How to Write a Great Resume and Get Hired for Your Dream Job? Have you sent your resume to over ten companies but didn’t get an invitation to the job interview? Then, it is high time to upgrade your resume. The resume you wrote several years ago isn’t effective anymore. In 2022, you should pay more attention to how your resume is structured.

If you have found your dream job, think about how to prove to the employer that you are the best candidate for the company. The first step you should make is to write a high-quality resume that will highlight your personal qualities and professional achievements. Today, the competition in the job market is fierce. You need to make your resume eye-catching if you want to get hired fast. Keep in mind that there are different resume types. You need to learn their distinctive features and choose the format that best fits your position.

The well-chosen resume format will help you to organize all the information the right way. It’s essential to structure your work experience, education, and personal achievements. There are three main resume formats: a chronological resume, a functional resume, and a combination resume. Each of which has its own features and fits a certain type of job applicant. Let’s have a look at resume types to choose from.

Read the job description carefully and write a separate resume for each company. You should learn about the company’s activities and create a resume that can meet their requirements to the full extent. Take into account that recruiters appreciate it when an applicant knows everything about the company.

Don’t pass by the vacancy if you lack some skills. You should understand that there are few candidates who can meet all the requirements. If you have the necessary education and at least some experience in the necessary sphere, then try your luck. The main thing is to have a strong desire to learn and contribute to the company’s success.

How to write a great resume? What Resume Format Fits You Personally?

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As has already been mentioned, there are different ways how you can structure your personal information. Check the formats below and pick the one that fits you best.

1. Chronological resume. It’s about writing about your education, job experience, volunteer activities, etc., in chronological order. Such a resume will help your recruiter to see that your experience in the last position meets their requirements. To write this resume type, you need to divide all the pieces of information into blocks. “Does this format fit me?” – Yes, if you are the person who doesn’t change job spheres often. A chronological resume is a perfect choice for those who work in the same sphere and doesn’t go from one company to another all the time.

Such a resume can show your potential employer how you have progressed in your job sphere. So, if you want to get hired in the same sphere and demonstrate your achievements, don’t hesitate to pick a chronological resume format.

2. Functional resume. This type is more effective if you want to stand out. It gives answers to such important questions as “What are you?” “What problems can you deal with?” “What are your hobbies and interests?” When should you give preference to a functional resume format? Experts recommend using it when you want to send a resume to a definite company, not just place it on the site when you search for a vacancy. If you aren’t sure that you can write an outstanding resume, hire a custom resume writer. But be careful. Remember that the quality of your resume will affect the recruiter’s decision. So, first, check topresume review to entrust your resume writing to a competent and experienced writer.

The main idea is to show how your skills can be helpful to the company you have chosen. However, you need to bear in mind that this resume doesn’t fit a specialist who doesn’t have the necessary job experience and professional skills.

3. Combination resume. This resume combines features of both previously-described resume types. It’s the best type to choose if you want to tell about yourself a bit more but still stick to a more typical format. You can use the chronological template and add information about your skills and achievements with a scale that makes it possible to evaluate them. 

A combination resume is a good option to choose if you are a candidate with a large job experience who has been working in the same sphere for a long time. It also fits those who want to change the sphere but have experience and skills that can be helpful to a certain company. When should you give preference to other resume types? A combination resume isn’t for you if you have just graduated from the university and don’t have job experience.

Are there any other ways to tell about yourself and stand out? Besides the above-listed resume formats, there is one more way to highlight your strengths. If you are a creative personality, you can create a resume that includes infographics, interactive elements, videos with examples of your projects, etc. However, a creative resume can’t be a suitable option for any candidate. You can use all your fantasy if you apply for some of the creative job titles, for example, a designer, an illustrator, or an architect. Economists, bank consultants, and accountants should choose a more standard resume type.

Create a Winning Job Resume Easily

Check the recommendations below to write a resume that will help you to get hired for a well-paid job. Highlight your positive qualities and additional experience that can be useful for the position you apply for. Don’t be shy and tell the recruiter about your volunteer activity or any other projects you have participated in. 

Don’t describe the whole life story in your resume. Even if you write a creative resume format, remember that it’s still a document. A resume is a short summary of your achievements, and it should be only facts without any emotions.

Place the most interesting part of your resume on the top. You should understand that recruiters get tons of resumes daily. If you don’t want the recruiter to just scroll down your resume and close it, do your best to attract his/her attention from the very first line. Don’t use words, which meaning is unclear to you.

Hope now you know how to write a great resume. Your task isn’t to sound smarter than you are but to impress the recruiter with your real professional skills and achievements in the sphere you specialize in. Follow the tips above and increase your chances of winning a fierce job competition.