Kik Messenger is a quick and social interaction app for sharing messages, overriding SMS (Short Message Service) via the smartphone’s data package or Wi-Fi link for other Kik consumers.

Let’s dig the answer of a most serious question – is Kik safe?

With the product with millions of engaged customers worldwide, Kik Messenger closes down. The business has said that it is shutting the message system to focus on its Kin cryptocurrency.

The judgment also implies that 80 workers who maintain Kik in charge are being dropped. Do not even speak to foreigners.

This is one of the first things we’re all taught – if not earlier – the second thing that we’re old enough to talk about. Great real-world guidance, right?

Then why are young people in the digital world missing it?

This is one of Kik’s main features, a mobile messaging service that is used by more than 300 million members globally and is split into 13-to-24 years.

You can also use the application to get to know strangers, not just let Kik link you with friends. Worried?

Yes, particularly in the history of Kik (more about that shortly). Yet teenagers love it completely. So how do you shield your children from the risks of Kik?

Should you be worried that Kik for children is filled with fake adult profiles? And basically, is Kik safe?

What are the unique features of Kik?

Kik is an immediate standard transmitter among young people. The cross-platform application is utilized for trading with friend’s videos, including gifs.

Kik users can also play games with similar problems, make new friends, and more. Adults and teenagers respect kik.

The positive rating has much to deal with Kik’s perceived privacy. Compared to other applications that only need a telephone number, Kik requires you to login with an email address.

And because everyone can utilize Google, Yahoo, to generate a unique email address! Adolescents enjoy it or other free programs.

You can send information, images, videos, emoji as well as all types of media once you’ve created a Kik ID.

Teens Like that Kik features

  • Be private — registration requires an email simply.
  • Communicate with friends one-on-one.
  • Explore common interests with friends.
  • Chat in such a band and make some new friends.
  • Connect between platforms (smartphone to Android or vice versa)

Is Kik created for young people? Or do teenagers like it?

For teenagers, Kik is created. Currently, it also has a Google Play teenager ranking. And the application is directed explicitly at teens – in its site and marketing communications, with teenage photos.

You may be 13 years old or younger to utilize Kik, but due to Kik’s Parents’ Guide, a parent or legal guardian must grant permission to use the app for persons under 18.

But for children, is Kik safe? Kik seems to do a fantastic role of supporting parents safely utilize Kik, offering realistic guidance about what to do when their teen has sent unwanted or offensive messages, what to do when your teen gets mixed up, and therapy for teen Kik messages (you can’t get out of the package, but you can use the tracking app).

How secure is Kik, then? If it seems as if Kik could do excellent work, by using the famous message app, enabling parents to feel better about the teenagers.

But they have little choice, particularly with all of the uncertainty over the past few years which has engulfed the social media network.

For all of the worst purposes, Kik gets publicity. In 2017, an investigative reporter for Philadelphia mission statements appeared on the Text Messaging app as a 16-year-old girl.

And the investigator had inadequate, sexually suggestive images within minutes.

Forbes has released a personal inquiry, which has documented several instances of Kik child abuse.  People will spare you all that, but you’re going to have to remember that Kik was prolific at one time with the prowl’s predators.

Easy online Kik predators’ quest changes your perspective to Kik’s risks, with dozens of pages of results growing that hair on your neck. How bad it got? 

Well, Kik confirmed it was close down in September 2019. But after one month, another headline-maker inevitably dominated the launch.

Kik revealed in October 2019 that MediaLab in California had bought the service, which meant that Kik manages to work on. But parents didn’t stop them from asking, “How safe is Kik? “.

Usage of Kik Comes with Risks

Does Kik have safety? That’s up to who you are wondering. But we would say no from a parental point of view. And why is this:

To utilize Kik, you just need to be 13. And that’s getting worse. All you need to do is build a Kik account with an email address (no telephone number needed), so people below the ages of 13 can easily claim that they are young enough to utilize the app.

Users may be anonymous entirely. This is a positive thing when on the ground. Your teenager can also be anonymous, right?

Perhaps. But they will possibly use Kik to make friends. And while this may not be confidential, this anonymity is the benefit of the 40-year aged predator, who acts only as a 14-year-old girl.

Everyone should get in touch with your teen. Anybody, even people your teenager never knew, literally. This is why Kik is known as a paradise for predators.

No protection is in place. When you can record and eventually block inappropriate messages to someone, there is nothing else you could do to secure your child.

When Kik can disable the offender’s profile, it is simple for any of them to return to the app – especially as an account only requires the email address.


Please do not use Kik for them. That’s more convenient to say. We know, then done. They’re going to want it on the telephone when your teen’s buddies use Kik.

Offer them quite actual Kik horror stories in the last 5-6 years, when they persist on utilizing Kik. Or you would like to try an app for parental supervision.

One of them is known as mSpy. It allows you to check their Kik texts from the mobile device, without anyone knowing about everything. That contains messages and texts received on certain apps, such as Kik.

You can securely track all incoming and outgoing messages sent as well as received by Kik chat with mSpy built on the teen’s telephone. You can also display every Kik text’s date & time.

MSpy also has other parental control functions, including the opportunity to access pictures as well as videos on the telephones, search data, being warned of keywords, reading emails, checking call logs, etc. It’s an intelligent way for your children to be secure – particularly in a globe where adults use Kik for children.

Hopefully you are satisfied with the answer to the question – is kik safe?

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