Risk management as a field of knowledge and a career choice is getting more and more popular among students.

Lots of internal and external factors influence this. Global uncertainty and instability, to name a few.

Very few students know exactly what risk management is before they actually get to study it.

For many, it is a fancy name in a certificate. Yet, this field requires both analytical and critical thinking skills.

Also, students should have the ability to foresee and read behind data to see future risks and threats and find ways to mitigate them.

Studying risk management can be tedious and daunting for those who are unprepared to work with statistical data, conduct market research, and see what stands out from a ‘normal business.

You may as well find it necessary to use the help of essaywritingservice or other academic services while learning risk management.

Most of the programs need students to make real efforts to become junior risk management professionals.

At the same time, earning a degree in risk management indeed takes lots of time.

Thus, people prefer gaining these skills through courses. They are seen as complementary to a college degree.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top risk management courses. They’d fit both amateurs and pros in risk identification and mitigation.

studying risk management

Risk Management Courses by Alison.com

Those who only start their path in risk management should try courses that would explain the very nature of this field and its fundamentals.

Such courses can be found online on Alison.com. Each of them is dedicated to a certain aspect of risk management, from understanding what risk is to how it can be managed or prevented.

Also, these courses explain that risks exist for every activity.

It is now that businesses started paying more attention to their adverse effects.

Thus, they do not look for professionals who can assess and calculate threats.

They need experts who can handle situations with minimal losses for the company.

Risk Management Course by The Open University

This course is a collaboration between The Open University, a leading provider of online education for adults in the U.S., and Rolls-Royce PLC.

It combines both theory and practice.

For example, you can find both contemporary risk management concepts and case studies from real international companies in it.

The course helps students understand the risks seen by many companies throughout the world today.

Also, it teaches modern techniques to identify them and understand their nature. That helps in assessing and managing risks properly.

The program also includes an explanation and practical examples of how different risks can be managed and mitigated.

Risk and Safety Management for Engineers by The IET

Engineers need a more safety-focused risk management course. This is mainly because they work with hazardous materials.

Thus, putting the issues of safety on top, the entire risk management turns into safety management.

To do this effectively, engineers should be able to see the risks, meaning be able to identify and analyze them.

Risk management professionals analyze the situation to come up with effective risk treatment.

They also must explain it to the rest of the team and direct change implementation if needed.

How well this communication goes defines possible cornerstones to risk management and mitigation.

Business Risk Management by UNSW Business School

Business, like no other field, feels the effects of global disruption and instability.

The need for highly qualified risk managers is increasing, which makes such courses extremely useful and up-to-date.

This Business Risk Management course focuses on preparing specialists capable of identifying increased risks and suggesting possible ways to avoid their negative effects.

To do that, students analyze financial constraints, regulatory issues, corporate leadership problems, strategy setting flaws, organizational structure, and other internal and external factors.

Risk Management for Corporate Leaders by Harvard University

Harvard University offers this advanced course to help managers handle the growing burden of decision-making in the situation of global uncertainty.

The course teaches how to plan risk management strategies and manage risks from unexpected and uncontrollable events.

The main idea of the course is to create a strong link between innovation and risk management.

Students should learn how to govern risk management so that the risks to value creation and branding could be avoided.

The course also offers amazing networking opportunities for global leaders.

Institute of Risk Management Programs

Institute of Risk Management is dedicated to preparing experts able to understand, identify, and mitigate risks in various fields.

For example, it has programs in Enterprise Risk Management, Financial Services Risk Management, Digital Risk Management, Supply Chain Risk Management, Operational Risk Management, etc.

These courses teach students to tackle issues in the global corporate sector.

The courses are regularly revised to address modern challenges and prevent businesses from losses caused by insecurities by both internal and external factors.

Training is provided by the best specialists whose expertise and skills are recognized throughout the world.

Risk Management for Projects by the University of Adelaide

This course provides project participants and project managers with a better understanding of project-associated risks and threats.

It is offered online and for free unless you’d like to get a verified certificate.

The course is based on practical activities.

It helps students learn at every stage of the risk management process.

Both theories and practices taught in this course can be easily applied in real work and business environments.

The program is regularly revised to include modern challenges and risks into the curriculum.

Cybersecurity Risk Management by RIT

The growing risks in the digital world could not be more threatening. Frequent cyberattacks and vulnerability of confidential data create a demand for risk management professionals in this field.

This course prepares a cadre who can assess future challenges and develop strategies to handle them for both the corporate and public sectors.

The course is available on the edx.org platform for free unless you’d like to get a verified certificate.

If you want to get a better understanding of IT decision-making in the era of cybersecurity risks, this course is all you need.

Portfolio Theory and Risk Management by the Department of Mathematics University of York

This online course offers an in-depth understanding of Portfolio Risk Management practices based on mathematical finance theory and practice.

Students who are keen on maths and stock trade/investing should be particularly encouraged to go through this course.

With more and more people investing, the financial risks associated with stocks and planning are only growing.

The course is a long-lasting one since it is comprehensive and consistent.

It incorporates both self-study, problem-solving, and instructor-led materials.

Thus, it is best for working professionals and students studying IT and Finance.

Risk Management in the Global Economy Course by FutureLearn

During this 4-week course, you’ll get a chance to learn about the major challenges in the global economy and the ways to assess and mitigate them.

The program will fit both college students and employees, working with global supply chains or involved in cross-border operations.

The course includes different aspects such as financial investment, hedge risks, non-financial crises, and other types of risks.

Students get a chance to assess real-life case studies and learn to foresee the challenges of the future.

The new revision provides a better insight into the current pandemic situation as well.

Risk Management by NYIF

This risk management advanced course is offered by the New York Institute of Finance for students and professionals involved in Financial Planning, Investment, and Banking Services.

It teaches students to compute and foresee the risks associated with different portfolios.

New methods and techniques, shown in the course, help make reasonable decisions.

The course is very comprehensive. It pays attention to risk-associated laws and demonstrates the weak sides of federal regulation.

It helps learners understand the implications of unresolved global challenges.

Also, it helps in learning to define potential risks to the entire financial system.

The course also discusses financial stress testing and its drawbacks.

Final Words

The world’s best economies are collecting external debts that risk putting the global economy on hold.

The world’s richest individual investors show unreasonable market behavior. The year 2020 strikes with unprecedented lockdown measures and hinders the world’s trade.

People, protesting in various parts of the world, pause the development of international relations.

This is a moderate list of risks we are facing today. They all are superficial that every person interested in the world’s agenda can name.

The real threat is always hidden way deeper.

The big business and governments know this better than anyone.

The fact is that the world has entered a new phase of uncertainty.

Businesses need more insight and information to make the right decisions.

Risk management professionals are the only people who can see a reason behind outstanding data and illogical market behavior.

That explains the growing demand.

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