The Carl Bot Dashboard is a powerful tool that can help you automate your Discord server. With this tool, you can easily add and remove members, create and manage roles, and even set up auto-moderation and image moderation. This tutorial will show you how to use the Carl Bot Dashboard to get the most out of your Discord server. In overview, the tool will give you a way to view your server and all its members in an easy-to-understand, and visually appealing way. Which will be controlled by responsible moderators, who will be able to add, remove, and manage roles. For example, you can set up a role called “Admin” in order to give yourself and other moderators the power to ban, kick, or mute any Discord users without even having to use commands.

What is the Carl Bot Dashboard?

If we want to discuss what is carl bot dashboard, we should know what is Discord and how to use the dashboard. Discord is a free and secure application that allows you to create your own private server where you can chat, play games, have group discussions, host tournaments and so on. The Carl-Bot Dashboard is a powerful application for managing your Discord server. With this application, you can easily create your own roles and groups, automated moderation, and much more.

The CarlBot’s dashboard can be accessed by right-clicking the Carl bot itself and choosing “Dashboard”. In the dashboard, there are six tabs of options: [1] Roles, [2] Group Management, [3] Members, [4] Auto-Moderation, [5] Moderation, and [6] Command Management.

In the carl bot dashboard, you can perform many tasks as bots offering, featuring reaction roles automod, reaction role message, role assignment, role management, automod logging custom commands, repeating announcements, discord bot featuring reaction, carl bot picture recipes, make memes, edit carl bot message and many more.

Among the carl bot commands reaction roles Emotions, which are displayed when the bot performs a task, such as killing itself, are gratitude, confusion, anger, fear, satisfaction, and admiration.

Among the many carl bot features, the following carl bot dashboard discord server moderation features are the most important:

– Global message filtering: Allows you to filter messages from the entire server or from a specific role.

– Role-based message filtering: Allows you to filter messages based on the role of the author.

– Super-admin panel: Makes it easy to manage your server with simple commands.

– Direct message banking: Saves messages for later or sends messages to yourself.

– Ally-based automod: Enables automod to work with a system-wide filter.

– Discord Role-based moderation: Automatically moderate certain roles/users.

– Create & manage group chat: Feature-complete group chat management system.

– Picture and video library: Well-integrated image and video library.

– Music library: Integrates music into the carl bot experience.

– User and role-based permissions: Decide who can do what on the server.

The following carl bot dashboard reaction roles are available on the server:

– Contributor: Gives the ability to moderators to ban users who post replies that are deemed harmful or off-topic.

– Supporter: grants the ability to downvote posts and comments.

– Param: allows the moderation of other users’ posts.

– Logs: View and edit bot logs.

– Settings: Provides general server settings.

– Superadmin: Karaboose! Set your own rules.

There are many carl bot functions that you can use either with or without moderation.

– Auto-voice: Makes your server voice-enabled.

– Auto-mod: Enables automod to work with a system-wide filter.

– Discord Role-based moderation: Automatically moderate certain roles/users.

– Create & manage group chat: Feature-complete group chat management system.

– Picture and video library: Well integrated image and video library.

– Music library: Integrates music into the Carl Bot experience.

– Minecraft superpower: Use /superpower to get your bot to perform impressive Minecraft tricks.

– Server MOTD: Display the latest message on the server screen.

– System Info: Information about your server such as the OS, CPU, and RAM usage.

– Slack/Discord Integration: View and manage groups from our easy-to-use interface.

– Suricate: Characteristics of the server you are monitoring.

– WebOTUS: Run your own webOTUS, allowing users to view banned users in a beautiful and clean interface

– Easy to use but powerful administration panel.

– Create/Manage playlists: An integral part of CarlBot’s mod_superpower is the playlist system.

How to use the Carl bot dashboard?

How to access carl bot dashboard? To access the dashboard you need to go to and then log in via the dashboard login window. It will take you to the carl bot dashboard.

Carl bot organized the dashboard and its functions for its users in a very easier way. There are many functions available in the carl bot dashboard. Let’s take a look at how to use it. When you first join the server, the first thing you should do is to create your own bot and give it a name. You can create it by going to the “Create your Own Bot” tab at the top of the page. Then, follow the prompts to create your own bot. When you are done, your bot will be displayed in the list, ready for you to use.

