It’s astoundingly amazing to think how much data is being transmitted daily in different industry verticals to operate optimally. Companies of every shape and size use documents, photos, and other files for various business operations. In this article we are going to cover about secured file transfer, and tips on how to avail secure file sharing for business.

With time the way we share, and transfer data or files has changed drastically. The traditional methods of sharing data are being replaced with modern and secure measures. In the era of the cloud, cloud-based file sharing has gained immense popularity. Cloud-based file-sharing or cloud file sharing is a pack of cloud services allowing people to save and sync documents of all kinds and share them with others. A cloud file transfer service makes it possible to access the same data from different devices, including desktops, smartphones, notebooks, and tablets.

If you want to know more about cloud file transfer, you are at the right place. But before knowing about file-sharing, you must know how files are stored on the cloud. This article will tell you more about cloud file transfer and how to incorporate this into your business.

What Is A Cloud Storage?

Simply put, cloud storage is a remote platform with multitenant infrastructure providing enterprises with accessible storage resources. As enterprises focus on being more dynamic and highly virtualized, cloud storage options are high in demand. Apart from being cost-effective and budget-friendly, cloud storages provide immense flexibility as compared to physical storage devices.

Cloud storage is basically a web-based interface with unique features to help today’s data-intensive businesses.

What Is Cloud-Based File Sharing?

Cloud-based file sharing is a process of exchanging files and data on a server carried out over the internet. Cloud file sharing is a flexible option of file transfer, giving the end-user access to files from any device and location. The files shared over the cloud are generally stored in cloud storage. They are secured with backup and recovery on time.

Cloud file sharing is possible between multiple users, even with global users. When a file is stored on the cloud, the sender can generate a unique URL to share with the receiver. The file is stored on the cloud storage provider’s servers. It can be accessed by the sender and the receiver simultaneously.

How To Securely Share Your Files?

There are numerous factors to remember before you start actively share files through a cloud-based file sharing service. Cloud file sharing allows you to transfer large files and makes it easier to collaborate with people from different parts of the world. Companies that rely upon cloud-based file-sharing services may reduce the need to maintain a central file server that needs to be online always.

When file-sharing comes up, most companies think of the security of the files being shared. As everything we shared through the internet is unsafe, will it be right to share files?

Here Are A Few Tips To Avail A Secure File Sharing Experience For Your Business.

Pick A Service With End-To-End Encryption

End-to-end encryption is the process of communication preventing any third parties from accessing the data you are transferring from one end to another. When a communication channel is end-to-end encrypted, it implies that the sender and receiver can only access the shared data. The application service provider, the hacker, or any other parties don’t have access to the data or communication when done through an end-to-end encrypted communication channel.

If you want to use cloud file sharing for your business, make sure to choose a service provider that offers end-to-end encryption.

Prefer A Service That Enables Two Factor Authentication

If your file transfer service provider offers two-factor authentication, enable it for your business. Two-factor authentication is incredibly helpful to ensure that only authorized users can log in to your storage. Whenever there is a movement on your cloud storage, you will receive a code via SMS or the app to verify your identity and block malicious attempts.

Use An Antivirus Solution

Even while using a secure cloud file sharing service provider, sometimes the weakest factor happens to be your own computer system from where you are logging in. Apart from keeping all your software up to date, including your operating system, you need to try avoiding dangerous websites that can attack your computer and the passwords saved in your browsers.

To keep your laptop from possible cyber-attacks, torrent websites, and phishing emails, you need to choose the best antivirus software.

Double Check The Permissions

Mostly all cloud storage providers will offer you an option of public sharing of your files. This means that with the right link, anyone can access your files. Double-check the permission setting before you share your file link with anyone or add the link to a public group. Don’t give additional access to anyone apart from downloading and reading the file unless you really need it.

Choose A Business Grade File Sharing System

A business-grade file sharing service will keep you protected against data leaks and other security problems. A consumer-grade service, on the other hand, makes the statement of compliance difficult. Investing in a business-grade file sharing service will give you excellent visibility and security controls alongside access control, compliance, and eDiscovery.

GoAnywhere offers secure file transfers and is an excellent file-sharing service with intensive security features. We offer end-to-end encryption and keep you protected against hacking and other cyber security threats. If your files get hacked, those will be useless for the hacker. We include a firewall and antivirus protection and allow you to wipe restricted files remotely from any device logged into your account. With GoAnywhere, you can share your files without providing access to your account to the receiver. If you want to replace your traditional way of file sharing with a cloud-based file storage service, relying on Go Anywhere can be a good move. We have all the qualities of a business-grade secured file transfer service. If you are looking out for all the features in one file transfer service, GoAnywhere can help. Reach out to us to know more about our secured file transfer service. 

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