Antiviruses are vital in keeping our electronic devices safe, but not all of them are trustworthy.

Malwarebytes Inc., an American internet security company, was established in 2004, and the first anti-malware was released in 2006. From 2006 till now, numerous updates have been done and still being done regularly. Malwarebytes detects or blocks more than 8000000 threats per day.

More than 187000000 Malwarebytes scans occur every month. Malwarebytes is installed more than 247K times every day. These are some impressive numbers, but the question remains, is Malwarebytes safe?

Well, what exactly makes an antivirus safe? Antivirus software is a software program used to prevent, detect, and remove malware or computer viruses.

If an antivirus is safe and effective, it will protect your computer from all kinds of malware. If an antivirus isn’t effective, then it isn’t safe because it cannot protect your computer from malware and cyber-attacks. If your antivirus isn’t safe, then your PC will get infected with malware and will start to act abnormally. This is why it is important to install a good antivirus.


Is Malwarebytes Safe?

Malwarebytes is one of the leading antiviruses. It has great reviews. However, is it safe for all types of computers? And is it better than other antiviruses? Let’s find out.


Is Malwarebytes Safe for All Types of Computer and Other Electronic Devices?

To know if an anti-malware software is good, you have to know if they work perfectly for all types of computers. Some antiviruses work well in Windows; some antiviruses work well for Mac.

There are few antiviruses that work well for both. We have not only used Malwarebytes ourselves, but we also asked other people’s opinions about this antivirus. After collecting all the data, we have come to the following conclusion:

Malwarebytes for Mac 

Have you ever thought if Malwarebytes is safe for Mac? Well, Malwarebytes is a safe and effective program to use for Mac. Macs can detect malware, but not all malware is viruses.

So, it can be difficult for Macs to detect and remove viruses. Malwarebytes can detect and block viruses, Trojans, and spyware systems. You can either get the free or premium version of Malwarebytes for your Mac. After you install Malwarebytes, it is mostly just a one-click process.

You don’t have to worry about anything. Even though Macs are much more resilient to common viruses, there are many complicated malwares are out there, and they can do serious damage to your Mac. This is why you should install Malwarebytes for your Mac.

Malwarebytes for Windows 10 

Windows 10 has Windows Defender, which is a good anti-virus but it is not an anti-malware program. If your Windows 10 comes across Trojans, spyware systems, or malware systems, Windows Defender cannot detect or blocks them.

This is why you need Malwarebytes in your Windows 10. It not only gets rids of viruses, but it also detects and blocks malware. Malwarebytes is an anti-malware software that blocks viruses. So, if you get Malwarebytes, you won’t have to get an anti-virus software.

Malwarebytes will do the job for you. But the question remains, is Malwarebytes safe for Windows 10? Yes, it absolutely is.

Malwarebytes for Androids

No platform is completely immune to malware. Android is no exception. Malwarebytes provides both Androids and iOS users with mobile security software that keeps their smartphones and tablets safe from the latest malware, ransomware, adware, and unauthorized surveillance.

If you want extra protection for your phone, you can install Malwarebytes. Now you may ask, ”Is Malwarebytes safe for Androids?” It is. Malwarebytes is capable of detecting and blocking common viruses as well as advanced malware. After installing Malwarebytes, you will not feel any negative impact on the system.

It doesn’t impact battery life or slow down the device. Malwarebytes is a reliable anti-malware software for Androids.


How Effective is Malwarebytes Compared to Other Anti-Malware Software?

Now that we know Malwarebytes is safe for Windows 10, Mac, and Androids, we have to determine if it is the best anti-malware software out there. To do that, we have to compare it with another anti-malware software.

Malwarebytes Vs. McAfee 

Have you ever thought is Malwarebytes better than McAfee? Well, let’s find out. Malwarebytes and McAfee are the two most popular anti-malware software. Malwarebytes has two security products: Malwarebytes Free and Malwarebytes Premium. McAfee also offers two security products: McAfee Total Protection and McAfee LiveSafe. So, McAfee doesn’t offer any free security products.

When you install Malwarebytes Free, you can get Malwarebytes Premium for free for a month. After using it for a month, if you like it, you can buy Malwarebytes Premium. But McAfee doesn’t offer this service. So, there is no way for you to judge if you like this anti-malware software or if it works for you.

Both Malwarebytes and McAfee are safe and easy to use. They are compatible with Windows, Mac, Androids, and iOS. But they have some differences too. Malwarebytes is easy to install.

On the other hand, you might need tech support to install McAfee. Some people have trouble reinstalling McAfee. So, Malwarebytes is slightly user- friendly than McAfee.

Malwarebytes also takes up less storage space than McAfee. But McAfee offers extra utilities in its security suits. Malwarebytes detects and blocks classic viruses as well as the latest malware. So, we can say that Malwarebytes is slightly better than McAfee.

Malwarebytes Vs. Norton 

The first difference between Malwarebytes and Norton is more expensive. So, not everyone can afford that. Malwarebytes is a powerful and well- rounded security suite. It can save your PC from malware, spyware, ransom, rootkits, phishing, compromised websites, etc. It can provide you with the same security measures as McAfee only at a lower price.