Carl bot dashboard color roles: The color roles of the carl bot dashboard are “Blue” and “Pink”. The color Blue represents the bots that are less experienced, while Pink represents the experienced ones. Therefore, the former is to be careful, and the latter is to be more tolerant.

Carl bot dashboard commands: The carl bot dashboard has various commands that you can utilize to manage your bots. Carl bot discord guide features commands; by using it you can get information from the carl bot dashboard, create events, search for bots and much more.

You can check out the Help section in the dashboard to learn more about the various functions.

If the carl bot dashboard not working, you can always go to the administration panel and fix it.

How to add or invite Carl bot on your discord server?

To invite Carl Bot, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in and after signing in click on +invite from the top bar menu
  3. Now select the server from “Add bot to” field and click on Continue
  4. In this step choose the permissions you want to grant Carl-bot on your server and click on Authorize.

The carl-bot is invited.

How to set-up reaction roles on discord using carl bot?

How do you add reactions to the Carl bot in Discord? There are three easy steps to set up reaction roles on your Discord server. Just follow these simple instructions and you’ll be up and running in no time!

  1. To get started, you’ll need to create roles on your server those are should be choosable for users.
  2. After that, you need to add the Carl bot to the desired/ selected Discord server.
  3. Lastly, it’s essential to create the Reaction roles message on the Carl bot. This will allow users to set up roles by reacting to a message with an emoji.

How do you change the reaction role in Carl Bot?

You can change the reaction role in carl bot dashboard. Here are the steps you can follow to change the reaction role in Carl Bot:

  1. Go to the website:
  2. Now click on the “reaction roles” from left menu
  3. Now click on “edit” next to the message which you desired to edit; which will popup a window.
  4. On this new window you can remove role by clicking on “X”, and add role by clicking “Add emoji”.
  5. Click on Save once done.

Groovy Bot for Discord-Guide-Features-Commands

Groovy lets you do a lot with your music on Discord with simple commands. Let’s check some of them.

-play: You can play any song you want on Spotify or YouTube by simply entering the song title or artist into the search bar.

-queue: This command you can use to view the current queue on Groovy bot

-shuffle: Shuffle command uses for Shuffling songs in the queue, and also for playing random songs

-pause: If you want to pause the current song is playing; you can use this command

-lyrics/-ly: If you want to view the lyrics of the song, you can use this command, the lyrics will be shown if available only.

-song: This command will show the information of the song.

Here is a sample command:

–play Song1Or -play

How can we add a welcome message to Discord server with mee6 bot?

• To begin, open the web version of Discord and sign in to your account.

• Once you’ve logged in, head over to Mee6 is a popular Discord bot because it has so many useful features!

• Now you need to click on ‘add to discord’ and also essential to agree to the permissions of the bot to begin.

• Pick which of the servers to install it on.

• Your server is all set up with the new bot – now is the time to configure the welcome messages.

• Now go to the dashboard of the mee6 bot and click ‘welcome’.

• Here you have to active the starting option which is called “send a message when a user joins the server”.

• You can choose what channel your welcome message gets sent to. Edit the welcome message here as you need to make it more personal. If you do not change or modify the ‘user’ field, it will set its own username during messaging.

• Now click on Save, if you think it’s done. Your welcome message will now be all set up and good to go!

Why does my Discord bot say its offline?

When you see your Discord bot is in the offline state, that means you need to code it and then run it. Because it’s not coded yet at your end. There’s no bot like Dyno or MEE6 that you can create in the Developer Portal. You need to create the bot on your server which needs to be a paid Discord server.

How do you automatically assign roles in Discord?

There are a few different bots available to choose like Dyno Bot. Each one can auto-assign roles to members. For that you have to setup/ configure the dyno bot.

Can Carl Bot set an AFK?

AFK Tag creates an autoresponse opportunity with the trigger of the mention of a tagged user. Follow the AFK tag with “on” (without quotes) to create the autoresponse trigger, and “off” to delete the autoresponse trigger. When you write a message following “on”; the message will behave as an away message, but if you leave it blank, the system will use a default away message.

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