How car parking technology helps in car parking management? In the 1920s, car ownership was limited to those who had the money and status.

However, as manufacturing processes brought down the prices, and the possibility of ownership was opened up to a wider sector of the population, those numbers soon grew.

From less than a million registered cars in the 1920s, there are nearly 33 million in the UK today.

This increase has naturally put a tremendous strain on the country’s infrastructure.

Anyone who has navigated town centre streets across the country will know how difficult it is to park, which is why it is so important to have properly managed car parking facilities.

Today, technology has massively simplified the processes behind the management of car parking, to make sure that the flow of cars is optimised, and the incidents of car parking abuse are minimised.

How car parking technology can reduce car parking stress?

Controlling car parking in the area you live

The average number of cars per household in the UK is 1.24 cars.

If you are lucky enough to live in a house with a driveway, then you don’t have to undergo the daily stress of finding somewhere to park near your house whenever you return from a trip away or a day at work.

Having your own car parking space does add significant value to a property, but if this is not possible, being in a controlled parking zone is a definite big tick when looking at a property’s credentials.

Cloud based technology means that private parking management is immediately accessible for warden controlling your area.

They know immediately if you have a resident permit, or if someone is parked illegally, and with all applications carried out online, residential parking issues are solved.

Digital payment – no more scrabbling about for loose change

When out and about, whether going shopping in the town centre, or parking up in local beauty spots to go for a walk, you never seem to have the right change for the car parking meter, or it’s broken and not accepting coins.

Now digital payment meters are much more convenient.

These days contactless car parking payments are the norm.

Whether it is with a card or on Apple Pay, convenience is built into the process, freeing you up to go about your day without worrying about coming back to find a ticket on your windscreen.

An extension of contactless payment on meters is the growing proliferation of car parking apps such as Paybyphone.

These apps incorporate an intuitive technology that simplifies your parking experience no matter where you are, from finding the nearest car parking facilities, to making digital payments.

Should you be enjoying your day and risk overstaying your time limit, the app will even send you a notification warning you that your time is coming to an end, and asking if you want to top up with a couple of hours, automatically taking the payment if you agree.

Parking space finders – no more aimless driving around

When you’re in a densely packed city, it can feel impossible to find a suitable place to park.

Once upon a time, this required you to drive around aimlessly to find a parking place.

In a lot of cases, this would result in you coming back to a parking ticket, as you’ve actually parked in a no-go zone.

Thankfully, though, technological developments have made this process a whole lot easier.

Nowadays, there are smartphone apps available to find vacant car parking spaces, meaning you can drive to somewhere with purpose.

It won’t be a case of driving up and down, wasting time, wasting fuel, and contributing to frustrations.

Not only this, but you can rest assured that you won’t be surprised with a parking ticket upon returning to your vehicle.

ANPR – recognising when you come and go

ANPR – automatic number plate recognition – is a system that has revolutionised the management of commercial car parks.

The system reads and records registration numbers as they enter and leave certain zones, clocking times and keeping a record of the amount of time an individual car remains in the car park.

The system retains a database of permitted vehicles, but those cars that are not whitelisted and either don’t pay the car parking tariff, or have parked illegally, will be flagged and automatically send a penalty notice.

In short, there are parking regulations in place for a reason – to keep the flow of traffic moving and prevent jams.

If those rules are not adhered to, there are consequences to pay.

These ways car parking technology brought a huge revolution in car parking management.

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