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At the forefront of digital transformation, the world of IT has certainly provided a wide range of innovations for the mass market including B2B enterprises that continue to rely on new technology in maintaining their bottom lines.

The industry is going through a crucial uptrend as the demand for better and faster IT services and products increases. This comes as businesses, in a bid to outdo each other, are scrambling for the latest tech they can get their hands on.

Sure enough, it’s always a great day to build an IT services company from scratch. All you need is a few computers, a stable internet connection, and a few more people to comprise your initial manpower.

However, there will come a time when you need to expand your business and make sure your IT enterprise remains profitable.

In order to do this, of course, you need more clients. And the proper way to acquire more clients is to make sure your business becomes as visible as it possibly can.

People should know that you exist and that you’re offering the specific types of services they need. Apart from that, you should also focus on competing with other IT services providers within your niche.

This should help you gain a larger market share and get your message across to as many potential clients as possible.

Sure enough, the best way you can promote your IT services business is to use a multi-channel marketing approach.

What is multi-channel marketing?

As the name implies, multi-channel marketing involves leveraging multiple marketing platforms all the once to ensure massive dissemination of information about your company.

It’s not a new thing, but it’s something that has come to define the successes of businesses that have adopted it as a crucial survival strategy.

As such, multi-channel marketing provides a highly effective means for businesses to generate and convert high-quality leads. For this reason, multi-channel marketing is an integral part of growing a business.

It does so by optimizing customer experiences by creating and generating highly engaging content for specific audience segments.

The use of multi-channel marketing isn’t new, yet only 14% of businesses say they run multi-channel marketing campaigns, according to Adobe.

There are barriers that IT companies need to identify and resolve, one of the most compelling being the need to understand how to use multi-marketing platforms and tools.

Aside from this, IT enterprises should also begin to explore each channel they come across and see how they can leverage it.

On that note, let’s take a look at a few core marketing channels you should be using in order to get the best results and help your IT business grow amid strong competition in your market.


Old school is still cool

This may seem odd to everyone who is crazy about digital transformation, but telemarketing is still a relevant means of connecting with potential customers for your IT products and services.

Despite the popularity of such channels as social media and blogging, telemarketing still reigns supreme when it comes to engaging potential B2B customers.

Indeed, this is due to the fact that telemarketing provides a more personalized approach. In order to understand what a prospect wants, you will need to ask the right questions. Often, these questions come across as spontaneous, which makes calling an even more potent force for generating and nurturing leads.

In fact, telemarketing’s value to business extends beyond this. In a LinkedIn blog post, BPO Consultant Russell Meiselman points out how “68% of B2B sales were found to involve some form of human interaction.”

Sure enough, telemarketing is an ideal way to engage your prospects and guide them towards making a purchase. Effective call scripts are integral to the success of your outbound campaigns, but the secret to getting more leads through this channel lies in the quality of your workforce and infrastructure.

At any rate, you will need to set up a facility and populate it with experienced telemarketers. It’s a considerable investment, to say the least. But you can always work around this barrier by simply outsourcing your activities to a capable service provider like Ameridial.

Look for a provider that offers quality call center services to help you place your IT products and services front and center.

Leveraging social media

Using Facebook for promoting IT services? Seems too far-fetched, but nearly all businesses today use social media to spread the word about new offers or reach out to people who might be looking for specific solutions.

Social media has evolved from being a channel for socialization to a channel that’s perfect for growing your network and your influence.

The big three platforms – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – have introduced new features that fit specific business objectives. Using these platforms, you can create sponsored ads that go straight to your target audience on account of an algorithm.

For sure, innovations such as facial recognition and geo-tagging have become common among these platforms. They have given businesses an edge in creating highly effective graphics and other content with the purpose of reeling in leads.

One thing that makes social media so effective is the fact that it’s capable of being integrated with other platforms in your multi-channel marketing campaigns.

For instance, if you want to grow your Facebook following further, you can include links on your newsletter send-outs that go directly to your business page on the social media site. If you’re using a blogging campaign, you can share the website articles you publish through your social media accounts.

Aside from this, you can also try to diversify the content you publish through social media by striking a perfect balance between text and images. But for sure, the best way you can get the attention of potential customers is through storytelling.

Your clients don’t like hearing a sales pitch from you, so you might as well give them a story that puts them right smack in the center. That said, learn to empathize with your customers.


Should I try multichannel marketing?

Your aim right now is to grow your business. If that’s the case, your message gets all the attention it needs to get people to buy.

Your IT business has a lot of potential and not using multiple marketing channels well enough can only keep you stunted.


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