VPN is a very useful tool for accessing websites from unavailable region or area. Sometimes everyone need VPN for some important purposes. There are somebody who need VPN regularly. It’s important to pick an ideal VPN according to users need. Here we will look into the comparison of Nord VPN vs Express VPN elaborately.

Comparison of Nord VPN vs Express VPN

The best way to compare any two VPN services is by considering a number of different factors. These act as a metric in which you are able to gauge the suitability of the VPN for what you need. Potential users should click for a expressvpn vs nordvpn test here.

The main factor that most users gravitate towards is the connection speed. Obviously the faster the speeds, the better that the VPN is. Although this is, of course, very important, there are also a number of other factors that are worth serious consideration.

These include the likes of how much it costs and how users pay, what level of privacy it provides users with, what different features it has, how secure the service is to use, how many devices you can use with it, if or not it supports the sharing of large torrent files, and what platforms it can be used on.

We will now take a look at some of these. The first up is the cost of using each of the services. Nord VPN costs $11.95 a month or $83.88 a year. There is also the option to pay for a 3 year subscription. Express VPN costs $12.95 a month and $99.84 a year.

Each of these two VPN services are very private and secure to use. This is because neither one of them logs any of their users’ online activity. In fact, because of where both of the companies are based (Panama and the British Virgin Islands), it is actually illegal for them to do so.

Nord VPN comes with lots of different features, whereas Express VPN is not so feature rich. However, because of this, it means that their service is much easier to use. The Onion Over VPN that Nord VPN users, ensures that all information is kept super secure. 

With both VPN services using AES – 256 bit key, users can rest assured that everything is highly secure. When it comes to protocols, Nord VPN uses 2048 bit keys, whereas Express VPN uses the more secure 4096 bit keys instead.

ExpressVPN has dedicated Media Streaming servers that are optimized for streaming sites such as Amazon Prime Video.

For anyone wanting to use multiple devices, it is Nord VPN that offers a greater level of connectivity with as many as 6 different devices being allowed to connect to their service. Express VPN gives you less connectivity options with only 5 devices only being able to use their service at any one time. 

Although both VPNs allow the sharing of large torrent files, it is Express VPN that has more P2P enable servers out of the two companies. It also provides users with an advanced level of leak protection, which works to protect users from being violated for copyright making infringements.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, we can comfortably say that Nord VPN is the better of the two and is, thus, the service that you should use. 

How to choose a VPN?

Among the advantages of a VPN (virtual private network) the most important one is using a VPN, you will be able to keep you more secure when you are on public Wi-Fi and facilitate you to access those contents are not accessible in your area or region.

There are many VPN software with variety of features available in the market. But the toughest task is to select a perfect VPN for you.

It is difficult to suggest a VPN, even it is given, and it won’t be fruitful to someone. But definitely we can provide you with some bold suggestions to select a best VPN for you.

There are some factors you have to consider while choosing a VPN. Such as, you have to check the specific feature of protection which you need to perform your specific task online.

Let’s consider some facts before choosing a VPN below:

1. Comparison, a free VPN is not always worthless. Many simple tasks can be done using a free VPN. But important is, a free VPN is not actually free. We see they don’t charge, but they earn by selling user data statistics and interests.

And paid VPN definitely has stronger features with security than free VPN. Even some are committed not to sell user data. But a minus point of paid VPN is, if the VPN’s payment method is cryptocurrency, most of the time it requires your credit card.

2. A VPN does not secure one’s online privacy and data. Most of the time they are busy with recording all your activities and hand over to the Governments. If only the VPN company is reliable and trusted, and they are committed to protect your data and online anonymity, you can choose one of them.

Because a professional VPN company must have zero log policy. They also encrypts user data & statistics with an reputed open-source protocol.

3. Before choosing a ideal VPN, you have to check how many servers does they have. Because less or slow servers will slow down your browsing or video streaming. The availability of more servers will increase your opportunities. Most of the VPN’s offer free trial. You can test some of them before finalizing a VPN.

4. Must consider it’s users remarks. What users say and how was their satisfaction, you have to check with that.

5. Compare the service limitations of VPN’s such as main features, extra features, service packs in, number of allowable devices, number of allocated IP addresses etc.

Overall, check from every aspect we have discussed here, before selecting your ideal VPN (virtual private network). Beside this, hopefully the comparison of Nord VPN vs Express VPN helped you out to choose a perfect VPN for you.

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