What is the best way to track your child’s location? In a world where safety has become a number one priority; due to cyberbullying, workplace harassment, domestic violence, and child trafficking, parents have become more alert and protective of their children than usual, and rightly so.

Children themselves are unaware of how apps and websites can prod them to enter their personal information such as their mobile phone number and postal address, which can be used for other harmful purposes. In this case, it is important for parents to run interference and keep track of their children’s online activity using a phone tracker such as FamiSafe and the like to ensure their children remain safe online.

Importance of Online Safety for Kids

Why should you worry so much about your children when they have a phone in their hands? Any sane person would agree that online safety is as important as physical safety. In fact, physical safety is at times dependent upon online safety. Online harassment is as detrimental to a child’s mental health as physical harassment. The same goes for watching inappropriate content at an age where children aren’t able to fathom such stuff and this can impede their growth in terms of their psychological health.

It is more dangerous for your child to stumble upon something disturbing that they don’t know about that can lead to trauma than to learn about it when they are ready to.

There are many solutions to protecting your child online, such as keeping tabs on children’s phones or locating the android phone. We’ll talk about preventative measures here and then about a fool-proof solution that makes keeping your child safe online easy for the parents.

Solutions for Parents to Keep Their Children Safe Online

Apart from checking your children’s devices to make sure they haven’t edged into unsafe and unknown territory; it is also important to prevent this from happening in the first place.

· You can specify timings in the day when your child uses their phone and can be present by their side when they navigate the web.

· Password-protect sites that would be harmful to your children to open.

· Download YouTube Kids for your children to watch videos on and password-protect the adult version of YouTube.

· Have regular friendly conversations with your children so they can trust you enough to tell you about any uncomfortable exchange or encounter they might have had online or even offline.

· Use FamiSafe— an all-in-one parental control solution.

What is FamiSafe?

how to track your child's android phone free

FamiSafe is the number one solution launched by Wondershare that you need to go for if you want to locate android phone or child’s live location. FamiSafe is the best way to track your child’s location. It is the most reliable and trusted parental-control mobile app that gives you complete control of your children’s activities on their phones so you would never have to worry about your child being harmed online.

Famisafe is compatible with Android, iOS, Kindle, and Windows, and carries out numerous tasks that would otherwise be a pain for the parents to carry out manually.

Parents can hardly stop their children from going outside to play or explore the world on their own. In this case, FamiSafe is held in high regard for its live location-tracking feature.

How to use FamiSafe?

· Go to Google Play Store or AppStore and search for ‘FamiSafe.’

best free child tracking app uk

· Install ‘Parental Control App & Location Tracker – FamiSafe.’

· Install this app on your child’s device as well.

· Launch FamiSafe on both devices. Sign up using your email address or the one already logged in. 

· For android devices, you would see the following display:

child tracking device hidden jewelry

· Use the pairing code that would appear on your screen to pair your device with your kid’s device.

google family link

· After logging in on your kid’s device as well, enter the pairing code that is displayed on your device in your kid’s device.

· Now enter the name and age of your kid:

· Select ‘Enable Now’ after giving FamiSafe access to the information it needs·

 Activate Device Administrator Permission so you can set the screen time limit for your child remotely and prevent your child from uninstalling FamiSafe.

· To check the real-time location of your child, go to Features and click on ‘Real-Time Location.’

how to track my daughter's iphone location

 · Click on the ‘Refresh’ icon at the top right corner of the screen to access your child’s live location.

child tracking device hidden

Other Uses of FamiSafe

Apart from tracking your children’s real-time location and going through their location history to keep them safe from potentially harmful environments and people, FamiSafe gives you a range of other features you can use to help your child stay safe online.

best free child tracking app for android

These features include filtering out inappropriate content from the web, detecting explicit content and pictures, tracking your child’s browser history, and keeping tabs on your child’s screen time. It has a Safe Search feature that protects your child while browsing on the Web, and FamiSafe also gives you an Activity Report of your child’s activity on their device.

If unsure of how to access all these features through FamiSafe, head over to their website and click on ‘Guide’ in the top menu:

best free child tracking app

Click on ‘Safeguard Children’s digital life.’

Select ‘Manage Kid’s Device on Parent’s Phone’ and select any feature of FamiSafe you want to be guided on.

 Price Plans and Availability of FamiSafe

For families, the pricing plans of FamiSafe are as shown below:

Find My Kids app Review

 As you can see, these are the best plans one can get for numerous features in a single app. With a 3-day free trial period, anyone can test this app and can cancel their trial before the period ends to prevent being charged.

The best value plan is considered to be the annual plan of $60.99 per year. The plan renews automatically every year or every month depending upon the plan you have chosen.


From the above discussion, we can see that FamiSafe offers solutions for every problem you might face in regards to your children’s online safety. From tracking the real-time location of your children to set a screen-time limit so your children follow a routine and know when it is time to put down their device. With its user-friendly interface and amazing pricing plans, FamiSafe is an all-in-one parental control solution and the best way to track your child’s location.

You can download the apps from here:

google play

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