Are you looking for some gift ideas for someone overseas? Gift-giving is an art, and while sometimes it feels hard to show appreciation to your loved ones who are overseas, our list of gift ideas could help you pick the right one. Think outside the box and get something that’s sentimental and meaningful to your family or friends. Whether you’re honoring their birthdays or holidays from afar, you can do so with thoughtful gifts to warm their heart.

Just because you’re far doesn’t mean your love needs to grow cold. With that said, here are thoughtful ways to gift your loved ones and make sure their day is as memorable as possible!

Thoughtful Gifts Ideas For Someone Overseas

Make sure whatever you pick is something thoughtful. Personalised gifts always go a long way. Here are a few to choose from:

1. Traveling Gifts

If you’re getting something for someone about to go abroad, you could get them a few things they could use on their journey. A neck pillow would make their journey just a bit more comfortable, especially if they will be taking a long flight. You could also go with some earplugs or eye masks so they can get some peaceful rest. There’s a host of these, so see what’s best for your person.

2. Subscription Box

These are cool, often themed gifts with different products that, depending on the arrangement, can be delivered monthly or less frequently. The best part is that they offer all sorts of packages, from BBQ sauce and healthy snacks to clothes, health supplements, and makeup. You can decide whether to sign up for a monthly subscription for a year or get it for the first couple of months of moving there.

3. Food From Home

There’s no place like home, and if your loved one isn’t heading home for a while, you could decide to get them a little taste of home. Being so far from home, they’re probably feeling a little homesick, so shipping something that’ll help them feel closer to home might help. 

Make sure it will withstand long-distance and port or flight delays. If there’s a bar of specific local chocolate they like, make sure to include that or any dried foods they’d prefer that won’t spoil. If there’s an online shop stocked up with some goodies from home, then get a package from there.

4. Vouchers

Vouchers, like experiences or gift cards, can be used to purchase intangible products or items that your loved one desperately needs. So whether it’s an experience like a spa treatment or a weekend away or a meal voucher at a restaurant they like. To ensure you get them something they’ll appreciate, try sneakily asking about good restaurants in their neighborhood to see if they provide gift vouchers. 

Another option is to find clothing vouchers for stores in their city. This is pretty big if they’re moving to a place with a different climate. If your city is more temperate and doesn’t get cold, but they moved to a country with snow, they’ll need to restructure their wardrobe. 

Also, not only will the climate be something completely different, but the dressing trends might also be different. So getting them a shopping voucher could go a long way!

5. Subscriptions

Having recently moved, your loved one probably has a lot of things to handle, and if you can cover some of the subscriptions, that’d be a great help! This is perfect and requires no shipping, so get them ahead for a couple of months if you can. 

Your subscription options could be:

  • Amazon Kindle to read millions of books 
  • Spotify to listen to music while flying to their destination
  • Netflix to catch up on their favorite shows 
  • A Language Learning App if they’re moving away from home and need to learn a new language

6. Care Package 

Don’t discount the value of a traditional care package for anyone who has relocated abroad. You could include their favorite dishes, and if they have a sweet tooth, throw in cookies or cake, or whatever they like, or it will remind them of you! It’ll brighten their day, especially if you include a thoughtful note.

Tips for Shopping Online For Someone Abroad

Online stores are a little different from ordinary brick-and-mortar stores and run differently, so you’ll need to know what you’re doing. You can choose to buy a gift locally and then have it shipped to your loved one so you can add some personalized bits. Make sure the gift isn’t fragile, as things sometimes break during shipping. 

Alternatively, you could get a gift from an online store and have the item delivered straight to the person’s home. You can ask them to wrap it and add a note. This is a cheaper option, and one most people opt for. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when shopping for someone abroad:

Conduct Some Research

Find out what stores are available offering the specific gift you want to get, or if it’s a specific brand if they have a branch there. Certain websites allow you to shop in one country, choose delivery in a different country, and are “borderless.” Bear in mind that you’ll need to cover any taxes and duties due for shipping.

Pay With A Card

To pay for the gift, you’ll have to use a VISA card or some sort of credit card. Take note, though, that not all shops will accept credit cards or allow people who aren’t in the same country to purchase from them. So make sure they can process your order before parting with your money.

Use Chrome

Google Chrome has a cool feature that allows you to shop with ease. The extension has an icon you can turn on and off, enabling users to translate pages to native languages to work better. That way, you can fill out any forms you need to with the aid of the translator, then toggle it off again when you’re done. 


For people with family and friends who are overseas and planning to surprise them with a thoughtful present, hopefully, this guide on gift ideas for someone overseas will help you decide on the ideal gift. While most people appreciate the sentiment behind gifts, it’s always better to give something you know your loved one will want, find useful, or find thoughtful rather than generic items. 

When purchasing gifts for loved ones living abroad, the best policy is to get them to let you know what they require or desire. That way, you can never go wrong!


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