Malwarebytes offers real-time protection. This feature is great for people with a technical background that want more control. Real-time protection is one of the main selling points of Malwarebytes. Norton provides a broader range of security, but users find Malwarebytes more easy to use. You can install Malwarebytes by yourself, but you will need tech support to install Norton.

Malwarebytes is more popular among users than Norton. One test shows that Norton slows down a system by 17%, which is not so bad. But Malwarebyte’s impact on a system is 14%, which is less than Norton. Malwarebytes also takes up less storage space than Norton. With Malwarebytes, you can schedule scans when you want them to run. After reviewing user reviews, we can say that Malwarebytes is more user- friendly than Norton. That is why most people prefer Malwarebytes.

Can Malwarebytes Be Trusted?

There is a reason people ask more than once if an antivirus is safe. A lot of people have bad experiences when it comes to antimalware software. Malware is harder to detect than regular viruses.

That is why normal antiviruses cannot detect or block malware. So, these malware wreaks havoc on computers. Sometimes people have to buy a new computer because their previous computer got ruined because of malware.

A good anti-malware software not only detects and blocks advanced malware but also gets rid of normal viruses. A good anti-malware has a lot of positive characteristics. Some of them are:


The main purpose of anti-malware software is to detect and block malware. Malwarebytes detects or blocks more than 8000000 threats per day. Normal anti-viruses cannot detect advanced malware. Malwarebytes not only detects and blocks advanced malware but also gets rid of normal viruses. If you install Malwarebytes, you won’t have to install any antivirus software.

Malwarebytes is compatible with Windows 10, Mac, Android, iOS. Malwarebytes doesn’t take up a lot of storage space. With Malwarebytes, you can schedule scans exactly when you want them to run. The scanning itself runs quickly. Malwarebytes does not waste any time. Malwarebytes is more than capable of keeping your computer safe.

Malwarebytes is an efficient anti-malware software. It is capable of combating common threats such as malware, spyware, ransomware, compromised websites, etc. If you install Malwarebytes on your computer, it will be able to save your computer from all kinds of threats. Malwarebytes is powerful, well- rounded, and capable of functioning as a full security suite. You will not regret it if you install Malwarebytes. It is one of the best anti-malware software.

User- Friendly

Most people struggle with technology. If someone finds installing anti-malware difficult, they might get disheartened and quit. This is why it is vital to keep these things user- friendly. Malwarebytes is very easy to install and use. Most anti-malware software is difficult to use. This is why people need tech support to install most anti-malware software. But you can install Malwarebytes by themselves.

Malwarebytes is cheaper compared to other popular anti-malware software, but it provides the same security measures as others. Real-time protection is one of the main selling products of Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes’ signature-based definitions catch more than 97% viruses and malware threats. Real-time protection looks for zero-day attacks, ransomware, and unpatched vulnerabilities. So, this feature provides the best possible security measure for customers.

This feature is also great for people with a technical background who want more control. People can also customize a scan control setting, which is helpful if you want to save time.

No matter how effective or useful an anti-malware software is, if it isn’t user- friendly, it will not have good reviews. Malwarebytes is not only effective but also user- friendly. You can’t go wrong with Malwarebytes.


There are a lot of internet security companies out there. Some of them are scams that trick people with fake anti-malware software that cannot detect any malware. Many people have been tricked by these companies. That is why people are apprehensive when it comes to anti-malware software.

But Malwarebytes Inc. is a renowned internet security company that was founded in 2004. They released their first anti-malware software in 2006. By 2015, Malwarebytes had helped in fixing over 250 million computers and over 5 billion Malwarebytes threats across the world.

So, you can see from the data that Malwarebytes is no scam company. It is an award-winning American security company. Many tech specialists vouch for Malwarebytes. If you had any doubts about Malwarebytes, it should have been cleared by now. If you want to know more about Malwarebytes, you should visit their website.

Provides Options

Malwarebytes offers two security suits- Malwarebytes Free and Malwarebytes Premium. Malwarebytes Free is free, but if you install it, you get one month free trial for Malwarebytes Premium. After one month, if you wish, you can buy Malwarebytes Premium.

Not a lot of anti-malware software offers free trials, let alone a free installation. Malwarebytes lets their customers choose. You can either get the free version of Malwarebytes or if you want more features, you can buy the premium version. If you aren’t sure if you want the premium version, you can get the free trial. Malwarebytes think about their customers, that is why they have made this process easy.

Both of these suits are easy to install. You don’t need any tech support. You can do this by yourself. Malwarebytes is also very easy to use.



Anti-malware software can be expensive. On top of that, if you don’t buy good quality anti-malware software, your computer can get infected with viruses. Most people do not have an in-depth knowledge of anti-malware software. That is why they are apprehensive about installing new anti-malware software. In this article, we have talked about Malwarebytes; especially answered the question “Is Malwarebytes Safe?”. We have compared it with other popular anti-malware software. We have talked about different features of Malwarebytes and how they help to keep your computer malware-free. We hope all this information helped you to make a decision.

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