Website Translation Errors to Avoid

When you have been running a business website for a while and have decided that you want to reach an international audience and have it translated, you want to make sure that you get it right. Otherwise, you are going to end up with a poorly translated site that simply cannot be comprehended all that easily. As well as knowing a few of the things to get right, it is also worth bearing in mind the common website translation errors to Avoid that you certainly need to avoid. Here, we will be looking at a few of these in a higher level of detail.

Not Getting a Proper Translation Service

The first potential issue that you could find yourself encountering is the simple fact that you have relied on an automatic or substandard translation service to get your site put into another language. More likely than not, it is going to end up being littered with translation errors as a result of this. Therefore, choosing the right translation agency such as Polilingua will help you significantly when it comes to avoiding any issues that you may otherwise have encountered. Remember, when people come onto a website, they often make their first impression in a very short time. If they do not like what they see, it is unlikely that they are going to be coming back again any time soon.

Losing Your Website Layout

When you do have your website translated, it is important that you double-check to see how this has impacted the overall layout of your site. After all, you do not want to find yourself in a situation in which your site gets all jumbled up, and you cannot see what is going on all that clearly. Therefore, it is important that you do extensive testing of the site before it actually goes live. You may need to make one or two tweaks along the way, but it is certainly worth making these at an earlier stage rather than a later one.

Not Focusing on Multilingual SEO 

For your website to have gotten into the position that it is in, it is more than likely that you have launched some sort of SEO campaign to get it to where you want it. However, when you go down the path of translating your website in a professional capacity, this starts all over again. Therefore, it is certainly important that you put multilingual SEO front and center with what you are doing. This means that you should do some all-new keyword research to work out the specific terms that you hope to rank with when you type them into other foreign search engines. If you fail to do this, your site may not gain the type of traction that you had initially hoped that it would.

You Have Not Translated the Add-Ons and Forms

When you are translating a website, it is important that you do this in the most thorough way that you possibly can. It could well be the case that there are some forms and other add-ons that you had not really thought about in all that much detail. If people click on them and are still in English, this could mean that they are missing out on some vital information that they otherwise could have gotten. Therefore, make sure that you are doing the most thorough job possible and seeking to translate every aspect of your site rather than just the main pages alone.

You Have Not Thought About Localising

While translation can be a fantastic way of attracting a new audience of international customers that you otherwise would not have been able to gain access to, you also need to think about ensuring that your site is localised. In essence, this means that it should make clear and obvious sense to a local audience. For example, there may be some references in there that are very centric to an American audience, such as referencing US towns or public figures. Ultimately, making these adjustments can really make all the difference to the overall understanding of the site, which is certainly something that you do not wish to lose. Remember, this is all going to make a difference when it comes to the overall first impression of your site being formed.

You Are Not Updating Your Site

The best websites are the ones that have regular updates as this will help to keep the end-users engaged, as well as ensure that the SEO is sorted at the same time. Therefore, you need to make a real effort to make sure that the updated parts of your site such as your blog page also go through the main translation filters. Otherwise, you can easily find yourself in a situation where parts of your site simply look like they are behind the times and out of character compared with the rest of them.

Not Optimizing the Site for Other Devices

In the modern world, more and more people are accessing the internet through their other devices rather than only relying on computer screens. This is an issue that also closely pertains to the overall layout of the site, but you need to ensure that your website is optimized and working when it is translated and accessed on a mobile phone or a tablet. Otherwise, you can end up in a situation in which you are excluding a significant chunk of your foreign market, which is something that you obviously want to avoid at all costs if you want to be successful.

All of these website translation errors to avoid ensure that you are left with a site that makes sense in the language in question. Going back to the point of first impressions mattering, you need to ensure that your site is translated properly to leave your customers and potential clients alike with a positive impression of your business and what you have created, making it more likely for them to make a purchase.

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