

Many times staff that’s just designated with handling one part of telecom management becomes overburdened with handling anything telecom related. Outsourcing puts all management burdens on another company that can be held accountable for all facets of TEM. TEM providers offer much value added, including the following attributes:

Problem Identification

TEM providers find problem areas quickly such as overspending, overbilling, surplus equipment, insufficient data plans, etc. These type of issues may not be as easily noticed by an internal TEM department running a one size fits all TEM software solution.

Freeing Up Valuable IT time

As the gray area between telecom and IT expands, sometimes outsourcing TEM makes much more sense. This way your costly IT personnel can spend more time working on building and maintaining a top-notch IT infrastructure for your company.

Industry Experts Are A Sure Thing

Finding TEM providers with high-quality personnel is easy to do, saving you valuable time and money hiring and training resources to run your TEM software from within. With outsourced resources, you will be sure to find expertise to solve any of your TEM issues.

Saving Money & Time

When first purchasing a contract with a TEM provider, your company’s budget may feel a small hit. But the payoff will be seen almost immediately, mostly because you’ll be effectively handling all of your TEM solutions without the time and money it takes to house a telecom department to run the software.

Comprehensive TEM services

TEM companies can respond to any TEM service need no matter how minute. Not all software is so capable of providing tailored solutions. TEM can be quite nuanced, and only adequately handled with face to face interaction with a TEM representative.

Learning How To Save Money

A piece of TEM software won’t be the best at giving you advice on how to save money on your TEM. An actual TEM provider can go over every element of your current set up and find ways to save money on your telecom and TEM.

Telecom expense management is one of those necessary components in making any company successful. Useful employment of TEM can help propel your company forward, while ill management can set your company back a few steps.

While many software packages exist to help with TEM, they will not be able to provide a custom-tailored solution or look for ways to effectively save you significant amounts of money. They will also not eliminate the need for an in-house personnel solution to run the software, costing you more money you could have saved by contracting with an external provider.


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