Making a switch from PC to a Mac or purchasing a Macbook as your first computer will be a new experience. It will also take some time to get adjusted to it before you are comfortable with using the new computer.

However, some people might not have a lot of time because they want to become productive as soon as possible because there is work to be done. If that is the case, taking a proactive approach and reading about some tips is a good course of action. The Mac productivity tips mentioned in this article ought to make you better at using a Mac. And the sooner you integrate them in your daily use, the better off you will be.

Suggestion #1 – Manage Background Applications

Applications running in the background are consuming resources and can become a real hindrance to the overall performance. If you were to do a bit of research, you would find a post or two about how certain applications are consuming valuable resources of the system.

Yes, there are some instances when an application is an integral part of the system, and you cannot really remove it or even replace it with an alternative. Take an antivirus, for instance. It is recommended to always have one so that any potential threats are detected and deleted immediately. 

However, you should still be able to make some adjustments. Launch Activity Monitor and take a close look at all the processes. 

If there are apps that load every time you boot the computer, and you forget about them running in the background, there is always an option to trim up the startup item list. 

Suggestion #2 – Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are something you get used to in time, but you should still look to incorporate more of these into your everyday tasks. And it is not just about the simple ones like Control + C or Control + V.

You can find a list of every keyboard shortcut on the official Apple support store. Look through the list and pick the shortcuts that you believe would be the most useful to learn for you.

Suggestion #3 – Take Screenshots

There might be instances when you need to take a screenshot that you need to send quickly to someone. When it comes to Macbooks, there are two combinations you need to remember.

Command + Shift + 3 will take a picture of your whole screen. Command + Shift + 4 will allow you to capture a selected portion of the screen. You can copy the screenshot directly if you have to send it to someone via an application or save it on the computer for later use. 

Suggestion #4 – Prevent Memory Leaks

prevent memory leaks

Memory leaks are not necessarily a problem you will have to be concerned about in the early days of using the Mac, but there should be some instances after a bit of time has passed.

Applications that have been active for some time will start to distribute the system’s memory to where it should not go. And the longer these applications are running, the worse your overall memory management is.

The simplest solution to this problem is restarting the computer. A restart every few hours ought to be more than enough. Once the Macbook reloads, you can enjoy improvements in the performance and increase your efficiency while working.

Suggestion #5 – Optimize Internet Browser

Using a browser is more or less inevitable when you are working. And if you notice that there is some stuttering or other problems involved while the browser is active, you may want to change the situation.

Not being able to use the internet browser optimally is a big hindrance. One of the first options a lot of people think is looking for a replacement. A number of available alternatives are pretty high, and you can try different browsers to determine which is the best.

On the other hand, if you are too used to what you have right now, or have too much information stored in the bookmarks or browsing history, there are also some things to consider.

For one, make sure to clear the cache regularly. Installing useful extensions like ad blockers and removing the ones you do not really need will also help with the optimization process. Finally, do not have idle tabs open. Every browser tab consumes resources, even if you are not using it actively.

Suggestion #6 – Declutter Desktop

Declutter Desktop

A cluttered desktop brings down the performance, and it is not that great in terms of the environment you have to work in. If you feel like it is more convenient to have all the files on the desktop because you can access them with just a few clicks, consider the downsides as well.

Each icon is rendered whenever you switch back and forth between the desktop and another window. And transferring files to another location will not be a problem since you can use the search feature and find whatever you want in an instant.

Hope these mac productivity tips will make you more productive in your personal work, as well as in business and it will bring a speedy work flow in your busy life.

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