Launch services have increased in popularity over the past five years or so, and for good reason too because of how effective they can be.

An Amazon product launch can be described as the first instance when a seller releases their product to the market for sale.

Similarly, an Amazon product launch happens when a seller debuts a product on the platform.

While this may sound simple, there’s a lot more to launching a product on Amazon.

You’re going to have to implement an effective Amazon launch strategy that will kickstart product sales for your business.

A product launch on Amazon can last anywhere between a week or two. However, this duration can extend depending on how initial sales compete with other products in the same category.

Sounds a bit technical? Well, it doesn’t have to be. The good news is that you don’t have to do this entirely by yourself.

You can always leverage Amazon product launch services to bolster your product launch against the competition in the same category while considering several factors.

Why Amazon Product Launch Services Are Important To Business

A lot of Amazon sellers usually have no sales basis to back their products when they launch their product on Amazon for the first time.

Ideally, your product will have no reviews, no sales history, and a general low product rank in your category.

The organic way approach to rank highly on the platform and boost your sales can be time-consuming and daunting altogether for any entrepreneur.

However, you can use the services of Amazon product launch experts. These are people who understand how the Amazon algorithms work and aim to ensure that sellers start their Amazon businesses with a bang if they’re going to realize any profits.

Launch services are usually curated for each product and involve different strategies to ensure that your business makes profits.

Read on to discover the reasons why you need Amazon product launch services for your new business.

Helps Place Your Business Higher as per BSR Rankings

One way launch services work is by offering products at a large discount with the aim of attracting ‘honest reviews’.

By selling the products at a discounted price, you will increase your Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR).

A BSR is a number that almost every product listing is given after the product makes a sale.

A good example of a launch service that gives customer discounts is

Although some may view this merely as a number, BSR is a crucial indicator as to whether a product is doing well or not.

For instance, a product listing with a low BSR means a higher sales rate. If your product has a BSR of 5, it performs better than a product ranked at #2000.

Making sales isn’t the only thing that helps bump up your BSR. Getting reviews on your Amazon store also helps increase your BSR as it is a part of the platforms’ ranking system.

Therefore, using Amazon product launch services will get you a head start since your business will fulfill the right metrics needed for the algorithm to trust you more and not throttle your sales as a new seller.  

Increased Visibility on the Amazon Platform

As an Amazon seller, you want your products to feature on as many webpages on the marketplace as possible, regardless of how similar your products are to your competitors.

The rule of thumb is that the more visible your product is on other websites, the greater your chances of making actual sales.

As a starting point, the vast majority of online sellers begin their research on Amazon’s A9 algorithm.

This is to understand better how the system works in a bid to get their products more visible. Generally, the Amazon A9 algorithm works by basing its result on the following criteria:

  • Sales rate: The higher your product’s sales rates, the more visible your product will be.
  • Reviews: The more reviews your product receives, the higher your product’s chances become visible.
  • Conversion rate: The higher the number of people who buy your product, the higher the chances of your product being visible.

While all these factors are interconnected, trying to decode the algorithm on your own will often result in poor product launch outcomes.

However, by leveraging Amazon product launch services, you stand a better chance of achieving greater visibility for your business.

Your Business Will Experience More Customer Engagement

As highlighted above, Amazon product launch services are instrumental in increasing the number of organic product reviews. But, why is increasing organic product reviews so important?

Well, a decent number of organic product reviews can be of profit to both sellers and buyers in several ways.

For sellers, Amazon product launch services help to increase the number of organic reviews for your product on your Amazon platform.

This subsequently leads to higher conversion rates on your product and more sales in the future.

At the same time, this service helps to create a product identity by collecting existing customer reviews and enticing possible buyers through positive feedback of your product and business as a whole.

A product with a lot of product reviews will provide the buyer with an insightful and objective perspective of the product and the value it provides.

Since these reviews are from actual people who have used the product, they really come in handy to the buyer when they are deciding whether to purchase the product or not.

Tap Into Amazon Product Launch Services To Keep You Ahead of the Competition

While launching your business on Amazon can be overwhelming, you can leverage Amazon product launch services to ensure that your product and business gain a competitive edge in the Amazon marketplace.

From ensuring that your business gains a high BSR to increasing your organic traffic and sales, there is a lot your Amazon store can gain from by leveraging Amazon product launch services.

All the same, bear in mind that there are certain risks to using a product launch service. Manipulating your BSR is a punishable offense on the Amazon marketplace.

As such, you need to make sure a launch service is the best strategy to implement for your product.