There are several steps how to get a job as DevOps engineer in six months or less.

According to recent data, demand for DevOps professionals has grown almost 40% within the last few years.

Indeed, many companies are looking to bring DevOps engineers on to their teams to collaborate with developers, manage automation, and streamline the deployment process.

As someone interested in a tech career, you need to know the proper steps to land your first DevOps engineering job.

This way, you can start working soon and improve productivity during your job hunt.

Read on to learn about how to get a job as DevOps engineer in six months or less.

Understand The DevOps Culture

First, you need to understand the DevOps culture to land your first engineering position.

Indeed, DevOps professionals typically follow a unique set of values to promote collaboration, communication, and efficiency.

For example, many DevOps companies are committed to automating tasks whenever possible.

Often, this works to speed up deployment processes and reduce errors in the pipeline.

In addition, most DevOps professionals work to ensure code changes are continuously integrated and delivered.

Like automation, this is key for faster feature and update releases.

Of course, you should also monitor your systems closely to identify issues as early as possible.

In short, understand the DevOps culture to secure your first job as a DevOps engineer.

Learn DevSecOps Tools 

Next, you should also learn the proper tools to get hired as a DevOps engineer in six months or less.

For example, many top development companies use software composition analysis (SCA).

Once installed, you can use tools for DevSecOps by JFrog to manage and monitor your license compliance.

In addition, oversee security vulnerabilities in your open-source code components.

Of course, you can also install static application security testing (SAST) tools to identify vulnerabilities in the code developed in-house.

Consider dynamic and interactive application security testing (DAST and IAST) to check your app’s exposed interfaces.

Definitely, learn DevSecOps tools to get hired as a DevOps engineer within six months. 

Master Key DevOps Skills

In addition, you should also master key skills to get hired as a DevOps engineer quickly.

For example, you should learn how to manage your source code to create different algorithms and software systems.

Often, professionals use version control platforms to track changes in their source code.

Additionally, you should also learn how to integrate automation into your build process.

To get started, you should install an automation server.

This way, you can add your code to current source code repositories and start building the next update or feature.

Consider taking an online course to learn coding and scripting well ahead of your interview.

Absolutely, master DevOps skills to land your first engineering position. You can explore more about top coding bootcamps here.

Build A Working Project

Moreover, you should build a working project to become a DevOps engineer.

For example, you might get started by building the infrastructure to run your website.

Typically, this includes a database, a virtual network, and load-balanced web servers.

To upgrade this project, you can also try building a website using Kubernetes.

Depending on what skills you want to practice, consider adding log management or monitoring features.

Of course, you want to set up a CI/CD pipeline to demonstrate your knowledge of automation.

Additionally, integrate security and testing as early as possible to prevent breaches in your code.

Undoubtedly, build a working project to get hired as a DevOps engineer. 

Write Your DevOps Engineer Resume

Once you know key DevOps skills, you should write your engineer resume to land your first job.

Ideally, you should divide your resume into different sections such as education, work experience, and projects.

Then, add your past achievements in reverse chronological order.

Focus your points to be as relevant to coding as possible.

For example, you might add development tasks from past jobs, side projects in Agile, or volunteer work in coding.

In addition, you can also include relevant Linux/Unix projects and scripting in various coding languages.

Importantly, you should start each bullet with action verbs such as “developed” or “deployed.”

There are several important steps to getting hired as a DevOps engineer in six months or less.

First, you should work to understand the DevOps culture and principles.

This is key for anyone looking for a new job in tech.

Next, learn DevSecOps tools for software composition analysis and testing.

In addition, master key DevOps skills such as automation and source code management.

Moreover, build a working project to demonstrate these skills and start building your portfolio.

Furthermore, write your DevOps engineer resume to land your first job.

Consider these points to learn about how to get a job as a DevOps engineer in six months or less.