What is actually a Temp Agency?

The word temp is definitely a short form of Temporary. Though the term “temp agency” gives a visual view of a temporary agency, but the real meaning of this something different.

Here, the agency is not temporary agency but it creates job opportunities for job seekers who are interested in temporary jobs such as 1 day to 1 week.

For your better understanding, temp services or staffing agencies are the same agency as temp agency.

How to set up a temp agency business online?

When you have a dream to setup your temp agency, you have to be confirmed about your ambition.

And you must follow the below requirements to setup your temp agency business:

1. Firstly, you have to choose your niche. As, it’s very important to choose the type of recruitment agency from the list of list of recruitment agency.

To be determined about your niche, you can have an area-based research on recruitment agency business scope; which will get you the scope of your recruitment agency business.

In this case, you have to consider the competition in your niche market.

2. Secondly, you are required to accumulate the different types of job demand in specific industry of market.

In this case you have to drive an in-depth market research. Your local market should be your research area.

This will not be very easy task to start this business globally. When you are successful locally, then you can take initiatives to spread it globally.

The better research will give you the better result for your business plan.

Definitely dig more companies physically as well as search on the web.

3. After researching the job market, you need to develop your business plan using your researched data.

To write a business plan, beside market research also consider executive summary, company overview, defining your business’s organization, describing the products and services, develop your sales and marketing plan, detail your financial plan with projections, and lastly make an appendix.

4. To collect candidates you must have a detailed plan. You have to create 2 different database according to job industry; one for candidates of job seekers, another for Employers.

5. Choose a perfect business name according to your service. Consider following things to find the best business name for your company as meaningful, less characters, easy to pronounce, easy to remember.

Try to find a brandable business name, which will be essential for the domain name of your website.

Before finalization must final the domain name which is available for your temp agency business.

6. It’s time to form of your business structure. According to this structure you wil drive your recruitment business.

But you have to consider the laws of your country or state for business registration.

You can have a consultation with any professional or the proper authority for the formation of business structure which will fit best with your temp agency business.

Additionally, legalize your business with the proper authority of your country.

7. In this step buy the domain name you have chosen from any reputed domain seller company as godaddy, hostinger, hostgator, namecheap etc.

Beside domain choose a perfect hosting provider and get the best hosting package for your website according to your business (website) size.

8. Buy a Job board website theme. For theme selection you can chose wordpress, drupal or anyother CMS platform. When you have the theme, just install the theme and customize as per your need.

You will have a great looking website. If you cannot design by yourself, you can hire any website designer online.

9. For employer, you have to create all categories which are relevant with all temporary jobs, that the employer can choose their category while posting a new circular.

10. Allow free job seeking for job seekers, means allow free registration for job seekers.

For starting the business, allow free job posting. After a certain time set a reasonable fee for registration or job posting for employers according to the market price.

11. To get visitor to your website, you have to keep a blog with your website. Where you will write relevant blogs regularly.

Before writing, it’s necessary to research organic and profitable keywords which have good search volume.

To finalize keywords, you have to drive competitor analysis beside keyword research.  

Also pick some relevant secondary keywords for each main keyword which called LSI (latent semantic indexing).

12. Here you have to concentrate on SEO.

When you write articles, use the main keyword 2-3 times for each 1000 words.

And also try to use the secondary keywords each once, but naturally. Never use any keyword forcefully.

Maintain the article quality and keep it unique. Write and post regularly.

13. Try to promote your services in your blog posts. Try to convert your blog readers to get registered to your temp agency as job seeker or employer.

14. During creating web pages/ blog posts must consider on-page SEO factors as title, url, description, images and keyword optimization.

15. After publishing the pages or posts start optimizing them for Off-page SEO such as creating backlinks.

You can perform guest blogging, blog commenting, forum posting, creating profile backlinks, broken link building, skyscraper link building etc.

16. Beside these, create some social media pages at facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest etc, and update those pages regularly.

Build a trusted community by talking, answering, solving problems, and replying comments.

Keep doing social media marketing. It will help to expand your business. Regarding your temp agency promotion, design attractive business cards, also brochure.

Distribute them to each company you get in touch. Distribute these to them, whom you think would be fruitful to spread the business.

Final words

Anyone intended to setup his temp agency business online, can follow above discussed steps and setup his/ her business with success.

Thanks for reading. If you have any better suggestion to add with our thoughts, please comment and let us know.

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