How to hire Generation Z and how to keep them in the workplace?

The labor market is undergoing global changes caused by the infusion of generation Z.

How do zoomers differ from other employees?

As studies like David Stillman’s “Gen Z @Work” show, the differences are significant.

In order for generations to cooperate, recruiters need to prepare for the reception, adaptation and communication with Generation Z in the workplace.

In order to retain and engage the younger generation, it is necessary to understand their values.

According to Statista estimates, 24% of zoomers worked in the global market in 2020, and by 2030 they will make up a third of the labor.

Therefore, it is important for firms to learn and accept the features of Gen Z as employees, to build the right relationships with young people.

But how to do it? In this article we will discuss 4 effective strategies on how to hire generation Z and build right relationship with them.

recruitment and retention of generation z in the workplace

What drives zoomers: Generation Z values in the workplace

Each of the generations (X, baby boomers, millennials) has certainly experienced traumatic events.

Generation Z values in the workplace were affected by political strife, inflation, the global financial crisis of 2007-2008, and the protracted pandemic.

These phenomena formed the psycho emotional mood swings of the zoomers, their attitude to the world and work.

The general portrait of Gen Z can be described as follows:

“A generation under stress”

According to McKinsey research for 2021, 25% of zoomers noted emotional depression.

Millennials with this condition turned out to be half as many (13%), and baby boomers – three times (8%).

Gen Z youth are more likely to be diagnosed with mental disorders.

They are 2-3 times more likely to think about suicide than representatives of other generations (data for 2019-2020).

David Stillman in his book “Gen Z @ Work” noted that realism is inherent in zoomers – a sober view of the world and the state of things.


If millennials are trying to adapt to work requirements, then Gen Z is looking for employment according to their criteria.

According to a Deloitte study, the top 5 priority indicators include:

– the ability to maintain a balance between work and personal life (32%);

– the prospect of studying and self-development (29%);

– high salary or other financial advantages (24%);

– positive corporate culture (23%);

– career growth (23%).

Zoomers grew up during times of economic turmoil, so they are looking for an employer who will provide stability, security and development.

They prefer a job that will help them partially or completely pay off their tuition debt.

If the workplace does not meet expectations, 25% of zoomers are ready to change jobs in the first 6 months.


Generation Z in the workplace values self-expression and rejects labels.

They like personalization in everything: from customized menus and personalized playlists to tailored training.

Each of the candidates applying for the same position has a unique work experience. Therefore, it is more difficult to compare them.

The strategy of selecting candidates based on average score and experience, which worked with previous generations, is ineffective in this case.

Now, to get to know your applicants, you need online meetings or offline interviews.

It is necessary to personally communicate with the zoomer and try to understand what kind of person he/she is.

Only then will you be able to assess whether the candidate will cope with work tasks and fit into the corporate culture.

gen z recruiting trends


Despite the fact that zoomers are considered the first digital natives and the most active users of social networks and the Internet, they prefer personal contact with interlocutors.

Gen Z employees need to interact with colleagues one-on-one.

As a rule, if there are work issues, zoomers prefer to discuss them live, rather than in a chat or by email.

It is important for them to receive feedback about their work and effectiveness.

At the same time, zoomers like to solve many tasks independently without involving colleagues.

This trait distinguishes them from millennials who believe: “2 heads is good, but 10 is better.”

Adherents of transparency

Zoomers want to know what results their work brings and how important they are for the company development.

Experts from Andersen say that all employees want to understand whether their efforts are paying off.

But representatives of Generation Z in the workplace want the manager to evaluate their progress on a weekly basis.

They need a leader who encourages career growth and sets goals for young employees, stimulating their development.

A supervisor who offers training options and gives regular feedback.

Having career prospects and a clear plan to achieve them, zoomers will be loyal to the employer.

Technology fans

Generation Z employees grew up together with technology, so it’s a familiar part of their lives.

They easily master programs of any complexity that are necessary for work.

Moreover, it is expected that the employer will introduce innovations into the workflow:

  • Productivity promotion tools: Microsoft Office, Google Suite;
  • Software for teamwork: Connecteam, Slack;
  • Staff management software: Paycor, Deel, Workday;
  • Business intelligence platforms: Salesforce, Tableau и подобные инструменты.

Generation Z in the workplace values technologies that provide remote work and micromanagement.


The Zoomers are one of the most conscious generations, striving to reduce the consequences of environmental problems and improve the state of the planet.

