Does super device for the smart workplace by Huawei is a good invention? Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress 2022 or MWC 2022 executes from February 28 to March 3. All outstanding tech companies globally have linked up the event, letting in the Chinese international technology corporation Huawei.

Huawei Spring 2022 Smart Office Live Event

Huawei declared a brand-new product launching event as a piece of MWC 2022. The Huawei Spring 2022 Event is planned for February 27 at 9:30 P.M. Beijing Time. You can now check the product launching event thru Livestream on YouTube.

The card motto “Super Device, Super Creativity” gives the public a clue of what to ask. People who will tune-up to the Livestream will be capable of finding office-related product declarations suchlike laptops, tablets, and monitors.

These devices are expected to be interrelated, probably by Huawei’s Device+. The Device+ is a characteristic that will display you close Huawei devices, suchlike MediaBook laptops, MediaPad tablets, Vision TVs, and Freebuds,

With this characteristic, users can allow the devices to interact more comfortably and faster, just like other companies operates. It as well proposes a unified control board to deal with all associations and send sound and images to whatever linked up Huawei devices.

Huawei’s updated Harmoney OS is as well rumored to be brought out at the event.

As for the computer hardware, Huawei’s MatePad 10.4.2022 is presently creating its certification rounds out. Its rumored specifications let in a 10.4-inch, 16:10, FullHD+ screen display, a 7,150 mAh battery, a Snapdragon 778G chipset, and Harmony OS.

In addition to, it is rumored that Huawei has a match of unexpected smartphones as well, which was freshly patterned in the 3C corroboration database: NOH-AN50 and ABR-AL60.

MWC 2022 Event

In a couple of years, the great focus of the event has been on the changeover to 5G and the issue of folding smartphones.

There are always places for a fistful of non-smartphone declarations, whether brand-new laptops or smartwatch updates.

In the year 2020, MWC was set off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the year 2021, the event was broke through, but it did not get much buzz, as per The Verge.

Nowadays, the organizers are fortunate that the event will be a little different, with grand declarations anticipated for several tech monsters. Other companies are expected to get-go the event’s Livestream.

The technological monster utilized MWC as an introduction spot for its smartphones. The company has introduced its smartphones a long time in advance in the last couple of years. As the other companies are already in stores, fans might check the brand-new other companies’ laptops as an alternative.

Bettering connectivity and cross-device collaboration: this is the will pressed out by Huawei, which takes form with today’s declarations at the opening of MWC 2022. Likewise, brand-new hardware products, the Super Device for the Smart Workplace or Huawei Smart office mobile phone, a software system solution that directs to create a progressively coordinated user experience. What is its purpose? We cite from the press release: “Let all compatible devices work as one device”.

Super Device: Huawei for the cross-device

As users frequently find themselves having to cope with different and broken ecosystems, the aim is to make a ‘merged experience, bringing into consideration requirements specified as staying creative even active. The company already followed a goal in the late past, with the launching of features identified as OneHop (2018) and Multi-Screen Collaboration (2020). What has been brought out nowadays forms a new tread on this way. Below is the statement by Pier Giorgio Furcas, Deputy General Manager of Huawei CBG Italia.

The Super Device is a concept that goes on the far side of the private functionality of the ecosystem products. The outcome of the commitment of past years of R&D, the Super Device, adds the experience of separate Huawei devices to the maximal to meet the regenerated needs of consumers in contrastive life scenarios. A mixed collaboration between hardware and software and various devices permits a good smart office experience. Huawei is acting fast to offer professionals the proper means to fill the ways of working of the coming, acclaiming a brand-new approach that will need the total consolidation of all devices to let loose creativity and convey better.

AppGallery Per applications on Computer

Specifically, Huawei Mobile App Engine adds sui PC of the brand le applications circularized by the platform AppGallery. In that respect, there is as well the possibility of getting at the files and icons on the phone from the pc. Even Pop-Up Pairing lets the laptop rapidly connect to wireless headsets such as Bluetooth speaker systems, Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and printing machines. These, in detail, are a few of the additional integrated functions.

  • Super Multitasking creates the smartphone accessible from a windowpane on the desktop;
  • Super Co-creation works the tablet into an extra screen or extraneous drive, sanctioning commands specified as drag-and-drop and copy-paste;
  • Super Productivity lets you link up a PC to a MateView monitor (with 4K + data format) to reveal a bigger diagonal and a more advanced resolution);
  • Super Presentation lets you make use of an alternative screen for a demonstration or to view additional content.

For Huawei, this is only the beginning

As per the statements of Huawei, this is only the beginning. The announcement will be to keep on the path set about, introducing support for additional devices and enabling brand-new user experiences. A lot of data about Smart Office can be ascertained on the pages of the authorized website.

    The Super Device indeed takes users to the following level of technology, productivity and amusement. Accompaniment for Super Device functionality will reach former Huawei PC models, as farsighted as users upgrade to the up-to-date edition. In the coming times, Huawei plans to add up support over more devices so that it can be endlessly better user experiences, both at the office and in entertainment.


Huawei super device for the smart workplace is the only beginning. Huawei is still working hard in the innovation section for its users to make work life easier and fun.

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