Customer loyalty is integral for any business. But how to gain loyalty and why it is so integral for b2b? Whether you are running a B2C or B2B company, increasing engagement and bettering customer experience can lead to immeasurable growth within your industry. Having said this, if one were to use a B2C strategy in order to attain a repeated custom, then they would undoubtedly struggle to build. Whilst they are the same in terms of their goal, they are different in the ways they achieve it.

For a B2B company, achieving customer loyalty will far outweigh the need to attain new customers, simply due to the sheer wealth of opportunities that an existing customer can bring. B2C companies thrive on creating new and innovative ways to draw in new customs, whilst a B2B company must drive that creativity and determination into the retention of who they have. So why is this the case, and how to gain loyalty?

How To Gain Loyalty: Understand The Value Of The Customer

Marketing to new customers as a B2B company is difficult. Of course, any marketing scheme will have its difficulties and variances, but due to the products and services of B2B being more streamlined for specific buyers, there is far less of a chance for wide success. Of course, as a B2B company, widespread success with varying demographics is not exactly feasible. Whilst a B2C company will attempt to market themselves to as wide an audience as possible, a B2B company often comes down to a narrow, targeted marketing scheme that drives toward customers who are in need of what they are offering. It is only after achieving this that the real work starts.

The investment in that customer is crucial for success. Winning over the customer is only the first step to a prosperous future, with the next being an effort in keeping them engaged and appreciated. To lay it out in numbers, the chances of selling to new customers is 5% to 20% compared to an existing customer’s 50% to 60%. This is a huge margin of difference, and it is the crucial reason to up your engagement and ensure that loyalty in order to get the best out of your business and your customer base.

So How Do You Keep That Engagement?

The best way to keep up the engagement of your customer is to reward them for their loyalty. A customer is far more likely to come back to you if they feel valued. Of course, this starts with an efficient and strong service, ensuring that your company is giving a business exactly what they need. This is the first step in drawing the customer in, but the importance of keeping up that service cannot be suppressed. It can be easy to rest on your laurels when the customer base is already there, but it is integral to remember that there will be other B2B companies like you. Businesses always want to stay with what they know, but other companies will still be looking to poach. You must ensure to remain the best option. The grass is always greener on the other side, so make sure to keep yours green and comfortable enough for any customer to remain. Once this is done, you can move on to building a personalized relationship alongside that service.

This can be done in many ways. One of them is to offer exclusive benefits and a points-based reward system as part of a strong B2B loyalty platform. This can be implemented to incentivize engagement, especially for high-value clients who will be looking to take advantage. Beyond this, you should recognize the value of your own customer. Listening to their advice and their comments can not only better your company, but it can help the customer feel actively involved in the process of transactions. This can also aid you in creating ideas for new products and services which the business feels they require. Again, existing customers are a B2B company’s strongest opportunity for sales. Simply by listening to local businesses, you can create those opportunities to make more transactions and further build upon that loyalty.

Do Not Stay Behind A Curtain

In today’s digital age, it is easier than ever to perform your duties behind a closed door. It is so integral, however, to avoid any kind of opaqueness when it comes to customer experiences. With any B2C company, the workings behind the curtain are relatively inconsequential. There is rarely a relationship with the customer, and so opaqueness between the product and the provider is only to be expected. But as stated before, running a B2B customer depends on how well you can keep an existing customer invested. Building a relationship can only be done through trust. You want them to know their company as if they were a part of it, so giving the customer transparency about how your business works and what you are trying to achieve can work wonders in keeping them involved and invested.

This can be most suitably achieved using your online presence. Being transparent through digital platforms will build loyalty and attain reassurance that you are working in the customer’s interests. Build the content on your website and regularly update your social media. Customers like to find a company that has a backlog of educational information, showing them facts about their origin, their progress, or even about where they are heading as a company. This kind of content can strip back any sort of curtain and allow the customer to become actively engaged, both in what you are selling and the story of the people who are selling it. Not only this but linking to the content on your social media platforms can create interconnectivity with yourself and your clients, putting you all into one community and encouraging loyalty on both sides.

Put In The Hard Yards

Of course, these are only a few ways in which you can gain customer loyalty, but through valuing, rewarding and reassuring customers, you will be making the steps in the right direction. The key is to remain dedicated to your customer base. Put in the hard yards, reward your customer and you will be equally rewarded yourself. This was the answer of how to gain loyalty and why it is so integral for b2b.

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