There is a lot of content that is available on the internet in the form of websites, blogs, technical papers, and articles. While some of the blogs and websites are extremely famous, a few of them will never be able to attract any sort of readership. This is not because of the quality of the content that goes into the making of these blogs or websites. There are several factors that depend on a website or anonymous blog sitesto become famous and gain a lot of readers.

Some of the writers would be extremely talented, introducing various kinds of articles related to different topics but, they would like to understand the technology and the effective ways of promoting the blogs to reach a large group of audience. There are different elements that make a blog a popular one, and some of them are as mentioned below.

make a blog popular
  • Focusing on the design aspects of the blog page is highly essential.
  • Upgrading the writing skills and upskilling the anonymous blog platforms, according to technological advancement, is important.
  • Coming up with crystal, clear content that is informative is critical.
  • Producing original content without plagiarism is going to make your blog popular.
  • Focusing on various kinds of topics and finding out the right niche would help you to develop a fantastic blog that can keep the interest levels of the readers high.

Well, even after doing all these things, there are a lot of writers that are struggling to attract the attention from the readers towards their blog or why a blog fails, and that might be because of several other factors such as:

I was not paying attention to the promotion tools.

promotional tools

With the advancement in technology, there has been a lot of revolution in the areas of writing as well. There are a lot of companies that are coming up with different kinds of promotion tools that can be used by the writer to promote blogs on various other channels effectively.

While some of the writers are making use of these tools, a few of them are completely unaware of the existence of these kinds of tools, which can help them in promoting an anonymous blog.

I am trying to use the age-old techniques of promotion.

Another main reason that a lot of blog posts do not attract followers is because of the writers following the old school methods of promotion. Like there a lot of advancements in the other spaces, there has been a huge revolution in the writing field as well. With a lot of writers coming into the light, there are numerous advancements in the areas of promoting the content too. The only thing that a writer has to do in order to gain followers on their blog is to invest in a lot of learning and understand the various kinds of promotion techniques.

Lacking the confidence to promote the articles on various social media channels

lacking the confidence

A lot of social media channels encourage the content generators to publish their work on different groups and pages. If the content of your free anonymous blog sitesis extremely well prepared, this can be one of the platforms that could help you to gain a lot of readership on your blog.

Scared of being exposed in front of the public

When you start writing something and also focus on having your own blog, it is also important that you choose your identity style. Even though you do not want to reveal your identity to a large group of people, you can always come up with blogs using an anonymous identity. All that matters is the content that you are developing. Even though you’re scared of being exposed in front of the public for the write-ups that you come up with, you must never fear to promote your blogs using the anonymous identity.

Fear of being harassed and bullied

5.	Fear of being harassed and bullied

Some of the writers come up with sensitive content that makes a lot of sense. These topics could revolve around various aspects that are happening in society. In spite of the articles being developed after thorough research, it can attract a lot of criticism from the readers.

These things can take a toll in the life of the writer, with the fear of being harassed and bullied most of the narrative writers fear to publish their works and promote them. However, the anonymous identity can always help in promoting an anonymous blog on various channels and other websites. When you do this, you would be able to gain a lot of followers on your blog and get the answer to why a blog fails.

As a writer using all these techniques to promote your blogs is going to give you a great deal of satisfaction because you are not only making money through your blogs, but you are also trying to reach out to a maximum number of people through the content that you develop.

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