Deloitte calculated: 44% of zoomers are concerned about the issue of the green economy, so they are trying to influence the climate crisis.

For example, by purchasing environmentally friendly products or using electric vehicles.

According to the First Insight report, 73% of zoomers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products than representatives of other generations.

Hence the desire of the zoomers to work in green companies that care about the environment.

Choosing between a more paid vacancy and a job in a firm that supports sustainable development, zoomers will prefer the second one.

generation z how to recruit and retain them

How firms prepare for the arrival of Generation Z workers: 4 tactics

Or we can say, how to hire generation Z with 4 effective tactics.

The differences between millennials and zoomers are significant.

Companies need to think through strategies for hiring Gen Z, as well as tactics for adapting and retaining young employees.

We suggest using the following 4 tactics, created taking into account what motivates Generation Z in the workplace.

Tactic 1. Help reduce stress

Since zoomers are more prone to stress than others, creating comfortable working conditions will help them cope with the “disease of the 21st century”.

Companies can encourage a healthy lifestyle by offering mental health days, employee assistance programs and partial compensation for the services of a psychologist.

If stress is associated with solving work issues, it is worth reviewing work processes.

So, for example, the SmileClubDirect company did.

During the expansion of the company and the increase in the number of tasks, employees experienced stress due to an insurmountable amount of work.

The corporation began to prioritize tasks in order to remove the burden of impracticability from employees.

As a result, the employees were able to work at a pace convenient for them.

This tactic of retaining Gen Z employees worked.

Tactic 2. Give zoomers flexibility by providing competitive salary and development opportunities

Companies need to experiment by combining work schedules (remote, office work, hybrid format), offering each employee a convenient work-life balance mode.

What is Gen Z looking for in an employer? Someone wants to work completely remotely, saving on transport and office clothes.

Someone dreams of visiting the office, but not more than once a week.

Someone wants to travel, remotely performing work duties.

Zoomers want their wishes to be taken into account.

Less communication with the office does not mean a loss of efficiency.

According to recent studies, employees work 9% more productively remotely than in the office.

For example, YNAB has been offering a flexible schedule for a long time and has started testing a 4-day working week so that employees have time to relax.

For employees, this measure means an opportunity to improve mental health and productivity.

Perhaps such an offer will become no less a magnet for zoomers than remote work.

how to recruit gen z

Tactic 3. Personalize workflow and maintain communication

As determined by the McKinsey study, zoomers are alien to stereotypes.

But experiments and individual identity are really important for them.

The initiators of the survey called Gen Z employees “identity nomads” because of this.

what motivates gen z in the workplace

Therefore, the corporate structure that equalizes everyone is not for zoomers.

They need an individual experience and personalized access to the benefits offered.

They need freedom, not equal opportunities limiting their choice.

Here’s how you can use this tactic in hiring Generation Z.

SmileClubDirect used to practice a two-year minimum of work in the company before young professionals could change departments or go for a promotion.

Now the company has changed the rule, taking into account the fact that employees study at different rates, and for some career development comes earlier than for others.

Thus, the company stopped hindering growth, taking into account the individual capabilities of the individual.

challenges of recruiting generation z

Tactic 4. Ensure transparency of corporate values

Generation Z works hard for companies whose corporate culture corresponds to its values.

They are attracted to companies that support the environment, diversity and inclusion.

Zoomers want corporations to behave ethically towards both employees and nature.

How to manage Gen Z employees? First of all, management should be transparent.

If an organization openly reports changes, it will attract the attention of zoomers.

Unlike millennials who are used to respecting authority, even if they disagree, Gen Z employees will not tolerate omissions or injustice.

What does Gen Z need in the workplace

It is worth providing feedback directly, to the point and without embellishment.

In addition, it is a good idea to create a platform that supports two-way communication and provides quick access to information about the company’s work.

For example, broadcast how the company helps the environment, what charity events it participates in and what corporate rules it promotes.


Hope now you know how to hire generation z and make a great relationship with them.

The methods that worked when hiring millennials do not attract zoomers.

This is a new generation with different values, views and goals.

Generation Z in the workplace knows what it wants.

Such employees demand a lot from employers, but in return they work hard.

They are looking for an organization that will offer reasonable career steps, provide training and give a chance to prove themselves.

Of course, salary is important for zoomers, but they prefer ethical employers.

Knowing these features of zoomers and tactics of interaction with a new generation of employees, it is easier for recruiting teams to engage Generation Z in the workplace.

And also adapt them to work in a team with seniors.

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