If you are trying to break into the tech industry, it can be hard. Since there is competition for every position, you tend to find a way to stand out and find the ideal position for you. Fortunately, an online mentoring program can help you form deep relationships, broadcast your skills, boost your confidence, and find the ideal position that is suitable for your personality and skill set!

Benefits of online mentoring to find a tech job – use Pathrise!

Since the world has turned digital in recent years due to the Covid-19 pandemic and freelancers taking over the globe, every business has had to adjust. No longer do we see in-person clothing stores making the most sales, but online stores taking over in terms of profit and return on investment.

Since businesses are all moving online, so are freelancers, tutors, teachers, and other professions. Due to the inability to meet in person for so many months in 2020 – and still part of 2021 – we see thousands of workers broadcasting their jobs, skills, and services online.

You see gyms broadcasting classes online, Zoom classes taking over the education industry, and other services being sold via online methods. In terms of tutoring and mentoring, it is no different! There are numerous benefits to using online mentoring to help find a job since a professional is going to be there every step of the way to provide you with information, guidance, and advice!

But first – what is online mentoring?

Virtual or online mentoring is carried out in a professional setting with the tutor and the mentee. A mentor will have extensive knowledge about a particular subject, such as in the educational field or the tech industry, and can help newcomers break their way into the industry. By providing the mentee with information and knowledge, they can boost the confidence and ability of the newcomer to believe in themselves!

Online mentoring services have numerous benefits when compared to in-person meetings when it comes to finding tech jobs and applying for open positions. Online mentoring helps organizations and businesses create deep and personal relationships with new members and new employees, even while they are not in the same physical location. Since every business has realized over the past year that every human needs some type of personal connection and human relationships to feel fulfilled, using online mentoring is a great onboarding process that can make new employees feel heard, respected, and valued.

Using online mentoring services on Pathrise to find a tech job is a great way to build connections, feel less isolated in your own home, and earn a positive feedback from your new job in the company. If you have found a tech job that you love, but you’re not sure if you will fit in with the social life of the business, having an online mentoring program can help solidify your choice and make you feel confident in your decision.

Online mentoring services not only provide you with an immediate connection to a company, but these online services on Pathrise can help you set goals, talk about personal topics, and provide thoughtful conversation templates that help you get to know one another in a comfortable setting.

In addition, the mentorship program online will not only benefit you with finding a new tech company that is ideal for your lifestyle and your skills, but it can help the mentor feel like they are doing something beneficial for themselves and the company. If they have been feeling not as useful in recent weeks or months, having an online mentoring program can help them feel more valued and respected.

The main benefits of an online mentoring service on Pathrise to find a tech job


The main event of using Pathrise online mentoring services to find a tech job is the flexibility, versatility, and convenience offered by this program. Instead of having to go somewhere in person to speak with a professional to help you navigate your new job or the job market, you can simply speak with your mentor from the comfort of your own home or home office.

Virtual mentoring is an especially effective tool for onboarding new employees since it is highly convenient for both parties – both people can log on from wherever they choose at whatever time suits them both. Since many people are working from home or from a home office, offering this flexibility is key to helping a new employee feel comfortable in a new job.


Numerous mentors

The next benefit of using an online mentoring program is the large availability of mentors that can be there to help you find a tech job that is suitable for you. By using Pathrise, you can find a mentor who is compatible with your personality, your lifestyle, and your schedule. Potential mentors may even have more time to speak with you, since many people are still working from home or on reduced hours per week, meaning they have more energy and time per week to help you integrate into the company.


Authentic and deep relationships

The next benefit of using an online mentorship program on Pathrise to help you find tech jobs is the ability to foster deep and meaningful relationships with your mentors. If you do not want to have superficial relationships with your co-workers and management staff, having an online mentor program can help you feel respected, heard, and understood. Conversely, the mentee will also feel like they are developing a deeper and more personal bond with you since they will be able to speak to you one-on-one.


Enthusiastic teachers

The final benefit of using a mentorship program to help you find tech jobs is the fact that the mentors will be enthusiastic to teach you! Since they are working at the same company that you are, or they are invested in helping you find a new position, you can rest assured that they will be excited, enthusiastic, and personable. Since they have a stake in the game, since they want the business to succeed as much as possible, you can be confident that the person helping you will be excited to do so!



Using a mentorship program from Pathrise to help you find new tech jobs online is the best way to foster deeper relationships, build confidence, and find a position that is suitable for you!

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