Why Lithuania is a good country to start a business and How to Register Company in Lithuania? Learn here the simplified process including promising benefits.

Lithuania is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for business start-ups, offering a range of benefits to entrepreneurs looking to launch their companies. Influence helps company registration in Lithuania.

Reasons why Lithuania is a great choice for company registration

Low Corporate Tax Rate: Lithuania has one of Europe’. The current standard rate of 15% is significantly lower than most other EU countries, making it an appealing option for those seeking to reduce their tax liabilities. In addition, certain exemptions and deductions are available that can further reduce the tax burden.

Access to European Markets: Lithuania’s strategic location gives businesses easy access to both East and West European markets, providing access to key trading partners such as Germany, Poland, and Russia. This makes it easier for businesses based in Lithuania to expand their operations across the continent without incurring large costs or delays associated with international trade.

Flexible Company Formation Process: The process for starting a business in Lithuania is extremely simple and straightforward; it typically takes only a few days from start to finish before your company begins its operations. There are also various forms of legal entities available including private limited companies (UAB), public limited companies (AB), and limited partnerships (KD). This variety allows entrepreneurs to find the structure best suited to their needs without sacrificing speed or efficiency along the way.

Attractive Incentives: The Lithuanian government offers several incentives designed specifically for new businesses looking to establish themselves in the country such as reduced VAT rates on certain goods or services, subsidies for training staff members or investing in research and development projects, etc., which can help reduce any initial financial burdens faced by start-ups and encourage growth over time.

English Speaking Environment: Although Lithuanian is widely spoken throughout the country, English is also recognized as an official language within most sectors – particularly business-related ones – meaning most contracts or documents will use English as their main language of communication which makes things much simpler when dealing with international clients or partners.

Overall, Lithuania has become one of the top destinations in Europe for those looking to register their businesses due to its low corporate taxes, a wide range of incentives, and flexible company formation processes, not forgetting its prime location at the heart of Europe giving businesses access vast trading opportunities across multiple markets with relative ease compared too many other countries on the continent.


Simplified Steps: Register Company in Lithuania

  • Choose the type of legal entity: Before starting the process, you must first decide which type of legal entity best suits your needs. There are several different types available ranging from private limited companies (UAB) and public limited companies (AB) to limited partnerships (KD).
  • Prepare Documents: You will need to prepare a number of documents necessary to register your company including the Articles of Association, the Business Plan, and other related forms. You can also hire a local lawyer or accountant to assist you with this step if needed.
  • Register With The State Enterprise Centre: Once all necessary documents are ready, they must be submitted to the State Enterprise Centre (SEC) for registration. This process can take up to 10 days depending on the case.
  • Apply for a Tax ID Number: After successful registration, you must apply for a tax identification number (TIN) which will be used when filing taxes and dealing with other legal matters related to the company.
  • Open a Bank Account: Once your TIN has been issued, you can open a corporate bank account and begin operating your business.

Wrap up

To register company in Lithuania is a straightforward process that can be completed in a matter of days. With its strategic location at the heart of Europe, attractive incentives for new businesses, and English as an official language within most sectors, it is no wonder that Lithuania has become one of the top destinations for entrepreneurs looking to establish their operations on the continent. By following the steps outlined in this article, you will be able to get your business up and running in no time.

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