People love going for anything free. It’s human nature, and the mindset of ‘why pay when you can get it for free‘ is not always applicable, especially if your privacy and security are at risk. VPN serves as your protection against threats that may compromise personal data, sensitive files, and your privacy. VPN is a technology that’s designed to ensure your digital footprints are safe. 

If you live in one of the FVEY countries, it’s more than a good reason to use a VPN to hide all your online activities and prevent government surveillance. Canada is one of the FVEY, including the US, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. These countries may check with your ISP all your digital footprints and the best way to mask your identity is to find a reliable VPN. 

While free VPNs are all over the market, promising tons of features and services that look like their counterpart paid VPNs, you must think twice. It’s better to use a cheap VPN than take the risk of getting a free service that should protect you but ends up exposing you to tons of hazards and threats against your privacy. 

Is free VPN a good option comparatively with paid VPN?

Whether you live in Canada or any part of the world, not just the Five Eyes or 14 Eyes, digital protection is vital. You are exposed to tons of threats, potential hacks, cybercrimes, malware, viruses, and more when you browse the internet without robust protection. 

There are two kinds of VPN, free and premium. While premium VPN requires you to pay your subscription to ensure security, free VPN offers a free charge to use the service. That may sound a good deal, but you might get shocked upon discovering that you are the meal served for free VPN clients. 

Your privacy is compromised, and all your sensitive information, bank details, online activities – everything you do online is exposed. However, more people are not aware of it and continue to use it to go for cheap options and protect themselves. 

The next time you check for free stuff, you need to do comprehensive research about potential risks and setbacks, not just the benefits it can provide. VPN service costs money, and only that, you should stay away from them immediately. 

Most free VPNs are

  • They are slow due to limited servers available
  • Generating money through tons of ads when you browse 
  • You are the product where free services get their profit
  • They monitor all your digital activities and sells your information to third-party companies
  • Your IP address is exposed to other network users
  • They collect personal to financial details: keep it or sell it
  • Most of these free VPNs on mobile apps have malware

With the setbacks associated with free VPNs, there are still a lot of people using them. However, if you ‘really’ want to protect your privacy, going over cheap options with robust protection won’t hurt your pocket. 

If you don’t care much about your data, privacy, online threats, viruses, malware, and all, then go for a free service that masked the real product and makes you believe that you’re getting all the benefits. 

Do You Really Need To Use A VPN In Canada?

VPNs are essential security measures in this new era of technology and innovation. Many consumers depend on the internet to do almost everything in their life, and more devices are internet-accessible. Whether you are home or at work, cyber crimes are drastically increasing. 

Governments, especially if you live in the five or fourteen eyes, have instructed ISP (internet service providers) to collect your digital information, log all your activities online, and hand them over to the government or third parties. Some ISPs have legal rights to track and keep metadata on their users like date of birth, address, email address, and your name. 

These acts alone will convince you to secure your privacy and data. Several civil groups or security professionals recommend using and installing a reliable and trustworthy VPN service solution on all your network and devices. 

Paid Vs. Free VPN: Which One To Choose

Most premium VPNs offer free trials on the service that they provide. You can take advantage of these features within the 30-day trial and get a refund. While not everyone can invest in this software, some paid services are as good as free with their cheap subscription pricing plan. 

There are tons of benefits you can get with a premium type of VPNs:

  • Increase digital security and privacy
  • Robust protection against cyberthreats, viruses, malware, or surveillance.
  • VPN protects all your private, sensitive, and digital information from leakage to third party and hackers
  • It allows you to bypass and stream regional-restricted sites, services, and great online deals
  • It hides your identity, IP address, and location
  • It’s safe for downloading, file sharing, or torrenting
  • VPNs can increase your internet speed as your ISP cannot track your traffic.
  • It allows you to have peace of mind knowing that you are digitally protected
  • Premium VPNs offers a great deal for more extended subscription services

With the benefits you can get with premium VPN, not everyone would want to invest with them and still choose the risk with free services. 

Suppose you love torrenting, sharing files, or downloading various content online. In that case, a free VPN is not a reliable security tool as your IP address is visible to everyone sharing or downloading content. 

Using a free VPN is like exposing your vulnerability to threats online. It’s a dangerous move, and you should not put your privacy at risk. 


Installing and using a VPN on all your devices can secure your privacy and data. Though free VPNs are all over the place and offer enticing deals to register and use the service, it’s better to understand the high-risk setbacks they hide on their consumers. To fully secure all your digital footprints and have peace of mind, check for an affordable VPN; either you live in Canada or not, ensuring your online activities are vital with the ever-growing threats that increase day by day. Hope now you have the answer to the question, is free VPN a good option?

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