What are the best Christmas gifts for crypto lovers?

This Christmas, I set out on a mission to find the perfect gift for my brother – a massive fan of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency – and what I discovered on my journey through the world of crypto merchandise surprised me! Despite scouring the internet for top-notch products, I had difficulty tracking down anything of a high quality or that didn’t appear to be a cheap knock-off.

To help out anyone else on the same quest, here is my roundup of the best Bitcoin gifts and what I ended up gifting to my brother – I hope it gives you some great ideas to treat your friends and family with a truly memorable crypto present!

Best Christmas gifts for crypto lovers

1. (BTC) “Bitcoin”

Bitcoin makes an excellent Christmas gift for crypto lovers of any kind of crypto because it is always acceptable in exchange for whatever other crypto they want.

That’s what makes (BTC) number one on this list of best crypto Christmas gifts to give to your crypto loving friend or adversary.

It is also the easiest one to buy using your credit card and any number of apps and websites that sells $BTC for fiat cash or credit.

Also you can tell them that you know every bit of bitcoin is a non-fungible token because of the serial numbers, so you’re getting them a unique piece of moonrock and you can even name it if you want.

And there it is your serial number saved somewhere that you know the name of it that you have for it.

That’s cool and fun for crypto lovers to get for a Christmas present with a note that says that in their stocking or wooden shoes they set out with cookies and milk for Santa Claus to fill.

2. (ETH) “Ether”

For the same reason as said above about Bitcoin, this is also true about Ethereum and getting your Christmas friend or adversary a truly special gift of Ether so they can just browse a giant planetary, shared computer using cool distributed file sharing design like the way they achieve consensus in left coast enclaves of politically hive-minded liberals or like east coast English parliamentary procedures for passing laws using lawyers and the government, but on Ethereum’s ecosystem, it’s just an option to call a file of a certain data file type with stem cell-like properties that can be programmed, developed, and traded however you want to commodify it within the rest of the ecosystem.

So that’s a fun gift to give for Christmas.

It’s a very handy matter for producing something almost like living things just made out of simple instructions you write, like writing a living document.

3. (NFT) “Non-Fungible Token”

Hear me out on this— Non-Fungible Token for a Christmas gift to someone you know who loves crypto.

There are literally millions and millions of unique non-fungible tokens. Happy treasure hunting. Go out there and have some fun.

4. (BNB) “BNB Coin”

Ditto on BNB coin as goes for BTC or ETH.

It is readily exchangeable for whatever else in the crypto world they want with a discount on fees, so it is easy to make a crypto lover happy this Christmas with a gift of BNB coin.

There is a US version and then the original version just plain Binance for the world.

Check on your state if you live in a state that is uptight about that sort of thing, some guy just creating a stock exchange and building it up that fast for all these different new currencies and keeping up with them very well and marketing aggressively and acquiring aggressively kind of like NASDAQ:MSFT was back when it first started growing.

5. (UNI) “Uniswap”

This is also on the list for the same reasons as #s 1, 2, and 4, because it is pretty seamlessly exchangeable for whatever else they want or they can just hold onto it and wait as long as they would like to exercise their option in perpetuity to exchange it for something on their decentralized exchange, as automated as possible while keeping it secure and stable.

6. (DOGE) “Dogecoin”

Dogecoin is another like BTC like ETH, BNB, or UNI, because it is acceptable pretty far and wide for whatever crypto your crypto-loving friend likes.

7. VIZIO 50″ Class V-Series 4K LED HDR Smart TV (Sam’s Club $289.88 and Free shipping for Plus).

This way they can watch the following movies for crypto lovers that you will absolutely enjoy watching this Christmas with some hot cocoa or other Christmas snacks:

—It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)

—The Great Escape (1963)

—The Super Mario Bros Movie (This Ain’t No Game.) (1993)

—The Imitation Game (2014)

8. “USB Bluetooth Password Fob for Support Windows for Desktop, Laptop, Mouse, Keyboard, Printers, Headsets, Speakers, PS4/ Xbox Controllers” (Amazon $11.99).

So this connects the USB to Bluetooth devices and devices become like a password fob for your computer with a USB port.

These are great.

And download this onto their phone for crypto gifts.

9. 1x TB USB Memory Stick, USB Flash Drives. Hold Your Files in the Palm of Your Hand.

Portable USB Memory Stick, Waterproof USB 2.0 Thumb Drive, High-Speed Jump Drive Pen Drive Come with Keychain1000GB Large Capacity USB Drive”” (Amazon $25.99).

You can hold all your files up to 1x TB worth in your hand.

If you compress keys to files elsewhere you can actually hold more than 1x TB worth in your hand with this.

You can even fold in so much of the world to this and keep it in a safety deposit box at your local bank, at home stashed in a secure location, or carry it with you where you go.

That would be fine too.

It’s your fob. It’s your files.

10. “Wireless Bluetooth Headset Noise Cancelling Portable Charging Case” (On Overstock, Starts at $139.99).

Music or whatever sound you like playing and the sounds happening around you are not as loud with these.

Using your thumb drive Bluetooth antenna you can create apps for your headset and computer with a USB port.

Language translation is easy.

Sound recognition, enhancement, and augmentation are easy.

Pick any of these above Christmas gifts for crypto lovers. Enjoy the vacation!

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