How to choose a burglar alarm for an apartment? In the UK, nearly 267,000 cases of burglaries were reported solely in 2021 amidst the pandemic. Moreover, each burglary case was estimated to have £2,856 stolen goods on average. These facts suggest the importance of a proper security system, aka, burglary alarm at apartments.

Many professional and renowned burglary alarm service providers work in the UK and Europe. Yet, choosing the right one is essential. And it starts with your selection of the burglar alarm. So, how to choose a burglar alarm for an apartment?

Ideally, you need to look at how it functions, is it cordless or corded, pricing, DIY installation facility, range, smart controls, etc. So, let’s learn how to choose a burglar alarm and look at these prime features of a burglar alarm to secure your apartment from unauthorized access.

What Is A Burglar Alarm System?

A burglar alarm is an electronic device that integrates multiple parts into a unified system to alert you when someone forcefully enters your property. It usually has a central control panel. Also, it has an invisible laser beam or light.

The control panel detects the movement as the intruder passes the light or laser beam. It then starts alarming you with a loud sound. Some smart burglar alarm comes with advanced technology to update you hourly or at your set schedule. With these security systems, you will get the home security updates at your set schedule.

How To Choose A Burglar Alarm For An Apartment?

As the burglary incident increases rapidly at home, you must take preventive measures. And the best way to monitor your apartment and stop intrusion is to install the right burglary alarm system. You must consider the following considerations when selecting the best burglar alarm for your home.

Wired or wireless alarms

Alarms for burglars are available in wired and wireless options. The wired option connects with an electric outlet for the necessary energy. It starts roaring when it detects any movement through the light or laser beam.

The main disadvantage of the wired alarm system is that you can’t install it far from your home. Thus, it always needs to be close to an electric outlet. It is difficult for you to install it in your outdoor space, such as lawns or gardens. Also, with the wired alarm system, you must use a cord to connect it with the nearby computer for monitoring.

On the contrary, a wireless alarm system works without any wires. Firstly, it comes in handy to hide the alarm as there’s no visible wire with the system. What’s more, a wireless alarm system lets you connect it with your smartphone. You can either use Wifi or cellular data to connect the alarm system with your smartphone, laptop, or desktop.

Thus, no matter how far you are from your home, you can easily monitor the security system. It brings peace of mind to homeowners.

Installation system

Next up, you must look at the installation process of the alarm system. Does the burglar alarm require professional installation? Or, can you install it with a DIY project at home? It is a crucial decision to make since the professional installation of the burglar alarm can be costly.

Moreover, you need to assess the damage the installation process will cause. Usually, a wireless or battery-operated security system is preferable as it causes the least damage to your property. Also, the thief or intruder can’t disable the wireless burglar alarm by cutting off its wire. However, you change the battery timely to help the system operate properly.

Initial pricing and fees

By no means a home burglar alarm system is cheap. So, you must consider the pricing and essential fees for it. There’re two types of costs associated with the burglar alarm system.

  1. The upfront cost or the purchasing fee of the system
  2. The monthly subscription fee for monitoring and services

Professional monitoring will ask you to pay the monthly subscription fees. Moreover, you can’t activate some security systems without the subscription service. Thus, check the service fee and ensure you can pay it without any hiccups.

Warranty and trial period

Many burglar systems will allow you to use their system for a specific trial period. It is a great benefit since you can use the burglar system practically and decide if it suits your apartment requirements or not.

These days, many apartments come with smart controls and functions. Your alarm system for thieves and intruders must be functional with the smart home system. Also, look at the warranty period and terms applicable for it. Usually, the warranty period indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in their alarm system.


Burglaries have long been a nuisance in most apartments. When you stay away from home, it can be even more concerning. Thankfully, with the right burglar alarm system, you can reduce the chance of theft and intrusion in your home greatly. And to aid you with the cause, these key considerations on the burglar alarm system will be useful. Ideally, you should choose a wireless burglar alarm with a quick online monitoring system for the best security. Hope now you know how to choose a burglar alarm.