How do you gain customers’ trust in an ecommerce store?

With increasing competition in the industry, people are looking for a faster and more secure platform for completing transactions.

Did you know that 63% of the digital payment transactions value is from Digital Commerce?

This means that the payment gateway choice will play a crucial role in the customer experience and in generating revenue for the business.

magento 2 payment methods

It is important to understand that a Magento Payment Gateway is an intermediate between the customer, merchant, and bank responsible for completing transactions.

What is a Magento Payment Gateway?

It acts as a trusted middleman that will process and approve transactions.

The right Magento payment gateway will help to handle payments quickly, securely, and easily.

The whole process of completing the transactions are:

  • After a customer triggers the payment, your Magento payment gateway will collect the transaction request, encrypt the information, and transfer it to the payment processor.
  • The payment processor will send the transaction information to the required bank and assess the request to check the funds and fraud. This will decide if the payment will be authorized or not.
  • Then the response goes to the payment processor to complete the transactions, and information is shared with the customers.

The Magento payment gateway will increase the credibility and security of the online store.

What are the different functionalities of Magento 2 payment gateways?

1.    PayTrace Payment Gateway

The Magento 2 PayTrace payment gateway extension specializes in completing payments in a secure environment.

The extension will not redirect users to third-party sites and complete the payment in the Magento 2 store itself.

Some noteworthy functionalities of this payment gateway are:

  • It has a vault to save the cards to complete future transactions on the ecommerce store
  • The owner has the right to change the title of the PayTrace payment method in the frontend
  • The admin has the right to set the authorize and capture settings during the transactions
  • Configuration of the minimum and maximum amount required to use the PayTrace method
  • Customers and admin have the ease of access to check the payments completed using this extension
  • This Magento 2 Payment gateway is capable of handling a large number of transactions and completing processes instantly

2.    Paypal Multicurrency Payment Gateway

 This has gained popularity in the ecommerce industry as it enables ecommerce stores to accept payments internationally with diverse currencies.

This might be the right choice if you want a payment gateway with transparent pricing.

Some unique functionalities are:

  • This payment extension does not have any setup or cancellation fees to allow the admin to switch anytime.
  • It is easier to run the extension in-app, mobile site, or website, ensuring a smooth customer experience.
  • The best part is that it does not share customer information with the merchants after the transaction, reducing the risk of a data breach.
  • It is known to be a simple payment processor with minimal integration requirements but the ease of process with automation.

3.    Stripe Payment Gateway

This method is highly responsive on all devices and browsers when you aim to provide a perfect checkout experience to the users.

It will help the buyers and sellers to handle transactions globally.

A few great functionalities of this Magento 2 payment gateway are:

  • It will provide regular updates to ensure the payments are processed perfectly without delays.
  • Being highly transparent, it follows ethical practices to ensure no hidden fees for the customers and businesses.
  • Stripe has an interactive interface to provide ease of access for customers. Customers can easily navigate and add minimal information to complete their purchases.
  • This payment gateway accepts payments from all major credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets internationally.

What is the Complete Testing Guide of Magento 2 Payment Gateway?

1.    Payment Process Testing

You can easily test credit cards by enabling the “Saved CC” method.

Select the test credit card type as VISA and add the number 4111111111111111 with any CVV and expiry date.

This will help you check the customer’s module performance and response.

2.    Functional Testing

This will check if the payment gateway will perform seamlessly in multiple languages and currencies.

It will also know if your payment method can effortlessly complete transactions using cards, UPI, and net banking.

3.    Performance Testing

It will understand if the payment gateway can handle a large number of transactions at once.

When you run an online store, it becomes significant to accept payments simultaneously from various methods.

This test will ensure the platform does not crash during multiple transactions.

4.    Integration Testing

This test of Magento extensions for ecommerce ensures that it is integrated perfectly.

It is important that the payment gateway is connected with the right bank account, provides seamless transfers, and maintains track of all the transactions.

5.    Security Testing

These are the most crucial metrics you need to check when you make your presence in the digital world.

It will help to prevent weak links in the payment gateway and ensure security for the users.

This also increases users’ trust as they will be sharing their sensitive information on your ecommerce store.

Here are some pointers before you begin testing Magento 2 Payment Gateway:

  • The message will be displayed after the successful or unsuccessful transaction.
  • Deciding the language and currency based on the customer’s location
  • Redirects, if needed to the website to complete the transactions
  • Acceptance of payments from multiple options like wallets, cards, UPI, net banking, and more
  • Message displayed in case of issues or after the payment session is completed

End Note!

Becoming a crucial part of the ecommerce industry and taking the initiative to integrate the right Magento 2 Payment Gateway will ensure a smooth customer experience.

Looking for the right features and functionalities in the payment methods gains users’ trust and helps complete the payments hassle-free.

Most of the cart abandonments are noticed during the checkout process.

The reason might be non-trustable payment methods, too much information, or a non-responsive payment gateway.

Ensure that you have a detailed checklist of the functionalities before integrating any payment method in your Magento store.